25 JUNE 1864, Page 1

There has been little news from America. On Saturday evening

we had from Mr. Reuter a telegram, in large letters, " Great Defeat of the Federals," which when examined turned out to be only a repetition of the old telegram of the previous Wednesday, —that General Grant had made a heavy reconnaissance on General Lee's works, and found it impossible to carry them. In default of more novel information, Mr. Reuter might recapitulate the cap- ture of Vicksburg or the battle of Bull Run, which would not lead to any misunderstanding. In Georgia General Sherman has occu- pied Ackworth, within perhaps fifteen miles of Atlanta, and ten of Marietta, where are General Johnston's head-quarters, and a great engagement is probable. The rumours from General Grant are of some attempt to cross the James River, join with Butler, and get round to the back of Richmond ; but there is no trustworthy information of his plans. In the Shenandoah Valley General Hunter, who had replaced Sigel, had beaten the Con- federate force, captured several of its guns, and advanced as far as Staunton.