25 JUNE 1831, Page 18

We owe an apology to our non-political readers this week.

We have sacrificed nearly every thing to the great topic of the day, the Debates in Parliament. Next week they will have less of novelty, and less of interest; and our condensing powers may be more fittingly applied to them. Our pages will then present their usual variety.

To READERS or Tar SPECTATOR.—We learn that disappointment is frequently experienced by readers, who trust to obtain their paper by casual applications to the Newsmen, and more especially so in the country. The supply of the Newsmen, beyond the demand of their regular subscribers, is necessarily uncertain. We recommend to our readers, therefore, to give their orders to a Newsman, prior to the day of publication, and time enough to reach the Publishing-office in London All orders from the country should be accompanied by a remittance, or a reference for payment to a respectable person in Town.

'We beg to remind subscribers in the country, of a suggestion contained In a former paper, that all complaints of non-delivery should be addressed to Sir Fru:sets Fax RUN o, with such information as is likely to afford him a clue to the detec- tion of the persons who abstract or retard the transmission of newspapers. Letters regarding the discontinuance or change of address of papers ought to be sent to the Newsman, Bookseller, or Postmaster, to whom the order was given.