25 JANUARY 1896, Page 17


GERMANY celebrated on Saturday, the 18th inst., the 25th anniversary of the proclamation of the Empire. The festival was kept amidst much popular rejoicing, and the Emperor as usual issued a Message to his people, in which he speaks of the "sublime picture" which Germany in 1871 pre- sented to the world, and declares that his grandfather's oath " to maintain peace, to preserve independence, and to increase the strength of the nation," has been faithfully observed. The armed strength of the nation has been "developed," prosperity has been promoted in every direction, and "broad fields have been opened up for the intellectual life and material energies of the nation." The Emperor swears to continue in this course, and calls on all to aid him "by the subordination of the individual to the whole." At the State banquet in the evening, the Emperor became vainglorious, and boasted that Germany had become a " world-wide " Empire, and that thousands of Germans dwell in the most distant parts of the world,—which is quite true, especially in America. He there- fore asked his people for aid to enable him to protect them, —or, in other words, for money to increase his Fleet.