25 JANUARY 1896, Page 10

How Dick and Molly Went Round the World. By Mrs.

H. Corn- wall Legh. (Edward Arnold.)—This delightful and beautifully printed volume hardly calls for criticism. Dick and Molly, two bright-witted children, are engaged in taking a "paper-journey " on a map, when their parents, who are meditating a voyage round the world with the help of a cheque sent by "a rich old uncle of a singularly generous disposition," enter the schoolroom and tell them that they are to be taken also. The voyage, the didactic " purpose " of which is obvious, though it is not made too much of, is accomplished, and is a great success. Dick and Molly thoroughly enjoy themselves, see everything and almost every- body, including Lobengula, and wind-up with a "real adventure" in the shape of an escape from a burning ship. The illustration are excellent, and the prattle of the children prevents the narra- tive from being tediously informing.

The fourth volume of the large, valuable, and superbly illus- trated Royal Natural History, edited by Mr. Richard Lydekker, and published by Messrs. Frederick Warne and Co., has just been issued. It treats exclusively of birds. As these include the ever-fascinating birds of prey, the volume ought to be found very interesting by boys.