25 JANUARY 1896, Page 37

History of Slavery. By John Kelly Ingram, LL.D. (A. and

C. Black.)—Dr. Ingram has compressed within the compass of a moderate-sized volume a history of slavery which is quite adequately complete. He begins, after an introductory chapter of general considerations, with an account of Greek and Roman slavery, and traces the history of the institution, passing through mediaeval serfdom, and the slavery of more recent times, down to the present day. The final chapter, headed " Slavery and the Mohammedan East," is to be noted. It must not be supposed that an evil so deep-rooted in human life, so easy, under certain circumstances, to disguise, and often so profitable, will be ex- tirpated very speedily.

Two books written with a kindred purpose; though differing widely in plan and execution, are Open Air Studies : an Introduc Lion to Geology Out-of-Doors, by Granville A. J. Cole (Charles Griffin and Co.); and Wayside and Woodland Blossoms, by Edward Step (F. Warne and Co.)