25 JUNE 1831, Page 19



HARDSTAFF and Co. Newark, tobacco and snuff manufacturers-S. and J. HARD- STAFF, Derby, grocers-D. and F. GARDNER, Salisbury, horse-hair manufacturers -J. and T. MA witty, builders-Coma N and Co. Crayford, silk-printers; as far as

regards EDWARDS-EVERARD and TAYLOR, Bawtry, boarding-school keepers -Rex and CATION, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocers-J. and J. RICHARDS, York Street, Southwark, hop and seed-merchants-G. J. and F. RAIN, Ratcliffe Cross, ship-otvners-J. and J. Gauo, Lincoln, drapers-MI.00E1: jun. and Co. Chester, brewers-ALLEN and B any, Oxford Street, woollen-drapers -Poi NO- DESTRE and Co. London-BERRY and SA5111(1002E, Arundel Wharf, Water Lane, coal-merehants-S w ETTEX HAM and Co. Wirksworth, Derbyshire, atto r n ies-ALEx- and Co. Blackfriars, surgeon-dentists; as far as regards II. JONES-CAMPBELL and Co. Copthall Court, merchants.


STATHAM, THOMAS, Clunton, Shropshire, cattle-dealer, June 20.


SEAGOOD, Joust JAMES, Bread Street, Cheapside, table-linen-manufacturer. BANKRUPTS.

Fr LTON, Joint:, late of Brewer Street, Somers 'fown, and Brighton, leather- cutter, to surrender June 28, July 12, August 2: solicitors, Messrs. Davies and Outhwaite, Princes Street, Bank.

MARR, EDWARD JOHN, Sculcoates and Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, dealer and chapman. July 7, 8, August 2: solicitor's, Messrs. Rosser and Son, Gray's Inn Place ; and Mr. Frost, Hull.

Moor: e, Joss MELLOR, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, innkeeper, July 5, 6, August 2: solicitors, Mr. Jeyes, Chancery Lane ; and Mr. Flint, Uttoxeter.

OSBORN. JOSEPH, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, ironmonger, July 7,8. August 2: solicitors, Messrs. Wahusley and Co., Chancery Lane ; and Mr. Shepherd, Great Driffield, Yorkshire. OWEN, JOHN, late of Chiswell Street, victualler, June 28, July 12, August 2: soli- citor, Mr. Glynes, America Square. TiLSLEY, WILLIAM, and JoNEs, WYTHEN, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, bankers, June 27, 28, August 2 : solicitors, Messrs. Jones and Hughes, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane;; and Mr. Drew, Newtown. YEwENS, WiLL I AID, Claremont Place, Pentonyille, mine agent, June 24, July 8, August 2: solicitor, Mr. Holt, Threadneedle Street.


July 15, Le Cointe, St. Helen's Place, merchant-July 15, Shackleton], Andover. Hampshire, draper-July 15, Nash, Sitepton Maliel,3omersetshire, dolhier-July 12, Brown, Farnham, S urry, upholder-July 12, Mathews, Copthall Court, mer- chant-August 26, Coates, Leeds, grocer-July 17, Slidell, Mellor, Lancashire, merchant-July 29, Walley, Manchester' grocer-July 18, Scaife, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, merchant-July 18, Sudell, Lancaster, merchant-July 11, Thompson, Bowden, Yorkshire, merchant.


To be granted, unless cause he shown to the contrary, on or before July 12. Whitehead, Denshaw, Yorkshire, merchant-Delves, Tonbridge Wells, lodging. house keeper-Smith, late of Blackman Street, Borough, licensed victualler-Beet, late of Stamford Street. Blackfriars, bill-broker-Davis, late of King's Head Yard, Russell Street, Covent Garden, orange merchant-Hill, Red Lion Wharf, City Basin' and Red Lion Street, Holborn coal-merchant-Davies, Little Pulteney Street, broker-Osborne jun. Epperseone, Nottinghamshire, surgeon - Gerard, Frome, Somersetshire, grocer-Woodgate jun. Watling Street, warehouseman- Hargan, White Hart Tavern, St. John's Street, victualler-King, Ipswich, innkeeper -Chadburn, Sheffield, optician-Armstrong, Raskelf, Yorkshire, miller-White, Wakefield, Yorkshire, carpenter.


Jack, ALEXANDER, Inverness, general agent, June 24, July 8.

Friday, .rune 28.


MILLER and WE artv, London, merchants-Lewis and I/Avis; Great Surry Street, Blackfriars Road, linen-drapers-Cum:is and ELLts, Carshalton, Sorry, bleachers-Sroass and TITTERTON, Cornhill, stationers-Cox and GoRELL, Brad- ford, Yorkshire, linen-drapers--BAKER and RUSHFIRTH, Leeds' milliners-J. and W. WooLLEv, Change Alley, City, stock-brokers-Joses and ADAMS, Greenwich, bricklayers -S w Ai xs ON and G It All A 51, Liverpool, drapers.


