25 DECEMBER 1964, Page 11

Privacy It is excellent news that the Queen and Princess

Margaret through the Queen's Press Secretary have complained to the Press Council about repeated invasion by trespass 'which has con- tinued throughout the summer months.' The editors acted in good faith on what was clearly false information. There was an element of risk in this royal protest: after all, if the Press Council had turned it down the decision would have made sensational headlines for the world.

So perhaps the Royal family, who live so much of their lives in a goldfish bowl, will have a little more privacy. And so perhaps (or is this asking too much?) will the rest of us. True, people in the public eye, or out of it, often encourage the public ear and the private eye; remember, for Instance, those folksy pictures of Mr. Wilson kicking a ball around in the Scilly Isles? But for many people battered by private tragedy the pursuit of the heavy gangs and their cameras becomes an intolerable invasion of privacy and one against which they have no defence. I begin to believe that Lord Devlin's Press Council may prove to be an efficient and powerful weapon in the course of freedom.