25 JUNE 1864, Page 1


THE week has had but one excitement, but that has been an in- tense one, the speculations on the coming war absorbing every topic. The Conference assembled on Wednesday at a late hour, and immediately after it rose it was known that the hope of ac- commodation had been given up, and that war would recommence on Sunday next. It was expected that the Premier would make his statement on Thursday, and the House of Commons was thronged, but Lord Palmerston only announced that Conference had one more meeting to hold, and that he himself in the Lower House and Earl Russell in the Upper would be prepared on Monday with a statement of all that had occurred, and, we may presume, of the policy Her Majesty's Government intend to propose to the country. As to the character of that policy the greatest reserve is necessarily maintained, but the fleet is ready for action at two hours' notice, the funds have fallen below 90, and war, localized as far as possible, was, there is every reason to believe, the decision of yesterday's Cabinet Council.