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Index for January-June 1994 Subjects and Titles


Abbe de Choisy, The, The Transvestite Memoirs (Trans R.H.F.

Scott), 18 Jun 36(R)

Abse, Leo, Wotan, My Enemy, 21 May 33(R) Absolute Turkey, An (Globe), 29 Jan 52(AR) Absolution, Olaf Olafsson, 14 May 38(R) Aburish, Siad K., The Rise, Corruption and Coming Fall of the House of Saud, 9 Apr 26(R) Ace Ventura-Pet Detective (film), 7 May 36(AR)

Adamson, George and Joy: a biography, 1 Jan 26(R)

Adventure on the South Seas, 23 Apr 23, 30 Apr 22, 7 May 19, 14

May 24(A) Advertising: a private member's Bill to ban all tobacco advertise- ments, 12 Feb 5(LA); a poster advertisement, 2 Apr 28(CS); a BR brochure, 2 Apr 31(L); advertising copy linked with philosophers, 16 Apr 52(CO); advertising copy for an imagi- nary brand of cigarettes, 18 Jun 52(CO)

Affliction, Fay Weldon, 12 Feb 29(R)

Agnew, Spiro, 9 Apr 39(A) Aid, foreign: aid and trade often linked, 26 Feb 5(LA), 12 Mar 24(L)

Aida (Covent Garden) 25 Jun 34(AR)

Aircraft industry: state-sponsored industrial espionage, 9 Apr 18(A) Air travel: Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic flight, 8 Jan 34 (A); argu- ment and litigation over the Lockerbie air disaster, 5 Feb 26(R); a death in mid-flight, 16 Apr 7(PC); the missed oppor- tunities, blinkered nationalism and bureaucratic inaction of Europe's national airlines, 14 May 5(LA) Aitken, Jonathan: accused of improper behaviour, 21 May 23(AA)

AJ.P.Taylor: A Biography, Adam Sisman, 22 Jan 23(R) AJ.P.Taylor The Traitor Within the Gates , Robert Cole, 22 Jan

23(R) Albania: David Smiley's spying, 12 Feb 28(R), 5 Mar 27(L)

Aldrich Ames, my would-be killer, 5 Mar 15(A), 19 Mar 29, 2 Apr


Alice, John Bayley, 11 Jun 48(R) Alice's Masque, Lindsay Clarke, 29 Jan 42(R) All There Is to Know, (ed.) Alexander Coleman and Charles

Simmons, 19 Mar 34(R)

Almost a Man of Action, 2 Apr 37(LL)

America: see UNITED STATES

American Heart (film), 1 Jan 31(AR)

Ames, Aldrich: a double agent, 5 Mar 15(A) Analogue and digital systems of transmission, 11 Jun I2(A), 18 Jun 27(L)

Ancient Irish Poetry, Kuno Meyer, 4 Jun 35(LL) And another thing, l Jan 18, 8 Jan 17, 15 Jan 22, 22 Jan 20, 29 Jan

21, 5 Feb 22, 12 Feb 21, 19 Feb 22, 26 Feb 26, 5 Mar 24, 12 Mar 21, 19 Mar 24, 26 Mar 20, 2 Apr 26, 9 Apr 22, Z3 Apr 25, 30 Apr 25, 7 May 21, 14 May 26, 21 May 23, 28 May 25, 4 Jun 25,11 Jun 24, 18 Jun 25, 25 Jun 21(AA)

Anderson, Terry, Den of Lions, 7 May 29(R)

(A) (AA) (AR) (AV) (CO) (CP) (CS)



And so farewell, John Major. Time for a few tears before bed, 8 Jan 8(AV) Anglo-Indian Attitudes, Clive Dewey, 29 Jan 44(R)

Anguilla: the Queen's visit, 12 Feb 18(A); the Governor, Allan Shave, 12 Feb 18(A) Animals: the work of George and Joy Adamson, 1 Jan 26(R); the

morality of Idling animals, 12 Mar 8(AV), 26 Mar 24(L) Another voice, 8 Jan 8, 15 Jan 8, 22 Jan 8, 29 Jan 8, 5 Feb 7, 12

Feb 8, 19 Feb 8, 26 Feb 8, 12 Mar 8, 19 Mar 8, 26 Mar 8, 2 Apr 8, 16 Apr 8, 23 Apr 8, 30 Apr 8, 7 May 8, 14 May 7, 28

May 8, 4 Jun 8, 11 Jun 8, 18 Jun 10, 25 Jun 8(AV) Answers to readers' problems: see Your problems solved Anthologies: London, 8 Jan 26(R) Apathy buoyant, 4 Jun 19(A) Apologies: from Simon Heller to Lord Tebbit, 28 May 6(PC) Apostrophe, the: usage in decline, 16 Apr 25(A), 30 Apr 28(L) Appleyard, Bryan, The First Church of the New Millennium, 5 Feb


April in Paris (Ambassadors), 12 Feb 36(AR) Arcadia (Haymarket), 4 Jun 43(AR)

ARCHITECTURE Quinlan Terry's new library building at Downing College, Cambridge criticised, 22 Jan 33, 19 Feb 34(AR); the Netherlands Architecture Institute's archive building, 29 Jan 49(AR); use of terracotta in building, 5 Feb 36(AR); taste in architecture, 5 Feb 36(AR); an architect's training should include some manual skills, 12 Mar 33(AR); Castle Howard and its history, 19 Mar 38(R); the Grand Louvre under con- struction in Paris, 2 Apr 41(AR); Frank Lloyd Wright and Tatiesin West 16 Apr 31(CP); the buildings of North Leinater, 23 Apr 37(R); Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition, 3D Apr 40(AR); the South Bank Centre visualised as London's cen- tral arts quarter, 18 Jun 39(AR)

