25 DECEMBER 1830, Page 8



Arrived.—In the Downs, Dec. 22nd, Thomson, Hobbs, from Penane ; 23rd, Hie- torten, Boland, from Manilla. Off Dartmouth, Dec. 23rd, Cassiopea. Martin; from Singapore. At St. Jag% Nov. 1st, Thomas Lawrie, Langdon, from London; for New South Wales; and Baltic, Duncan, from Itambro, for Batavia. Sailedr, From Gravesend, Dec418th, Renown, Robinson, for Van. Didmen's and; Nth, Planter, Stewart, for Madras ; Jane Young. Spottiswoode, for Bombay, and -;Pbliza; Grates, for New South Wales ; '21st, Percy, 311ddleton, for Van Diemen's Land. From Liverpool, Dec. 17th. Ann; 'Fenzel, for Mauritius. Spoken.—Madeline, from Loudon, for Singapore, 5 North, 23 West. John

craig, from Cape to London, 29th Oct. ll West, 12 Smith. .. .. , ....: .