25 JUNE 1831, Page 14

The affairs of Belgium remain without alteration. The Dutch Government

has addressed a note to the Conf_erenee, c ailing on them to state what answer had been returneflA to the 22nd Proto- col. This note is dated the 5th. A second note, of the 6th, com- plains grievously of Lord PONSONHY'S letter, and earnestly pro- tests against the alienation of Luxembourg from Holland on any terms. The Conference return for answer to these notes, that, by the latest accounts, the Belgians had not acceded to the 22nd Protocol; and that in respect to Luxembourg, they intended to make no proposals until the basis of the separation laid down by the Conference, and agreed to by the King of Holland, should be acceded to by Belgium. It has been stated that the Belgian Com- missioners depart to-day, carrying with them the u/tinriturn of the Five Powers, and also the final conditions on which Prince LEOPOLD is prepared to accept the crown. There was a report of a party in Belgium being got up in favour of Louis NAPOLEON, son of the King of Holland, under the Empire; but the young Prince, in a very well-written letter, expressly denies having ever entertained any such ambitious views. The Belgian Congress have agreed that their present Ministry are not fit for their office, and have voted an address for their re- moval. What with Kings and Regents, and the advisers and con- trolleys of both, the poor Netherlanders are in a sad taking.