25 DECEMBER 1852, Page 9



The English Funds have this week exhibited increased firmness. There was not much business transacted at the commencement. Consols were steady at 1001 f, the closing price of Saturday. On Wednesday and Thurs- day, under a feeling of confidence in the early formation of a new Ministry, purchases of Stock were effected by the public ; which caused an improve- ment of 1 on both occasions. Today the Funds are again slightly better ; Consols leave off 1001 1, Bank Stock has advanced f this week ; and Ex- chequer Bills 6s. In Foreign Securities only a limited business has been transacted ; but the 179dinnuf Stocks continue firm. Russian Five per Cents have improved I' Spanish Three per Cents, /-; Danish Five per Cents, Russian Four-and-a- half per Cents, and Austrian Scrip, 1; and Spanish Deferred 1. A decline of f has taken place in Dutch Four per Cents, Mexican and Granada Defer- red Stocks. Several sales have been effected in Turkish Scrip, and a fall of I has occurred : it closes this afternoon heavily at f 1 premium. The Swedish Loan continues at the nominal price of 2 11 discount. The Shares of the Australian Agricultural Company have been extensively dealt in, and the fluctuations great. Early on Monday they were done at 310; and after receding to 287, rallied to 305, closing at 290 to 300. On Tuesday, after several variations, they closed 240 to 250. On Wednesday, they opened at 210 to 220, rose to 275, and left off' 235 to 245. Yesterday, the bargains were at 250 255 245 258. Today, they have been done at 280 255 266 255 268.

Railway Stocks have been languid, and the operations not extensive. The depression has arisen more from the absence of lousiness than from any other cause; attention having been in some measure absorbed by the ex- citement in the Australian Shares before referred to. At the close of the market yesterday, the decline in some of the principal stocks compared with Saturday last had been to the following extent—Caledonian, 2/. 5s. ; Great Northern, Lancashire and Yorkshire, London and North-western, London and South-western, North British, and York and North Midland, 11. 108.; London, Brighton, and South Coast, Midland and York, Newcastle and Ber- wick, II. ; Great Western, 10s. Those Shares of the same value as last week are Bristol and Exeter, East Lancashire, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Lancaster and Carlisle, and South-eastern. French Shares have rather improved, in consequence of accounts from Paris reporting a revival of speculation on the Bourse. The advance has been to the following extent--Paris and Lyons, ; Paris and Rouen, 10s.; Northern of France, Paris and Strasbourg, and Rouen and Havre, 58. The decline has been in Western of France, 108., and Grand Junction of France, 5s. Today the English lines are a shade better, and Foreign Shares in a trifling degree lower. Aberdeen, 314; Bristol and Exeter, 1071; Caledonian, 671 ; Chester and Holyhead, 234; Eastern Counties, 131; Edinburgh and Glasgow, 774; Edinburgh, Perth, and Dundee, 291; Great Western, 944; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 841; London and Blackwell, 94; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 1071; London and North-western, 1244; London and South-western, 90; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, 1; Midland, 79; Norfolk, 511; North British, 39; North Staffordshire, 131; Oxford, Worcester, and Wol- verhampton, 534; Scottish Central, 92; Scottish Midland, 63; South Devon, 24; South-eastern, 82; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 73 ; York and North Midland, 69; Northern and Eastern Five per Cent, 64; Royston and Hitchen, 152; Great Northern Five per Cent, 127; Great Western, fixed Four- and-a-half per Cent, 110; Great Indian Peninsula, 74; Namur and Liege, 8; Paris and Orleans, 401 Paris and Strasbourg, 321; Rouen and Havre, 21; Sambre and Meuse, 101; Western of France, 201; Brazilian Imperial (issued at 51. prem.) 5; Tin Croft, 11; United Mexican, 9; West Mariposa, lf ; Australian, 83; Union of Australia, 734; Ditto New, 8; Eastern Steam, 14; Peninsular and Oriental Steam, 89.

Danish 3 per Cents 85 7 Dutch 24 per Cents 68 9 Ditto 4 per Cents 99 100 Mexican 3 per Cents 231 4+

Peruvian 6 per Cents 104 6

Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824 —

Russian 5 per Cents 119 21 Ditto 41 per Cents 1054 64

Spanish 3 per Cents 51 1

Ditto Deferred 24


Sardinian 5 per Cents 99 lit

Austrian Scrip

a close holyday at the Bank of Eng-


An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and Stit Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday, the 1861. day of Dec., 1663.


£34,05,123 Government Debt E11,018,100 Other Securities 2,984,900 Gold Coln and Bullion 20,476,971 Silver Bullion 19,161 £34,455,122 £34,415,129


.614,663,000 Government Securities. (In. 3,080.773 eluding Dead Weight Annuity) 413,962,68s 8,648,726 Other Securities 13,336,036 12,496,270 Notes 11,238,660 1,468,714 Gold and Silver Coln 670,099 £45,247,483 E40,247,483

• Inclading Exchequer, Savings-Banks, Commissioners of National Debt, & Dividend Accts.

3 per Cent Consols shut Ditto for Account 100/ 1

3 per Cent Reduced 101/ I 31 per Cents 1043 I Long Annuities 64 a

Bank Stock 2234 44 Exchequer Bills 66 9 India Stock shut Brazilian 5 per Cents 102 4

Belgian 41 per Cents 98 100

Chn 6 per Cents 106 8

Danish 5 per Cents. 1074 134

Tomorrow (Christmas Day) will be land and Stock Exchange.

Notes issued Proprietors' Capital Best Public Deposits.

Other Deposits Seven Day and other Bills