25 JULY 1846, Page 19


WAR-OFFICE, July 21.-11th Regt. of Foot-Assist-Surg. IL Dane, M.D., freln the 29th Foot, to be Sing. vice West, dec. 12th Foot-Ensign G. R:Littlehales to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Holder, who retires ; H. A. Norris, Gent. to be Ensign.by purchase, vice Littlehales. 13th Foot-Capt. J. 11.0. Elmsall, front half-pay let Dreg. Guards, to be Capt. vice Brevet Major H. C. Wade, who exchanges; Lieut. D. Rattray to be Capt. by purchase, vice Elmsall, who retires; Ensign J. F. Woolhouae to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Rattray ; It. Peel, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Woolhouse. 29th Foot-A. M. Macbeth, Gent, lobe Assist.-Sung. vice Dane, promoted in the llth Foot. 34th Foot-Lieut. J. T. Still to be Capt. by purchase, vice Dickenson, who're- tires ; Ensign M. G. Best to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Still ; C. Thoreld, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Best. 65th Foot-Lieut. D. Campbell, from half-pay 57th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Marshall, appointed Paymaster ; Ensign S. Blake to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Campbell, who retires ; J. W. H. Williams, Gent. to be Ensign, by pur- chase, vice Blake.

1st West India Regt.-Ensign T. Clark to be Adjt. vice Bingham, who resigns the Adjutancy only.

Royal Canadian Rifle Regt-Lieut. 8. Blake, from the 65th Foot, to be Lieut. VIOS Knight, promoted.

Brevet-Capt. J. E. G. Elmsall, of the lath Foot, to be Major in the Army. Hospital Staff.-To be Assist.-Surg. to the Forces-W. H'estall, M.D.; T. Pan., Gent.; G. F. Fletcher, Gent. ifemorandemt-Lient. John Pye Wooleock, of the 56th Foot, has been permitted to assume the surname of "Eye," Instead of that of " Wooicock," and should therefore be styled Lieut. "John Pye Pye." The Christian names of Ensign Williams, of the 41st Foot, are Fleming Gough Bowel Games.

OFFICE or ORDNANCE, July 18.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-Brevet Major J. Eyre to be Lieut.-Col. vice Smith, retired on fell-pay. Sec. Capt. F. Dunlop to be Capt. vice Eyre ; First Lieut. A. H. Graham to be Sec. Capt. vice Dunlop; Sec. Lieut. T. Lambert to be First. Lieut. vice Graham. WA.R-OFFICE, July 24.-2d Drag. Guards-Cornet E. H. Turton to be Lieut, by purchase, vice Coote, who retires ; A. D. Monteath, Gent, to be Comet, by purchase, vice Parton. 1st Regt. of Foot-Lient. J. A. G. Campbell, from the 79th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Leader, who exchanges. 3d Foot-Assist-burg. G. F. Cameron, M.D. from the 634 Foot, to be Assist-Surg. vice Gordon, promoted to the otaff. 14th Foot-Emden R. Macdonald to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Hamilton, deceased ; Ensign E. B. Thorp, from the 934 Foot, to be Ensign, vice Macdonald. 25th Foot-Ensign A. CI Smith, from the 79th Foot, to be Ensign, vies Dickson, appointed to the Rifle Brigade. 36th Foot-A. V. Bond, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Birney, who retire& 634 Foot-J. K. Carr, 31:D. to be Assist.-Stirg. vice Cameron, appointed to the ad Foot. 79th Foot-Lieut. T. L. Leader, from the let Foot, to be Lieut. vice Campbell, who ex: changes ; E. W. Coming, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Smith, appointed to the 25th Foot. 934 Foot-W. G. A. Middleton, Gent, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Thorp, appointed to the 14th Foot.

Rifle Brigade-Sec. Lieut. C. P. Pennington to be First Lieut. by purchase, vice Brown, who retires; Ensign A. H. Dickson, from the 25th Foot, to be sec. Lieut, by purchase, vice Pennington.

1st West India Reg-L.-Ensign and Ajt. T. Clark to have the rank of Lieut. • Ensign G. Jones to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Dobson, who retires ; S. D. Stubbs, Gnt, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Jones. Ceylon Rifle Regt.---Lieut. W. H. Mansel, from the half-pay of the 16th Foot, to be First Lieut. vice A. Watson, promoted ; Sec. Lieut, J. Hill to be First Lieut. by par. chase, vice Maned, who retires; W. H. Humphreys, Gent, to be Sec. Lieut. by par. chase, vice Hill. Memorandum.-The removal of Lieut. W. G. Bindon, from the 97th Foot, to the Royal Newfoundland Companies, on June 19, 1846, has been cancelled. The Christian name of Ensign D'Arcy, of the 36th Foot, is William, not Francis, as previously atatelf.