25 JULY 1846, Page 2

A movement is made in this country to intercede with

the Aus- trian Government on behalf of Prince Adam Czartoryski, who has suffered most unjust treatment. The Prince resides in Paris : during the late revolt in Poland, a body of exiled Poles presented an address to him, in which, if we remember rightly, they made some equivocal allusion to his being their proper sovereign : the Prince gave no encouragement to the revolutionary movement —he knew better for the interests of his countrymen : Austria, however, resented even his passive reception of the address; his wife possesses estates in Austria, and those estates have been confiscated, without a shadow of reason either in law or equity. There are rumours that Prince Metternich is not in quite so vigorous a state of mind as he used to be, and this discreditable act of oppression looks as if some morbid influence had made Austria forget even to keep up appearances. The subject has been alluded to by Lord Brougham in our House of Peers ; the Morning Chronicle and Times have also taken it up ; and there is evidently a strong desire in England to procure redress for Prince Czar- toryski. Meanwhile, Lord Lansdowne relies on "the well-known leniency of Austria "1