25 JANUARY 1896, Page 17

Nothing of importance has been received from South Africa this

week, except the news of the departure of Dr. Jameson and his followers for England. The arrested Outlanders have not yet been brought to trial, and Mr. Kriiger has made no statement either of his external policy or his intention with respect to reforms. Everything, in fact, waits until feeling has calmed down. Meanwhile, evidence accumulates that the Outlanders in Johannesburg were, as a body, not ready for revolution, nor much inclined to it ; that the movement was, in fact, the work of a group of capitalists, and that every detail was mismanaged. Whether the Boers knew of the impending storm is uncertain, but according to the Times' correspondent in Pretoria, their organisation is specially calculated for defence against sudden invasion. Every Boer is a rifleman, and on the first warning rides off with his weapons to as indicated point. Twenty thousand fighting men could be collected in a week, and five thousand in a few hours. It is the old story of the Southern States, in which every planter was more or less a soldier from permanent circumstances, and could be relied on to help his neighbour on the shortest summons.