25 DECEMBER 1964, Page 19

Wants •

What do you want for Christmas, John?

1 want some building blocks, A trike, a bike, a Christmas cake, A•fiVe-pound 'chocolate box.

It did you ,get last yew.? I got

A pencil case that locks, A cowboy set, a turbo jet,

And lots of building blocks.

It 'hat are you going to want next year And the year after that?

I'm going,to want more, building blocks, More cakes, another case that locks, Ten pounds of chocolate in a box, • A bike, a funny hat.

You think you'll always want a bike, .4 hike, a bus, a train?

Yon won't want Muse when you grow If p.

I will, I will. I'll never stop.

I'll get the things I ask for then

A real car, an aeroplane-

)" ou think you'll want them but you won't.

Then if I don't I'll want to want What I want now and won't want then, I know I. will. You'll want what's gone,

.9nd Christmas back again.