25 JANUARY 1896, Page 19

The Asbantee Expedition is returning. The "King " and his principal

officers met Governor Maxwell in the great square of Coomassie on the 20th inst., and made an abject submission, the " King" grovelling with his head in the dust in the true savage fashion. They were all, however, astounded when told that they were prisoners, and would be conveyed to Cape Coast Castle to be retained until the indemnity of fifty thousand ounces of gold was paid over. They made no re- sistance, however, and the country will be ruled by the Resident, protected by a native guard, until Mr. Chamberlain has decided on the permanent scheme of administration to be adopted. The idea originally entertained of intrusting the country to a Chartered Company is now discredited, and it is probable that the far simpler plan of a military Governor with one or two advisers to control taxation and the police, will be adopted. The natives will pay a land-tax, and it is believed that with the renting of mining rights, and the sale of rights to cut timber, sufficient revenue will be forthcoming to pay for a good police. There should also be a light railroad to Coomassie, and to some station where there is a chance that ruling men and traders may escape the malaria.