Arctic Convoys, Richard Woodman, 26 Mar 32(R)

Arikha, Avigdor: exhibition, 21 May 44(AR) Aristocracy, the: upper-class bounders, 16 Apr 30(L); a study of aristocrats, 16 Apr 34(R)

Aristocrats, Stella Tillyard, 23 Apr 33(R)

Arlott, John: a memoir, 5 Mar 40(R)

Tini,JohnAr/on: A Memoir, 5 Mar 40(R)

Armed forces, the: Cardwell's reform of the army's structure, 7 May 14(A); the government's reduction of the armed forces for purely financial reasons, 7 May 14(A) ART artists' exhibitions: Avigdor Arikha, 21 May 44, Lesley Banks, 16 Apr 42, Claude, 5 Feb 38, Cecil Collins, 7 May 35, Roland Collins, 2 Apr 43, Alexander Creswell, 16 Apr 42, Kate Ericson, 19 Feb 36, Goya, 26 Mar 39, Christopher Johnson, 2 Apr 43, R.B Kitaj, 25 Jun 34, Ansel Krut, 12 Mar 36, Annie Leibovitz, 9 Apr 34, John Lessore, 26 Feb 39, Simon Lewis, 30 Apr 44, Modigliani, 22 Jan 35, John Monks, 2 Apr 43, Lisa O'Connor, 26 Feb 39, Hughie O'Donoghue, 29 Jan 50, Tony Oursler, Luis Gonzalez Palma, 5 Feb 35, Picasso, 5 Mar 44, 19 Feb 36, Sebastian Salgada, 5 Feb 35, Adrian Saxe, 16 Apr 32, Kevin Sinnott, 2 Apr 43, Alcatel Solokov, 22 Jan 35, Ruskin Spear 16 Apr 42, Anton Tapirs, 23 Apr 42, Ian, Van Wieringen, 25 Jun 34, Andy Warhol, 7 May 35, Frank Lloyd Wright, 30 Apr 40, Roger Wagner, 5 Feb 38 Mel Ziegler, 19 Feb 30(AR)

the existing modernist establishment, 1 Jan 28(AR), 28 May 26(L); the Turner Prize, 1 Jan 28(AR); patronage of art by the Medicis and by the 'Patrons of New Art', 8 Jan 29(AR); Paul Johnson derides 'Modern or Brick Art' and its support- ers, 15 Jan 22(AA); bigger pictures in a Glasgow gallery, 29 Jan 50(AR); the Serpentine Gallery and its modernist dis- plays, 29 Jan 50(AR); Piranesi as architect and designer, 5 Feb 34(R); art and the Christian faith, 12 Feb 33(R); the re- hang of the Tate's permanent collection, 12 Feb 34(AR); Young British Artists III, 12 Feb 34(AR); the group portrait of 'The Guardian Women', 5 Mar 24(AA), 19 Mar 28(L); Philip Pouncey, connoisseur of Italian drawings, 5 Mar 42(AR); Bernard Dunstan on his own paintings, 19 Mar 38(R); neglected Ukrainian icons, 19 Mar 40(AR); Spanish artists and sculptures on show in London, 19 Mar 43(AR); the char- acter-forming tribulations of an artistic life, 2 Apr 43(AR); a modernist oligarchy controls public expenditure and official favour in Australia just as in Britain, 9 Apr 33(AR), 28 May 26(L); Adrian Saxe's clay art, 16 Apr 33(R); a Tudor group portrait, 16 Apr 36(R); an anonymous Netherlands master, 23 Apr 35(R); five artists, 30 Apr 44(AR); the Fluxus Movement 1962-73, 30 Apr 44(AR); the Tate Gallery's modern art to move into Bankside power station, 7 May 23(CS); the Adam & Co/Spectator painting and drawing collection announced, 7 May 30, 4 Jun 30(X); a radical art exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, 14 May 43(AR); Brian Sewell's views find widespread support, 21 May 39(AR), 28 May 26, 11 Jun 28(L); contemporary art critics criticised, 21 May 39(AR), 28 May 26, 4 Jun 28, 11 Jun 28(L); copyright infringements of artists' work, 21 May 42(AR); the art of Vietnam, 21 May 44(AR); broadcast programmes on the visual arts show a lim- ited grasp of actual realities and historical perspective, 4 Jun 39(AR); BT New Contemporanes, 11 Jun 53(AR); the Royal Academy's 226th summer exhibition, 18 Jun 40(AR) Art and Lies, Jeanette Winterson, 25 Jun 26(R) Art and the Beauty of God, Richard Harries, 12 Feb 33(R) Art of criticism, The, 21 May 39(AR) Arts diary, 1 Jan 31, 29 Jan 51, 26 Feb 42, 26 Mar 42, 30 Apr 44, 28 May 46(AR)

Asia: authoritarianism is the price paid for economic growth, 5 Mar 5(LA)

Asian model's disease, 5 Mar 5(LA) Aspects of Aristocracy, David Cannadine, 16 Apr 34(R) Aspects of Love (Prince of Wales), 8 Jan 30(AR) Aston, Margaret, The King's Bedpost, 16 Apr 36(R) Astonishing Hypothesis, The, Francis Crick, 28 May 34(R) Astrakhan, The, 22 Jan 30(P)

