25 JULY 1846, Page 9

At Her Majesty's Theatre, the manager has made one of

those grand coups with which he delights to startle his spectators just as the season begins to decline and the people are beginning to grow weary of London amusements. The new divertissement is called Le Jugement de Paris; but, excepting that most of the characters are attired like the deities of antiquity, and that one of the principal male dancers wears a Phrygian cap, it might as well have been called anything else. Indeed, it is a distin- guishing feature of the piece that Paris pronounces no judgment at all, but that the curtain descends pendente lite.

However, it is breaking a butterfly on the wheel to take notice of the divertissement as a dramatic work. It is in fact a mere pretext for the introduction of a new pas; and this is one of the Most beautiful and effec- tive that has ever been invented, combining the talents of Taglioni, Cerito, Lucile Grahn, St. Leon, and Perrot. The three ladies are, of course, the

objects of 'interest: as each is at the top of her class, and has a distinc- tive character of her own, a most agreeable variety is produced; and that sort of excitement is created which belongs to the ballet only, and which is 'represented by partisan shouts and partisan bouquets. Those who re- collect the "Pas de Quatre " of last year, and the "Pas de Deux " by Elssler and Cerito some seasons before, will have a notion of the particular kind of zeal that animates an audience, when a combination of danseuses takes place; and the sober folks, who have not witnessed such scenes, will scarcely credit the fever that is caused by a contest which to prosaic minds appears so trifling.