25 JANUARY 1908, Page 17

In the Canadian House of Commons on Tuesday Mr. Lemieux

explained the results of his recent visit to Tokio to discuss the immigration question with the Japanese Govern- ment. He reviewed the history of the negotiations, and entirely acquitted Japan of any breach of faith. He believed that the influx of Japanese to British Columbia was through no fault of the Japanese Government, who were always mind- ful of their many pledges to restrict the immigration as far as possible, but was due to the enterprise of Japanese emigration companies. He then read the new and formal assurance given in writing by Count Hayashi, the Minister for Foreign Affairs. We discuss the matter fully elsewhere, and will only repeat here that the promises to restrict immigration are thoroughly satisfactory, and the whole affair is most creditable to the wisdom and restraint of Japan, and to the tact and skill of Mr. Lemieux. The similar negotia- tions between Japan and the United States are not yet con- cluded, but they are likely to be as satisfactory as in the case of Canada.