25 JANUARY 1896, Page 14

Booxs RECEIVED. — Chess Sparks; or, Short and Bright Games of Chess.

Collected and arranged by I. H. Elie, M.A. (Long- mans.)—Handbook of Games. By William Hutchinson. (Swan Sonnenschein and Co.)—Greenhouse and Window Plants. By Charles Collings. Edited by J. Wright. (Macmillan and Co.) —Plane Geometrical Drawing. By Robert Harris. A new edition, revised and enlarged. (G. Bell and Sons.)—Science and Art Drawing, Complete Geometrical Course. By I. Humphrey Spanton. (Macmillan and Co.)—Climbing in the British Isles : Wales by W. P. Hackett Smith ; and Ireland by H. C. Hart.—Guide to the Medical and Dental Profession. By D. Turner. (Baillihre, Tindall, and Cox.)—.4. Book for Every Woman. By Jane H. Walker (Longmans.)