25 JANUARY 1896, Page 17

These speeches are said to have fallen a little fiat

on the public. but they have roused semi-official writers to a delirium of enthusiasm. The North German Gazette in particular goes off into a strain worthy of Mr. Jefferson Brick :—" With hearty unanimity the whole nation closed up around the Throne when the fury and rage of our enemies broke loose against the mighty one who had thrown the weight of his Imperial word into the scale on the side of justice and right. When the history of our times comes to be written in true perspective it will be seen that by the resolute exertion of Germany's might a peaceful victory has been achieved worthy to rank with the most momentous triumphs of that glorious period which we have been recently celebrating. For that has been now achieved which had never before been achieved in the history of the world,—namely, the vindication of international law beyond the seas ; and it is the Emperor William II. who has accomplished it." It will not be forgotten that Dr. Jameson was ordered back before his outbreak was even known in Berlin.