25 JULY 1846, Page 10

The infant Princess is to be baptized this evening, at

the chapel in Bucking- ham Palace. The company assemble at six o'clock.

The Gazette of yesterday notifies the following appointments:the Earl of Mor- ley, Earl Dude, and Lord Waterpark, to be Lords in Waiting in Ordinary to the Queen; Lord Foley to be Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-atarms; and Viscount Falkland to be Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard.

Mr. Labonchere has appointed as his Private Secretary Mr. Terms DrCullagh, the author of the "Industrial History of Free Nations."

The Earl of Leicester has accepted the Lord-Lientenancy of Norfolk. It had been offered by Lord John Russell-to the Earl of Albemarle, but declined by that nobleman on account of his great age.

Lord William Powlett has been returned for Se Ives, in Cornwall, in the room of the late Mr. Praed, without opposition.

The Nurembery Correspondent publishes a letter from Rome, of the 9th instant, stating that the Pope was daily signing orders for the liberation of politi- cal prisoners.

We understand that Westminster Bridge sank on Wednesday. considerably. Sir Howard Douglas predicted that it would sink, in a pamphlet which appeared some time ago, but the piers have subsided further than he anticipated. The Committee have resolved unanimously on pulling it down.—Times.

A Court of Common Council was held yesterday. The principal subject dis- cussed was the conduct of Mr. Fellowes, collector of the wine-dues, who refused to deliver full accounts, although Mr. Selson, a member of the Court, had as- serted that there was a serious defalcation: either 9,000 tons of wine bad an- nually evaded payment of orphan-dues, or the money had not reached the Cham- ber. Mr. Fellowes professes to be willing to give up the accounts for the period since he entered office, in 184.5; but says that he cannot surrender those of his predecessor, Mr. Ansley. After a long discussion, a motion was carried to sus pond Mr. Fellowes until he should have rendered the accounts.