25 JUNE 1831, Page 18


OrtntztAxtoNs.—The following gentlemen were ordained by the Lord Bishop of Chichester on Sunday the 5th of June, by letters dimissory from the Lord Bishop of Ely. Deacons—W. Brocklebank, B.A. Queen's College, Cambridge ; L. W. Samp- son, B.A. King's ; .1. Thackeray, B.A. King's; G. Thackeray, B.A. King's ; G. Phillips, B.A. Queen's ; J. Tinkler, M.A. Corpus Christi; R. Murphy, B.A. Cause; F. J. Wethered, B.A. King's ; P. T. W. C. Fitzroy, B.A. Magdalen; G. Langshaw, B.A. St. John's ; J. AL Jackson, B.A. Lincoln College, Oxford. Priests—R. Scaple- horn, M.A. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; J. Flamank, B.A. King's; T. Corn- thwaite, M.A. Trinity College, Oxford; F. Dusautoy, B.A. Queen's College, ('.am- bridge; R. E. Kerrich, MA. Christ; H. Almack, B.A. St. John's; G. J. Dupuis, M.A. King's. Paassters.vioNs.—The Lord Chancellor has presented the Rev. S. Lee, B.D. Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge, to the Prebendal Stall In Bristol Cathedral, vacant by the death of Dr. Randolph, to which the vicarage of Banwell, in the county of Somerset, is understood to be attached.

The Rev. R. Roberts has been presented to the Rectory of Wadenhoe, Northamp- tonshire, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. J. Shillibeer.

The Rev. C. F. Millard, B.A. ivas on Friday instituted to the Vicarage of Sedge- ford, Norfolk, on the presentation of the Dean and Chapter of Norwich. The Rev. F. G. Leach, M.A. late Fellow of Pembroke College, has been prese nted to the valuable Rectory of Stackpool Elidor, otherwise Cheriton, Pembrokeshire. Patron, the Earl of Cawdor.

The Rev. William Allen to the Vicarage of Botherston, Pembrokeshire. Patron, the Earl of Cawdor.

The Rev. Henry Cassel to the Perpetual Curacy of the New Church, at Marley, Yorkshire. Patron, the Vicar of Batley. The Rev. Mr. Harris, of Trevacoon, Pembrokeshire, to a Prebendal Stall in St. David's Cathedral. Patron, the Bishop. The Rev. G. Pearse, M.A. to be one of the Minor Canons of Norwich Cathedral. The Rev. W. James to the Rectory of Rawmarsh, Yorkshire. Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

The Rev. IT. Corrie to the Perpetual Curacy of Kettering, Northamptonshire. The Rev. G. Ward, ISLA. of 'frinity College, Cambridge, and Rector of Hop Baggot, Salop, to be Chaplain to the East India Co. on the Bengal Establishment. The Rev, W. Milkier, one of the Minor Canons of Bristol Cathedral, to the Living of St. Augustine's, BristoL Patrons, the Dean and Canons of Bristol.