Attlee, Lord: and 'lying in public', 8 Jan 19, 22 Jan 22(L) AUCTION SALES

Elizabeth David's kitchen contents, 22 Jan 36(AR); examples of Mackintosh's work, 22 Jan 36(AR); 'second-hand' furni- ture, 19 Feb 39(AR); Princess Grace's letters, the estate of Viscountess Rothermere and musical instruments, 19 Mar 46(A); book sales at Christie's and Sotheby's, 23 Apr 45(AR); British paintings, musical manuscripts and memorabilia, 21 May 51(AR); a unicorn horn, a lady's haute couture wardrobe and old books, 18 Jun 44(A)

Austen, Jane: the clergy in her books, 5 Mar 31(R)

Auster, Paul, Mr Vertigo, 9 Apr 28(R)

Australia: as in Britain, a modernist oligarchy controls public expenditure on art and official favour, 9 Apr 33(AR); Daisy Bates and the Aborigines, 18 Jun 35(R) AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: see BIOGRAPHIES AND AUTOBIOGRAPHIES Autographs : an autograph sought, 2 Apr 37(LL)


Babies: having a baby, 19 Feb 27(R); Ruby Wax's third child, 26 Feb 7(D)

Backbeat (film), 2 Apr 45(AR) Back to Baghdad?, 19 Feb 12(A) Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom (Union Chapel,

Islington), 5 Feb 37(AR)

Bad Company (Bush), 19 Feb 37(AR) Baker, Nicholas, The Fermenta, 19 Feb 28(R)

Baldwin, James: 18 June 32(1); a biography, 18 Jun 32(R) Ballet Cristina Hoyos (Sadler's Wells), 26 Mar 40(AR) Baltic states, the: a bogus Russian conspiracy accepted as fact, 26

Feb 13(A)

BaIzac, Graham Robb, 18 Jun 31(R) Bang bang you're off the dole in Detroit - it's the unemployment summit, 12 Mar 23(CS) Bang goes another one, 16 Apr 18(A) Bank asks, A: why are my customers so beastly to me?, 26 Feb 27(CS)

Bank of England, the: a reorganisation, 18 Jun 26(CS) BANKS 'laughing all the way to the bank', 1 Jan 6(D); the Banque de France's governing council, 15 Jan 23(CS); staff reductions, 22 Jan 21(C5); the painted wallpaper of the Hambros dining room, 19 Feb 23(CS); the salary of TSB's chairman, 26 Feb 27(CS); Barclays' new chief executive, 19 Mar 27(CS); they will still contrive to lose money, 19 Mar 27(CS); usury, 26 Mar 7(D); cash machines, 30 Apr 7(D) Banks, Lesley: exhibition, 16 Apr 42(AR) Barbecues, 7 May 42(A)

Barn Blind, Jane Smiley, 30 Apr 39(R) Bat, The, 29 Jan 44(P) Bathos of the blood-bath, The, 2 Apr 14(A) Battle of baklava, The, 18 Jun 13(A) Baudelaire, Joanna Richardson, 26 Mar 31(R) Bayley, John, Alice, 11 Jun 48(R) 'BB': A Celebration, (ed. and intro.) Tom Quinn, 19 Mar 39(R) BBC, THE John Birt's impact on the BBC, 19 Feb 32(R); an expensive taxi ride, 16 Apr 7(D); a discussion on video 'nasties', 16 Apr 7(D); changes at Radio 1, 7 May 37(AR); its political correct- ness, 28 May 7(D); its guidance for Woman's Hour presenters, 28 May 7(D); a strike over performance-related pay, 4 Jun 23(A); consumer affairs programmes that misrepresent indi- viduals and firms, 18 Jun 20(A); its current affairs pro- grammes lack 'free spirits', 18 Jun 30(CP)

Beans, broad, 11 Jun 36(A)

Beating pangas into ploughshares, 30 Apr 9(A) Beautiful Thing (Donmar Warehouse), 9 Apr 35(AR) Beauty and the Beast (Palace), 18 Jun 45(AR) Beckett's Dying Words, Christopher Ricks, 8 Jan 23(R) Bed Before Yesterday, The (Almeida), 4 Jun 43(AR) Beethoven's Second (film), 26 Mar 45(AR) Being President is not enough, 11 Jun 9(A)

Bennett, Arnold: a 1917 diary extract, 9 Apr 9(D)

Benson, Gerard, Judith Chemiak and Cicely Herbert, (ed.) Poems on the Underground 29 Jan 43(R) Bergman, Ingmar, Images: My Life in Film, 19 Feb 26(R) Berkshire: its topography and character, 14 May 22(A) BERNARD, JEFFREY Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell to play in Dublin, 1 Jan 6(D); on Norman Baton, 1 Jan 34(A); his Christmas, 8 Jan 34(A); his right leg amputated, 19 Feb 7(D), 40, 41(A); post-operation visitors, 5 Mar 48(A); life with an artificial leg, 12 Mar 40(A); out of hospital, 19 Mar 49(A); visits the Chelsea Arts Club, 2 Apr 47(A); his flat treated like a pub, 9 Apr 39(A); in hospital again, 16 Apr 48(A); fitted for his artificial leg, 7 May 40(A); dunned by the Inland Revenue, 14 May 48(A); a coach trip to the Derby, 21 May 54(A); speaks at the Oxford Union, 28 May 48(A); memorable birthdays, 4 Jun 47(A); an American ex-girlfriend, 11 June 57(A); interviewed and recorded, 18 Jun 47(A); on Wimbledon and Ascot, 25 Jun 39(A) Bernieres, Louis de, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, 16 Apr 37(R) Best of frenemies, The, 29 Jan 10(A)

