25 JANUARY 1935, Page 21


Sin,—We are in complete agreement with Mr. Maxwell Tregurtha that leisure hour publications like The Spectator must provide both the time and place for advertising of quality, and we wonder with him why more national adver- tisers do not use its columns. One realizes, of course, that every advertiser has his own problems to solve, and where sums allotted for publicity arc small, it is not always possible to cover all the publications one would wish. Yet this surely cannot apply to some of our largest national advertisers, whose advertising allocations run into thousands upon thousands of pounds every year.

We refer for the sake of argument, and with all due respect to the advertisers concerned, to the Gas and Electricity Asso- ciations, Lever Brothers, Hovis Bread, Jaeger Underwear, Harrod's Stores, Dunlop Tyres, Boot's Medicines, Austin Reed and, of course, many others who hold commanding positions in their respective industries. Unless our memory is at fault these advertisers rarely, if ever, appeal to your obviously well-to-do public.

A conscientious lead given. by undertakings 'such as those named would not only profit themselves by developing markets among people who do most of theirrnews-reading at week-ends, but do much to increase the scope of intelligent journalism in this country.—Yours faithfully, Lessel Ilutcheon, Ltd., NORMAN SUTHERLAND, Director.

5 and 6 Clement's Inn, W.C. 2.