25 JUNE 1994, Page 32

A selection of recent paperbacks

Fiction: The Last Word by Paul Micou, Black Swan, £5.99 The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields, 4th Estate, £5.99 Caesar by Allan Massie, Sceptre, £5.99 Memories of the Ford Administration by John Updike, Penguin, £5.99 The Dork of Cork by Chet Raymo, Abacus, £6.99 Griefwork by James Hamilton-Paterson, Vintage, £5.99 The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous by Jilly Cooper, Corgi, £5.99 Postcards by E. Annie Proulx, Flamingo, £5.99 Computer One by Warwick Collins, No Exit Press, £5.99 A River Sutra by Gita Mehta, Minerva, £5.99 A Double Life by Frederic Raphael, Phoenix, £6.99 Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood, Virago, £5.99 The Novellas of Martha Gellhorn, Picador, £9.99 Crossing the River by Caryl Phillips, Picador, £5.99 The Weather in Iceland by David Profumo, Picador, £6.99 A Spanish Lover by Joanna Trollope, Black Swan, £5.99 Sugar Cane by Paul Bailey, Penguin, £5.99 A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follett, Pan, £5.99 Non-fiction: The Interior Castle: The Life of Gerald Brennan by Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, Sinclair-Stevenson, £12.99 A Bundle from Britain by Alistair Horne, Papermac, £10.99 Paper Tigers by Nicholas Coleridge, Mandarin, £6.99 Morgan by Nicolas Beauman, Sceptre, £9.99 Waiting for the Party by Ann Thwaite, Faber, £8.99 Dorothy Sayers by Barbara Reynolds, Sceptre, £9.99 Edward Heath by John Campbell, Pimlico, £14 George Eliot by Jenny Uglow, Virago, £8.99 The Invisible Man: The Life and Liberties of H. G. Wells by Michael Coren, Blooms- bury, £6.99 The Emperor and Shah of Shahs by Ryszard Kapuscinski, Picador, £6.99 The Emperor's Last Island by Julia Black- burn, Minerva, £5.99