Betjeman, John: his letters 1926-1951, 23 Apr 30(R), 7 May 7(D); an anecdote,l4 May 6 (D) Betjeman, Penelope: a granddaughter travels India in her foot- steps, 7 May 29(R)

Betrayals, Charles Palliser, 19 Mar 37(R) Betrayed by perverts and crooks, 12 Feb 16(A) Better late than never, 12 Feb 18(A) Between Hopes and Memories: A Spanish Journey, Michael Jacobs, 2 Apr 34(R) Beyond Bedlam (film), 23 Apr 44(AR) Beverly Hills Cop 3 (film), 25 Jun 35(AR) Bhaji on the Beach (film), 5 Feb 37(AR) Biggs, Ronald, Odd Man Out, 22 Jan 28(R) Billington, Rachel, The Great Umbilical, 12 Mar 29(R)

Bill T.Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company (Sadler's Wells), 30 Apr 43(AR) BIOGRAPHIES, AUTOBIOGRAPHIES AND MEMOIRS George and Joy Adamson 1 Jan 26, John Arlott, 5 Mar 40, James Baldwin, 18 Jun 32, Balza:, 18 Jun 31, Daisy Bates, 18 Jun 35, Baudelaire, 26 Mar 31, Charlotte Bronte, 2 Apr 32, Joseph Chamberlain, 11 Jun 44, Winston Churchill, 23 Apr 31, Sir Percy Cradock, 2 Apr 17, Sir Eyre Crowe, 2 Apr 40, Tony Curtis, 5 Mar 32, Roald Dahl, 19 Mar 31, Salvador Dali, 12 Mar 36, Den Xiaoping, 9 Apr 20, Lucie Duff Gordon, 23 Apr 38, Michael Foot, 26 Mar 37, Lafcadio Hearn, 1 Jan 22, Thomas Hardy, 29 Jan 39, Sir Nicholas Henderson, 21 May 29, Hogarth, 8 Jan 26, Billie Holiday, 29 Jan 46, Richard Hughes, 28 May 31, Ted Hughes, 12 Mar 28, Rudyard Kipling, 5 Feb 25, Joan Littlewood, 2 Apr 38, Mario Vargas Llosa, 25 Jun 30, Lord Longford, 4 Jun 33, Joseph Losey, 29 Jan 41, Sean O'Faolain, 21 May 34, Stanley Olson, 28 May 36, Polanski, 21 May 35, Sir John Pritchard, 8 Jan 28, Peter Scudamore, 12 Feb 30, Peter Sellers, 30 Apr 36, Yidzhak Shamir, 30 Apr 35, John Steinbeck, 7 May 28, Stendhal, 25 Jun 25, Pavel Sudoplatov, 14 May 33, AJ.P.Taylor, 22 Jan 23, Wilfred Thesiger, 23 Apr 40, Pierre Trudeau, 5 Mar 34, Peter Warlock, 21 May 32, Keith Waterhouse, 30 Apr 33, Francesca Wilde, 11 Jun 46, Boris Yeltsin, 21 May 31, Zhou Enlai, 9 Apr 30 Birds, feeding, 12 Feb 7(P) Birmingham Royal Ballet (Covent Garden), 9 Apr 36(AR) Birt, John: his impact on the BBC, 19 Feb 32(R) Birthdays, 4 Jun 47(A)

Birthday Party, The (National Theatre), 26 Mar 42(AR)

Bishop, Elizabeth: a selection of her letters, 7 May 26(R)

Bitter, boring or bemused, 19 Mar 9(A)

Black, Conrad: locked out of a Spectator board meeting, 19 Feb

Black7(D) and white: end-games, 26 Feb 8(AV) Blackburn, Julia, Daisy Bates in the Deter{ 18 Jun 35(R) Black mischief, 1 Jan 10(A) Blair, Don, Exploring Lakeland Tarns, 15 Jan 29(R) Blair, Tony: 8 Jan 140); interviewed, 8 Jan 14(A), 22 Jan 22(L) Blond Eckbert (London Coliseum), 30 Apr 41(AR)

Bloomsbury Group, The: the Nicolsons snobbish about flowers, 26 Mar 7(D)

Bluest Eye, The, Toni Morrison, 1 Jan 20(R) Blum, Howard, Gangland: How the FBI Broke the Mob, 29 Jan 48(R)

Babbitt, Mrs, 26 Mar 48(A) Bodily organs, 5 Mar 52(CO)

Body and Soul, Frank Conroy, 22 Jan 30(R) Booker, Christopher, and Richard North, The Mad Officials, 12 Feb 26(R) Rook of Guys, The, Garrison Keillor, 15 Jan 26(R) Book of the Spider, The, Paul Hillyard, 23 Apr 37(R)

