25 DECEMBER 1852, Page 9

The lifoniteur of yesterday published a decree naming Jerome Bona-

parte, in default of legitimate or adopted heirs, successor to his nephew the Emperor. After a warm debate, the Senatils-eonsultum modifying the constitution was adopted on Thursday, by a majority of 64 to 7. Under this instrument, the Emperor will preside in the Senate, make and promulgate treaties of commerce, and authorize all important public works by decree. The members of the Imperial Family are to be called French Princes ; eligible at eighteen years of age to sit in the Council of State. The Senators will be salaried, the Deputies "indemnified." The Budget will be voted by the Legislative Corps in "ministries "—that is, the estimates of the various departments will be submitted for acceptance or rejection "en bloc" and not in detail. Thus, not one concession has been made by the Emperor.

The bill for the ratification of the commercial convention concluded between Belgium and France was adopted in the Chamber of Representa- tives, by a majority of 62 to 8, at a sitting held on the 23d with closed doors.

The Pope has refused the agent of the Crystal Palace Company in Rome permission to take caste of some of the most interesting remains of an- cient art. News from the Cape of Good Hope, up to the 20th November, has been brought by the Harbinger, which arrived at Plymouth yesterday. It is reported that the war is at an end ; that the Oaf:ma are exhaust; that Sandilli, Stock, and Tole are fugitives, and Macomo reduced to great straits ; that Kreili has sent a few cattle as tokens of friendship, and Chosso has delivered up eighty stand of arms ; but it is admitted that points here and there are still infested with Caffres. We have no news of Uithaalder, except that he is said to have caused some dissatisfaction among the Hottentot chiefs. General Cathcart set out on the 16th of November for the Orange Sovereignty, with 2000 men, to adjust differ- ences between certain tribes. The reorganization of the " Cathe Police" has been abandoned. Colonel Eyre has been made a Brigadier-General.