25 DECEMBER 1964, Page 10


Mr. Denis Healey, Secretary of State for Defence, quoted last week from the Spectator's

leader of October 16. It was written before the result of the voting was known. The sentence Mr. Healey quoted with some approval was: The logic of events will take a Tory admini- stration into the MLF if only because the alternative of what would in effect be a joint US-German venture in the nuclear field is un- acceptable.

A pity Mr. Healey did not quote also the next sentence : Mr. Wilson can only reach similar sensible decisions by ditching his left wing–He would in all probability do just that. He has always intended to.

The ditching has begun and the Tories to that extent can applaud. Mr. Healey of course claimed that although the Spectator analysis might be right, the government had avoided the dilemma by their new proposal. But what if the initiative fails? It looks to me as if we'll join the MLF anyway. And Tribune won't be at all pleased about that.