Books: for guest bedrooms, 22 Jan 7(D); extracts from oddly named books, 22 Jan 44(C0); the most boring book title, 23 Apr 7(D), 30 Apr 28, 14 May 30, 21 May 26, 28 May 28, 1l Jun 28(L); Paul Johnson looks forward to his latest book's publication and recalls the success of his earlier book on Suez, 23 Apr 25(AA); the Betty Trask awards, 11 Jun 49(R) BOSNIA a fund to restore and expand the Sirajevo Library, 4 Jun 27(L), 26 Feb 11(A); how to correct the errors made by Britain in intervening, 29 Jan 5(LA), 26 Feb 11(A); UN help aids the fighters, 5 Feb 11(A); th UN should either go in deeper or get out, 5 Feb 12(A); a Serb mortar kills 66 people its a Sarajevo market, 12 Feb 12(A); Pale, the Bosnian Serb capital, 19 Feb 12(A); the Bosnian National Library destroyed, 26 Feb 11(A); foreign journalists fail to rectify pre- vious inaccurate reporting, 5 Mar 12(A), 12 Mar 24(L); the media's concentration on Sarajevo, 5 Mar 14(A); a conscien- tious journalist's viewpoint, 12 Mar 31(R); the Serbs should make large territorial concessions, 19 Mar 5(1A); ceasefires can end the fighting, but only a political settlement can end the war, 19 Mar 5(1A); resurgent fascism in Croatia, 19 Mar 16(A), 26 Mar 24(L); 'the war has burned itself out', 2 Apr 12(A); General Rose's successful handling of the combatants, 2 Apr 12(A), 9 Apr 23(L); General Rose uses a measure of force against the Bosnian Serb troops encircling Gorazde, 16 Apr 4(PW), 5(LA); Kenneth Roberts on Noel Malcolm, 16 Apr 30(L), 23 Apr 27(L); a British warplane shot down by a Serbian missile, 23 Apr 5(LA); the Bosnian government still denied arms, 23 Apr 5(LA); the media welcome the bombing of Gorazde, 23Apr 29(CP), 30 Apr 28(L); a short history of Bosnia, 19 Mar 32(R), 21 May 26(L)

Bosnia; A Short History, Noel Malcolm, 19 Mar 32(R) Bottom of the World, The, 21 May 12(A)

Bottomley, Virginia: 7 May 1(1); the Government's policy of replacing mental hospitals with 'care in the community', 7 May 9(A), 14 May 30, 21 May 25, 28 May 28(L) Bounder's song, a, 23 Apr 52(CO) Bourgeoisie: the fortunes of the bourgeoisie over the years, 1 Jan 7(A)

Bowen, John, No Retreat, 4 Jun 38(R) Bowles, Paul, Too Far From Home, 5 Mar 34(R) Boxing: Frank Keating's choice of best matches, 12 Feb 47(5); 26 Mar 36(R); Jake LaMotta and Rocky Graziano recalled, 30 Apr 48(A); Mike Tyson in prison, 30 Apr 55(S); death of a boxer after a bout, 7 May 5(LA) Boyfriend, The (Players), 30 Apr 42(AR) Brady, Joan, Theory of War, 5 Feb 32(R)

Branson, Richard: to develop County Hall, 23 Apr 26(CS), 30 Apr 28,14 May 31(L)

Braudel, Fernand, (trans. Richard Mayne) A History of Civilisations, 26 Feb 35(R) Brazil, John Updike, 9 Apr 25(R) Breaking of a President, 12 Mar 5(LA) Breaking the Bank (Lyric, Hammersmith), 22 Jan 38(AR) Brecht in Hollywood (Bridge Lane), 16 Apr 43(AR) Brett, Simon, A Reconstructed Corpse, 15 Jan 31(R) Brevity or silence: the new code for safe speech, 12 Feb 8(AV) Briscoe, Joanna, Mothers- and Other Lovers, 11 Jun 49(R) BRITAIN

its institutions widely challenged, 1 Jan 5(LA); Britain passing

through a glum stage of her history, 19 Mar 7(D); no longer a -free country, 19 Mar 28(L); collapse of public respect for the nation's established institutions, 16 Apr 9(A), 30 Apr 27(L); teaching the Scots Gaelic, 23 Apr 22(A); John Osborne on Britain, 23 Apr 39(R); Paul Johnson's pamphlet Wake Up Britain!, 14 May 31(L), 34(R); differences between Britain and France, 28 May 20(A); a brief description of Britain, 25 Jun 9(A); its economic history in brief, 25 Jun 9(A); the bene- fits to be derived from the EEA and the GATT, 25 Jun 11(A); free trade with the world as a whole will remain the best way for Britain to overcome the economic handicap of its smallness and insularity, 25 Jun 9(A) Britische Motoren Werke, 5 Feb 5(LA)

British Telecom: see BT Brittan, Sir Leon, 18 Jun 13(A)

Brodkey, Harold, Profane Friendship, 9 Apr 28(R) Bronte, Charlotte: 2 Apr 32(1); a biography, 2 Apr 32(R) Bronx Tale, A (film), 26 Feb 44(AR) Bruokner, Anita, A Private View, 18 Jun 33(R) Brought to Book books reassessed, 15 Jan 33, 12 Feb 31(R), 26 Mar 38(R) Brownjohn, Alan, In the Cruel Arcade, 11 Jun 45(R)

I3T: Britain's biggest company, 21 May 16(A); why its share price has fallen, 21 May 16(A); prospects for the future, 21 May 16(A); cable television, 21 May 16(A), 4 Jun 27(L)

BT New Contemporaries (exhibition), 11 Jun 53(AR)

Budget, the: how the budget income is spent, 8 Jan 18(CS) Builders, incompetent, 19 Feb 7(D) Building societies: have departed far from their origins as a no- commercial system of mutual self-help, 16 Apr 21(A); the Cheltenham and Gloucester bought by Lloyds Bank, 7 May 23(CS)

Buildings of Ireland, The: North Leinster, Christine Casey and Alistair Rowan, 23 Apr 37(R)

Burgess, Anthony: a memorial service, 25 Jun 8(AV) Burglars, 4 Jun 28(L)

