25 JUNE 1892, Page 1

Mr. H. M. Stanley, the explorer, who is a candidate

for North Lambeth, has issued perhaps the most remarkable of the new addresses. He states that, though of British birth and parentage, he has spent most of his life in wandering, but that in all his wanderings he has seen no Power so great and so beneficent as the British Empire, and that therefore, though he is a naturalised citizen of the United States, he has resumed the allegiance of his birth, and has resolved, if he may, to serve England. He says that the Foreign and Colonial policies of the last two Administrations have been in such strong contrast, that he feels no doubt at all that it is for the good of England and of the world that Lord Salisbury's Administration should be returned to power. He dwells especially on the strengthening of the Navy as the fulcrum of that policy. Moreover, there is no longer any conflict between privilege and popular right. Both parties are equally determined to obey the people's mandate ; but the Unionists do so prudently and resolutely, the Gladstonians rashly and waveringly. The assembling of a Parliament in Dublin will be the beginning of our decadence. Ireland should have as much self-government as London,—as much and no more.