25 JUNE 1831, Page 21


OUR first visit to this theatre, since its proper season began, was paid last night. The comedy was The Way to Keep Rim; in which the Widow Belmour was performed by" a Lady, her second appearance on any stage." Her appearance was a very success- ful one, and we think the lady will be an acquisition to the stage in the hieher walk of comedy. S;ie is a fine woman—with a tall and graceful figure, and a pleasing and expressive countenance. She is easy and lady-like in her deportment ; and speaks and moves with a quiet and modest self-possession, which has been acquired by a familiarity with the tone and manners of good so- ciety. Circumstances of this lady's history are reported, which render her an object of much interest ; and the motives which have induced her to seek an independence by the exercise of her talents are most honourable to her. The character in which we have seen her affords no room for impassioned acting; but it is a difficult part notwithstanding, for it is that of a woman of fashion, possessing manners of perfect eleuance and perfect simplicity,— one of those parts which has hardly found an adequate represen- tative since the days of the accomplished Miss FARREN. Where the dialogue rises occasionally to a tone approaching. to energy and feeling, the debutante was very successful ; and her whole performance made a powerful impression on the audience. FARREN, in Sir Bashful Constant, was exceedingly effective; though the absurdities of the character were so much overcharged as to make it not merely ridiculous, but contemptible,—so con- temptible as to render it impossible to conceive that he could be an object of any serious attachment on the part of an interesting woman. His costume was that of seventy years ago, while all the other characters wore the dresses of the present day. Either he was wrong or they were wrong—which, we have no time at present to inquire. The play was altogether well acted, and went off with spirit. It is a clever play, yet there are many things in it that make us cease to wonder at the "sterling old comedies' getting out of fashion. An amusing enough piece, in one act, called The Widow Be- witched, :gave us an opportunity of seeing Miss.Stresav ; who is a pretty little girl, very clever, animated, and arch.