Burning scratching blood and bandages - it's H.M.Government's

stock 25 Jun 22(CS) Burns, Jimmy, Spain: A Literary Companion, 2 Apr 34(R) Burton, Anthony, The Railway Empire, 21 May 36(R)

Busby, Sir Matt: death, 29 Jan 63(S) Business: how head-hunters go to work, 18 Jun 17(A), 25 Jun 23(L)

Business Affair, A, (film), 4 Jun 44(AR) But he sang in his chains like the sea, 25 Jun 6(PC) Butler, Robert Olen, They Whisper, 19 Mar 34(R)

Berlin's Grand Hotel, 21 May 20(A)

Burrerfly Kiss (Almeida), 30 Apr 42(AR)

Buthelezi, Chief: waning influence in South Africa and the out- side world, 19 Feb 14(A), 26 Feb 28(L)

Byatt, AS., The Matisse Stories, 15 Jan 28(R) By land, sea and air - eventualh,, 4 Jun 11(A) By Special Arrangement (Warehouse), 26 Feb 40(AR)


Cabbage soup and champagne, 29 Jan 34(A)

Cable News Network(CNN): a visit to its headquarters, 14 May 8(A); the first global television news network, 14 May 8(A); its founder Ted Turner, 14 May 8(A) Calcutta: a visitor's impressions, 29 Jan 27(A) Cambridge: its etymology, 19 Feb 11(A) Cambridgeshire: its people and principal features, 2 Apr 24(A) Cambridge University: Taki debates in the Union, 21 May 53(A)

Camus, Albert, Le Premier Homme, 14 May 40(R)

Canada: Pierre Trudeau's memoirs, 5 Mar 34(R) Canals, London's: 19 Feb 22(AA)

Cartahopia, jigsaw dogs, missing cats and pseudo-intellectual graffi-

ti, 19 Feb 22(AA) Canin, Ethan, The Palace Thief 26 Feb 35(R) Cannadine, David, Aspects of Aristocracy, 16 Apr 8(AV), 34(R)

Capitalism: a creative activity, 28 May 25(AA)

Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Louis de Bernieres, 16 Apr 37(R)

Car-bout sales, 5 Feb 6(D)

Car Journey Across Country with Grandchildren, 12 Feb 26(P) Carlyle: his Latter Day Pamphlets, 14 May 34(R) Carnage in the community, 7 May 9(A)

Carnivores' Club, The, 9 Apr 42(A) Carr, J.L.: an obituary, 12 Mar 32(A)

Carson, Ciaran, First Language, 12 Feb 32(R) Carson, Michael, Demolishing Babel, 8 Jan 22(R)

Carter, Angela: papers sought, 29 Jan 25(L)

Case for liquidation, The, 1 Jan 5(LA) Case of the Rebellious Susan, The (Orange Tree, Richmond), 2

Apr 44(AR)

Case of the vanishing witnesses, The, 26Mar 9(A) Case of trying to make bricks with the last cheese-straw, 15 Jan


Casey, Christine, and Alistair Rowan, The Buildings of Ireland: North Leinster, 23 Apr 37(R) Castle Howard: The Life and Times, Venetia Murray, 19 Mar

39(R) Cats: the Lord Mayor's cat, 29 Jan 23(CS) Causes: no good brave causes left, 8 Jan 7(D)

Caute, David: Joseph Losey: A Revenge on Life, 29 Jan 41(R); Or Orwell and Mr Blair, 18 Jun 37(R) Cavalcade's, The (Royal Court), 22 Jan 38(AR) Cavaliers, Modocks and Maquereaux at the siege of Sapwood Castle, 11 Jun 24(AA) Centenary of a double-crosser, 5 Feb 8(A) Centre point, 9 Apr 24, 16 Apr 31, 23 Apr 29, 30 Apr 29, 7 May 25, 14 May 32,21 May 28, 28 May 29, 4 Jun 29, 11 Jun 29, 18 Jun 30, 25 Jun 24(CP)

Chamberlain, Joseph: a biography, 11 Jun 44(R)

Change of Climate, A, Hilary Mantel, 26 Mar 34(R)

Channel Tunnel, The: Sir Alastair Morton, head of Eurotunnel, interviewed, 5 Mar 18(A); the official opening by the Queen and President Mitterrand, 30 Apr 5(LA), 7 May 23(CS); how late will it be getting into full service?, 30 Apr 5(LA); the effect it will have on the British psyche and attitude to travel abroad, 30 Apr 18(A)

Charlotte Bronte: A Passionate Life, Lynda Gordon, 2 Apr 32(R) Chasing coyotes on horseback 26 Mar 14(A) Chenoune, Farid, A History of Men's Fashion, 5 Mar 38(R) Chemiak, Judith, Gerard Benson and Cicely Herbert, (ed.) Poems on the Underground, 29 Jan 43(R) Cherubin (Covent Garden), 26 Feb 43(AR)

