25 JULY 1846, Page 19


The Achilles, Goble, from Calcutta to Liverpool, was burnt at sea on the 24th alt. Crew saved.

The Maria !tomes. King, from Ceylon to London, with troops, has put into the Mau- ritius, dismasted, having been thrown on her beam-ends in a hurricane.

Artaiven--At Gravesend, July 20th, Thomas Arbuthnot, Smith, from Madras. Off Folkestone, 23d, Sultana, Giles, from Mauritius. At Liverpool, 18th, M. A. Webb,-, from China ; and Thomas Sparkes, Sparkes, Irma Bengal ; 21st, Crescent, Mildren, and Elizabeth, Weatherley, from Mauritius; and 234, Strabane, Grierson, from Bombay. At St. Helena, previotui to 4th June, Veto:, Adams, from the Cape ; Belhaven, Watt, from ditto; Rosebury, Young, from Singapore; Macassar, from Sourabaya ; Globe, Gunton, from Bengal; and Persia, Stevens, from Ceylon. At the Mauri- tius, previous to 8th May, Fleetwood, Richardson, from the Clyde; Oriental Queen, Jeffries; Eleanor, Hasllp ; and Thomas Myth, Hay, from London. At Bombay, previous to the 3c1 June, Emperor, Jones; G. Buckham, Beckham; Frolic, Faucon ; Nereid, Parsons; John Oldham, Cannay ; Bombay, Hogg; Inchinnan, Blair; Oriental, Wilson ; Clarendon, Fyall; Sir H. Hardinge, Turnbull; and Simon Taylor, Brown, from London; Menzies, Whitten; West Indian, Brett ; London, Boylan: Kirkman Finlay, Martin ; °wailer, Edwards; and Sir H. Douglas, Ogilvie, from Liver- pool ; Somnauth, Skinner; and Robert Berm, Ritchie, from the Clyde. At Madre% previous to 6th June, Plantagenet, Bird; Tartar, Cresson; Clifton, Cox ; ?Maces, Shettlee ; Actice, Renant ; Buteshire, Currie ; Norfelk, M'Gildowney ; and Madagascar, Knight, from London. At Calcutta, previous to 8th June, Columbus, Edie ; Hope, Garnock ; Peruvian, Boyd ; Fairy Queen, Richardson; Thomas Fieiden, Black. stone ; Patriot Queen, Adamson; Oriental, Lowther; Alley, Arith ; and Dutchess of Buccieuch, Collin, from Liverpool; Greenlaw, Johnston; Euphrates, Wil- son; Columbus, Short ; Varuna, Mould ; Kelso, Hudson; and Jane Grey, M•Donald, from London ; Margaret Shelley, Topping, from the Clyde ; and W. Gibson, Alexander, from Hull. At Colombo, previous to 11th June, W. and M. Brown, Baynton ; and Fortitude, Christmas, from London ; Christina, Baker, from the Clyde ; and Coranna, Bray, from Liverpool. At Hong-kong, May 6th, Queen, Hutton, from London ; 19th, Mirzapore, Hickman, from Liverpool; and 20th, Alfred, Adair, from London. At Shanghae, April 8th, Jeremiah Garnett, Davis ; New Margaret, Ager ; and 11 U;, Old England, Bland, from Liverpool.

Senxii-From Gravesend, July 20th, Bangalore, Kenny, for Bengal; Malabar, Parr, for Bombay; and 21st, Southampton, Bower, for Bengal. From Liverpool, 20th, Biounge, Banks, for Bengal.