25 JUNE 1864, Page 3

The Earl of Lichfield proposed and carried yesterday week an

amendment on the Penal Servitude Bill, which in fact strikes out the clause added by Mr. Hunt in the House of Commons enjoining systematic supervision for the ticket-of-leave men.. The majority for striking out the clause and substituting hap-hazard espionage for systematic supervision was 8 (44 to 36). This is a triumph of silly prejudice which will, we trust, be undone again in the House of Commons when they come to consider the Lords' amendments. The evidence of Sir Walter Crofton and Captain Whitty in Ireland expressly shows that espionage, that is, mischievous and suspicious interference on the part of the police, was very common before the systematic supervision was instituted, but that the more sound relation of confidence between -the police and the ticket-of-leave men has entirely done away with this. The House of Lords are bent on affording " the police sufficient information to set them inquiring, and withholding that which would make such a course unnecessary." The Earl of Lichfield's amendment in fact destroys half the meaning of the Bill.