25 JULY 1846, Page 10

Under the head of "Intolerable bigotry," the Times quotes a

petition about to be presented to the House of Commons, praying the House to use its authority for the removal of three pictures from the National Gallery, of a kind never before publicly exhibited in this country. "We, the undersigned," say the petitioners, 'being clergymen of the Church of England, humbly petition your honourable House, and beg to state, that in the National Gallery there are three pictures representing the First Person of the Holy Trinity under the image of an al man; and that two of these representations are so grotesque and uncouth that they cannot but shock the feelings of any religious person. That your petitioners consider such representations blasphemous, and an insult to their holy religion." This petition t observes the Times, "is a lamentable instance of the folly into which fanaticism sometimes drives its votaries."