25 JANUARY 1896, Page 18

It is with great satisfaction that we record the final

settle- ment of the shipping dispute. At first it seemed as if the obstinacy of the Belfast operatives, who refused the terms. agreed to by their brother-workmen on the Clyde, would pre- vent the return of peace. The central authorities of the Union were, however, determined that the industrial war should cease, and accordingly on Wednesday the Executive Council decided to close the strike, to order the men back to work, and t: send a member of the Council to Belfast to announce the decision. The terms are somewhat complicated, but, both in Belfast and on the Clyde, the men will get a slight advance. The agreement is to hold till May 11th, 1896. It is believed that on Monday the yards will be at work as usual. Those who are hostile to Trade-Unions should note the great ad• vantage of having an organisation with whom terms can be made and which can and will force the men to obey them.