25 JANUARY 1913, Page 32


[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."' SIR,—The case mentioned below may have many previously recorded parallels, but is, all the same, apparently of a sufficiently special kind to have some interest. Last night, during a wakeful hour, I thought that I saw the New Zealand Minister, the Hon. John Bryce, whom I had not met since 1884 in that Dominion. His appearance was perfectly clear to me, though I was not intimate with him, and, I believe, spoke to him only once. His lawsuit with the historian of New Zealand came into my mind. I came up to town this afternoon, took up a newspaper in the club morning-room, and in it saw the announcement of Mr. Bryce's death.

Coincidence 1)-1 am, Sir, &c., VETERAN. January 18th, 1913.

[The writer of this letter is known to the editor of the Spectator, and there can be no question as to his good faith and accuracy of statement.—ED. Spectator.]