CHESS Raymond Keene's anti-Fide polemics, 1 Jan 19(L); the Hastings tournament, 1 Jan 36(A); Xie Lun wins the women's world championship, 1 Jan 36(A); qualifiers for the PCA championship, 8 Jan 36(A); Nunn wins the Hastings tourna- ment, 15 Jan 44(A); the chosen 12 for the Fide championship, 22 Jan 44, 29 Jan 58(A); two Fischer records broken, 5 Feb 44(A); a Hungarian boy of 14 qualifies as a grandmaster, 5 Feb 44(A); the winners in the Fide qualifying tournament, 12 Feb 44(A); a precocious 11-year-old, 19 Feb 44(A); the Linares tournament, 26 Feb 52, 5 Mar 52, 12 Mar 44, 19 Mar 52(A); the VSB double-round tournament in Amsterdam, 5 Mar 52, 21 May 60, 28 May 52(A); Karpov's record win in the Linares tournament, 12 Mar 44, 19 Mar 52(A); was Karpov's Linares win the greatest single tournament performance?, 26 Mar 52(A); the highest ever Elo ratings listed, 2 Apr 52(A); two brilliant Fischer games, 2 Apr 52(A); Emanuel Lasker, world champion for 26 years, 9 Apr 44(A); three young 'K' masters, 16 Apr 52(A); Kramnik, 23 Apr 52(A); a Kramnik victory over Kasparov, 30 Apr 52(A); the Moscow speed knockout tournament won by Anand, 7 May 44(A); Adams draws with Agdestein, 14 May 52(A); playing with the black pieces, 28 May 52(A); Karpov's mixed fortunes, 4 Jun 52(A); the Las Palmas tournament, 11 Jun 60(A); the Intel/PCA world championship in New York 11 Jun 60, 18 Jun 52, 25 Jun 44(A); Adams and Short qualify for the semi-finals of the Intel/PCA tournament, 25 Jun 44(A) Chevenix-Trench, Anthony: beating of Eton boys and others, 7 May 8(AV), 14 May 31(L)

Chevette, Bryan, Constructions of the Jew in English Literature and Society, 26 Feb 33(R)


an out-of-court settlement by Michael Jackson on a sexual abuse charge, 29 Jan 16(A); a children's comic, 26 Feb 27(CS); a schoolchildren's secret society, 23 Apr 7(D); the police attitude to young rowdies, 23 Apr 20(A); two boys killed by an IRA bomb, 23 Apr 41(P); bringing up young chil- dren, 7 May 31(AR); nearly a million children regularly left alone at home by their working parents, 11 Jun 5(LA); indul- gence by parents followed by entry into the real world, 25 Jun 21(AA); the Bulger case, 25 Jun 14(A); the loss of innocence, 25 Jun 14(A); the image of childhood has tended to oscillate between two extremes, 25 Jun 17(A); the law bent in their favour, 25 Jun 21(AA); poems for children, 25 Jun 44(CO) Children First, Penelope Leach, 7 May 31(R) Chile: England well thought of, 18 Jun 25(AA); Paul Johnson has Lea with ex-President Pinochet, 18 Jun 25(AA)

CHINA Hainan, the pleasure island, 8 Jan 12(A); Christopher Patten defends his attitude to the Hong Kong handover, 15 Jan 9(A); Chinese paintings, 29 Jan 25(L); successive dynasties from Qin Shi Huangdi to Mao, 19 Mar 11(A); Deng Xiaoping and the takeover of Hong Kong, 19 Mar 12(A); the great famine of 1959-61, 26 Mar 25(L); the sacking of the British Museum in Peking in 1967, 26 Mar 26(A); Sir Percy Cradock on British handling of the negotiations about Hong Kong's future, 2 Apr 17(A); Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai's part in making modern China, 9 Apr 30(R); Sir Percy Cradock in China, 16 Apr 32(R); most favoured nation status with the US, 28 May 5(1..A)

Choosing to be a swan, 19 Mar 39(P) Christian conspiracy at the heart of Europe, The, 11 Jun 6(PC) CHRISTIANITY AND THE CHURCH relations between the churches of England and Rome are now much less friendly, 29 Jan 9, 10(A); lay transfers from the Roman church, 29 Jan 10(A), 5 Feb 24(L); anti-Catholic big- otry, 5 Feb 22(AA); the demolition of City churches, 5 Feb 23(CS); art and the Christian faith, 12 Feb 33 (R); why disen- chanted Anglicans should not defect to Rome, 19 Feb 7(D), 12 Mar 25(L); Conrad Black rebuts Ferdinand Mount's

attack on the Roman Church, 26 Feb 18(A), 5 Mar 23(1); Jane Austen and the clergy, 5 Mar 31(R); a 'splendid clergy- man', 16 Apr 7 (D) Christmas: the gloomiest of holidays, 1 Jan 6(D); Jeffrey Bernard's Christmas, 8 Jan 34(A) Christopher, Warren: 29 Jan 12(1); should be replaced as US Secretary of State, 29 Jan 12(A) Churchill, Lord Randolph: quoted, 8 Jan 18(CS) CHURCHILL, SIR WINS ON his dislike of coloured people, 9 Apr, 10(A); opposed increas- ing New Commonwealth immigration, 9 Apr 10(A), 16 Apr 28(L); a Christmas message to President Steyn, 9 Apr 10(A), 16 Apr 28, 23 Apr 27(L); a biography, 23 Apr 31(R), 30 Apr 27(L); his alleged racism, 16 Apr 7(D), 23 Apr 27, 30 Apr 28(L); a Winston anecdote, 28 May 55(S); as seen by a biog- rapher, 11 Jun 46(R) Churchig Clive Ponting, 23 Apr 31(R)

Cigarettes Are Sublime, Richard Klein, 22 Jan 27(R) City and suburban 8 Jan 18, 15 Jan 23, 22 Jan 21, 29 Jan 23, 5 Feb 23,12 Feb 22, 19 Feb 23, 26 Feb 27, 5 Mar 26, 12 Mar 23, 19 Mar 27, 26 Mar 21, 2 Apr 28, 16 Apr 26, 23 Apr 26, 30 Apr 26, 7 May 23, 14 May 29, 21 May 24, 4 Jun 26, 11 Jun 26, 18 Jun 26, 25 Jun 22(CS) City Lights: A Street Life, Keith Waterhouse, 30 Apr 33(R) City of London, The: Vol. I: A World of Its Own 1815.90, David Kynaston, 19 Feb 19(R)