DRAKE Fo g122, DAVID, Austinfriars, broker, June 22.

MATTHEWS, JONATHAN, Bristol, basket-maker, WHITE, WILLIAM, Newent, Gloucestershire, corn-dealer, June 24.


BASSETT, WILLIAM, Dean Street, Solio, builder, to surrenderJuly 1,5, August 5: solicitor, Mr. Bird, Adam Street, Adelphi. BERNARD, CHARLES, Calcutta, East Indies, merchant, July 1, 8, August 5: soli- citors, Messrs. Tilleard and Miller, Old Jury.

BUGG, JOHN, HENRY, and GEORGE, Spalding, Lincolnshire, bankers, July 6, 7, August 5: solicitors, Mr. Williams, Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Bon- ner, Spalding. DOBSON, TIMOTHY, JOHN, and TIMOTHY, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and City Road, carpet manufacturers, July 7, 8, August 5: solicitors, Mr. Dangerfield, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Mr. Brinton, Kidderminster.

GILEs, WILLIAM, Lad Lane, riband-warehouseman, July 1, 5, August 5: solici- tor, Mr. Fisher, Walbrook. HARRAL, JOHN HARRISON, Leeds, fruiterer, July 5, 6, August 5: solicitors, Messrs. Rosser and Son, Gray's Inn Place ; and Mr. Frost, Hull. HOODSON, SAMUEL, Glossop, Derbyshire, cottou-spinner, July 9, 11, August, 5 solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row; and Messrs. Morris and Owen, Spring Gardens, Manchester. JOHNSON, RICHARD, Liverpool, painter, July 22, 23, August 5: solicitors, Mr. • Chester, Staple Inn ; and Mr. Rowston, Prescot.

LITT, WILL1A31 PEATT, HARRISON, JOHN JOSEP1I, and HARRISON, WILLIAM, Lime Street, merchants, July 8, 15, August 5: solicitors, Messrs. Haddon and Co. Angel Court, Throgunarton Street. LLOYD, GEonox, Stingo Lane, St. Marylebone, brewer, June 28, July 8, August .5: solicitor, Mr. Reynolds, Flemming's Street, Kingsland Road.

LODGE, DEN NET?, Poole, ironmonger. July 4, 11, August 5: solicitors, Mr. -Cuvelje, Great James Street, Bedford Row; and Mr. Aldridge, Poole.

MAttsm IsAAc, Tutbury, Staffordshire, grocer, July 5, 12, August 5: solicitors, Messrs. Amory and Coles, Throgmorton Street.

RICHARDSON, WILLIAM, Clementhorpe, Yorkshire, tanner, July 11, 12, August 5: solicitors, Mr. Williamson, Gray's inn Square ; and Messrs. Blanchard and -Richardson, York.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, St. Woollos, Monmouthshire, coal-merchant, July 7, 8, August 5: solicitors, Messrs. M`Donnell and Mostyn, Usk; and Messrs. Prethero .and Phillips, Newport, Monmouthshire.


July 15, East, Hanover Place, Regent's Park, bookseller-July 5. King, Church Lane, Whitechapel, grocer-July 5, Down, Church Passage, Guildhall, Blackwell- hall-factor-July 15, Hodges, Minories, linen-draper-July 15, Sainthill, Pickle Herring, Tooley Street, Southwark, French-burr and millstone-merchant-July 15, Hayden, Oxford Street, silk-mercer-July 19, T. and J. Tait, Dover Road, South- wark, brewers-July 22, Herbert and Mayo, London, warehousemen-July 22, Rits- pini, Pall Mall, medicine-vender-July 19, Littlewood, Mortimer Street, Maryle- hone, butcher-July 20, Sandford, Salford and Ringley. Lancashire, bleacher-July 16, Toghill, Chalford, Gloucestershire, clothier-July 19, Watkinson, Manchester, calico-printer-July 26, Rusher, Stamford, Lincolnshire, woolstapler-July 23, G. and R. Hilton, Manchester, and Chorley, Lancashire, merchants-July 19, Penny, Titchfield, Hampshire, brewer-July 18, Claridge, Oddington, Glouces- tershire, farmer-Sept. 21, Shave, Colchester, innkeeper-July 15, Aaron, Plymouth Dock, silversmith.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary,on or before July 15.

'Richer, Farringdon Street, brewer-Barber, Walsall, Staffordshire, wine-mer- chant-Smith, Liverpool, broker-Hallas, Ossett, Yorkshire, cloth-merchant-Bar- low, Pendleton and Manchester, calico-printer-Brown, Fleet Market, grocer- Bagley, Sedgley, Staffordshire, pig-irou-maker-Brookes, Ball's Pond, Islington, nurseryman.