25 JUNE 1892, Page 3

Mr. Morley addressed his constituents at Newcastle on Saturday ;

but the reporters did not quite accurately report the passage about the relation of the Imperial to the Irish Parlia- ment ; and he has explained his drift in a short letter addressed to Tuesday's Times, on which we have commented elsewhere. What he appears to wish is, that when the Irish Parliament simply blunders into unwise legislation, tbe Imperial Parlia- ment should let them feel the full responsibility of their blunder, and refuse to interfere ; but that if ever the Irish Parliament legislates in a violent and oppressive spirit, then the Imperial Parliament should intervene to disallow such legislation. As the Imperial Parliament cannot see motives, how is it to distinguish cruel and oppressive from simply unwise legislation ? And how are the Irish to learn from their own mistakes, if the very worst of these mistakes are to be disallowed and overruled? Mr. Morley may very well say that he prefers the Bill of 1886 to the half-and-half policy which he expects to see embodied in the next Bill. That is indeed a case where compromise means failure.