25 DECEMBER 1964, Page 23

'Answers to Christmas Questions

(a) A contention about words. (b) A love of arning." (c) An offensive smell. (d) DecoratiVe ripper and brass ware. (e) An animal of the civet

irfily. •

(a) Indict' means to charge with a crime form- ally, indite means to compose. (b) Condign means well merited, condone means to forgive. (c) Ben- z,clie is a spirit made from coal tar, used as a fuel; Penzine is a spirit made from petroleUm. (d) A loggia Is an open gallery, logia means the traditional say- ings of Christ other' than those in the iospels. (e) Serendipity. means the knack of finding useful or interesting things, serenitude means the condition of neing serene. (a) St. Luke. (b) _James Boswell. (c) Horace Walpole. (d) Byron. (e) Spencer Perceval. '4.• (a) They are the titles of the three party mani- fiestos at the 1964 general election. (b) Types of nail for climbing boots. (c) All contain misspellings: correctly, Battle of Bunker Hill, Harold Macmillan, Thomas Babington Macaulay, St. Bees School. (d) All have detached portions. (e) All indicate registra- tion in Scotland.

_5. (a) The River Windrush. (b) Albany. (c) vtirlewr. (d) A shallow basket, e.g. for strawberries. (e) Kilimanjaro.

6. (a) About £20. (b) Mount Everest. (c) A best- seller. (d) The author, Kenneth Grahame, was Sec- retary to the Bank. (e) Labour.

Samuel 7. (a) Shakespeare's Hamlet. (b) The Diary of ,s4amtiel Pepys. (c) Lady Chatterley's Lover, by -) . H. Lawrence. (d) T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land. (e) Thackeray's Vanity Fair.

(a) Abraham Lincoln. (b) Thomas Hobbes. (c) Mrs. James Boswell. (d) Jane Austen: beginning of a letter to publisher Cadell. (The novel was Pride ,alld Prejudice: it was not accepted.) (e) Stephen .Leacock.

9. (a) 28. (b) The British Council. (c) Backward-- (d) Brahms's First Symphony. (e) The record Individual cricket score (628 not out) was made by A. E. J. Collins, Clifton College (1899). 20.1 (a)' Birmingham. (b) Sofia. (c) Digestion. (d) A square mile. (e) Oxygen.

II, (a) Estimated time of arrival. (b) Lord Rose- nrY (1900). (c) Eight miles. (d) Thomas Paine. (e) night attire.