25 JUNE 1892, Page 2

Prince Bismarck has been splendidly received in Vienna, which he

visited on the 19th inst. in order to be present at his son's marriage to a daughter of Count Hoyos; and in Dresden, through which he passed on his journey. In the former place, though the Ambassadors did not call, the Russian representa- tive excepted, and the Hof burg paid him no honour, the people welcomed him with overwhelming enthusiasm. They hung round his carriage till it had to be protected by the police, and assembled in crowds so continuous and so noisy, that Princess Bismarck grew alarmed for her husband's health. The popular honours paid to the ex-Chancellor have excited much comment in Germany, but, as we have explained elsewhere, they do not imply any chance of his restora- tion to power. He himself told an interviewer that he was only a critic, and his principal criticism was that in the absence of his personal influence with the Czar, the "line" which connected the German and Russian Courts had been severed, as he feared, beyond repair. The wedding ceremonial was of course magnificent, but unmarked by any incident of interest.