25 JANUARY 1896, Page 11

A Popular History of the Reformation and of Modern Protestantism.

By the late G. T. Bettany, M.A., B.Sc. (Ward and Lock.)—The late Mr. Bettany wrote on a good many different subjects, and wrote very conscientiously on them all. He was by training and instinct a scientific man, and though he cannot have been a professed historical student, he took care in all his work of a popular kind to go to good authorities. One can see traces of this care in his handling of so well worn a subject as the Reformation. He gives a very fair account of the outlines of the Reformation history in various countries, not going into detail, but often supplying a clearer summary than many more pretentious books would furnish. He seems, however, to have overlooked the fact that the actual dissolution of the Chantries in England took place under Edward VI., not in Henry VIII.'s time. The account of later times is pleasantly written, almost too pleasantly, for one rises from the book under the impression that a great many people are right.