Civilisation, A history of, 26 Feb 35(R) Civil Service, the: the Indian Civil Service, 29 Jan 44(R); officials and their regulations, 12 Feb 26(R) CJD (Creutzfeld Jakob Disease), 19 Feb 9(A) Clark, Alan: two diary extracts, 9 Apr 9(D); the treasures of Saltwood Castle, 11 Jun 7(D); columnists' comments on the Harkess affair, 11 Jun 24(AA)

Clark, Manning: his work attacked by Paul Johnson, 15 Jan 24(L) Clarke, Donald, Wishing on the Moon: The Life and Times of Billie Holiday, 29 Jan 46(R)

Clarke, Kenneth, 14 May 12(1); the Scott inquiry, 22 Jan 5(LA); favourite to succeed John Major, 22 Jan 20(A); must allay distrust of him by right-wing Conservatives, 29 Jan 6(PC); interviewed, 14 May 12(A)

Clarke, Lindsay, Alice's Masque, 29 Jan 42(R) Clarke, Steve, and Chris Home, Fuzzy Monsters, 19 Feb 32(R) Classes, Social: a class division over architecture styles, 19 Mar

24(AA); the aristocracy, 16 Apr 34(R); the grim fate of the middle-class Englishwoman, 23 Apr 9(A); the 'gentleman' described, 14 May 6(D); hatred of the rich, 14 May 7(AV) Claude: exhibition, 5 Feb 38(AR)

Clay Art of Adrian Saxe, The, Martha Drexler Lynn, 16 Apr 33(R) Cleeves, Ann, Sea Fever, 15 Jan 31(R)

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, 29 Jan 26(A) CUNTON, PRESIDENT BILL attends the Nato summit meeting, 8 Jan 9(A); a Clinton- Yeltsin summit, 22 Jan 9 (A); the Whitewater scandal and other allegations aimed at him, 12 Mar 5(LA); boorish atti- tude offends other countries, 2 Apr 8(AV); sexual harassment by him alleged, 21 May 5(LA); most favoured nation status for China, 28 May 5(LA); to be given an honorary degree by Oxford University, 28 May 11(A), 11 Jun 27(L); his experi- ence at Oxford, 4 Jun 16(A); 'trying to hijack D-Day', 4 Jun 25(AA); attacked by Taki and Paul Johnson, 11 Jun 27(L) Clocks: a clock to take to meetings, 14 May 29(CS) Clothes: a history of men's fashion, 5 Mar 38(R) Clubs: the Garrick's blackballing of would-be members, 12 Mar 7(D), 2 Apr 31(L) CNN: see Cable News Network

Cockett, Richard, Thinking the Unthinkable, 14 May 38(R) Coe, Johathan, What a Carve Up!, 30 Apr 36(R) Coetzee, I'd., The Master of Petersberg 26 Feb 31(R) Cold blast from the Federal Reserve blows through the world's mar- kets, A, 19 Feb 23(CS) Cole, Robert, A.J.P.Taylor, the Traitor Within the Gates, 22 Jan 23(R) Coleman, Alexander, and Charles Simmons, (ed.) All There Is to Know, 19 Mar 34(R) Coleman, Alexander, and Charles Simmons, (ed.) selections from the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 19 Mar 34(R) Coleman, Lester, and Donald Goddard, The Trail of the Octopus, 5 Feb 26(R) Collected Poems, Thom Gunn, 19 Feb 28(R) Collected Poems, James Michie, 7 May 33(LL), 11 June 45(R) Collected Poems, John Updike, 5 Mar 36(R) Collected Stories, The, Muriel Spark, 26 Feb 30(R) Collins, Irene, Jane Austen and the Clergy, 5 Mar 31(R) Collins, Cecil: exhibition, 7 May 35(AR) Commonwealth, the: postwar immigration to Britain from the New Commonwealth opposed by Churchill, 9 Apr 10(A); the raison d'etre of the British Nationality Act of 1948, 7 May 24(L)

Collins, Roland: exhibition, 2 Apr 43(AR)

Collins, Warwick, The Rationalist, 29 Jan 40(R)

Columnists, newspaper, 9 Apr 9(D)

Come back, rancour, come back, asperity- the political economy needs you, 21 May 24(CS)

Comedy: comic entertainers, 21 May 7(D)

Commonplace Book of Monsignor A.N.Gilbey, The, 1 Jan 25(R)

Compania Nacional de Danze (Sadler's Wells), 26 Mar40(AR)

Competition, 1 Jan 36, 8 Jan 36,15 Jan 44, 22 Jan 44, 29 Jan 58, 5 Feb 44, 12 Feb 44, 19 Feb 44, 26 Feb 52, 5 Mar 52,12 Mar 44, 19 Mar 52, 26 Mar 52, 2 Apr 52, 9 Apr 44, 16 Apr 52, 23 Apr 52, 30 Apr 52, 7 May 44, 14 May 52, 21 May 60, 28 May 52, 4 Jun 52, 11 Jun 60,18 Jun 52, 25 Jun 44(CO)

Compromise: the British predilection for compromise, 23 Apr 13(A

Conacher) , J.B.: see Wiebe, M.G.

Conquest of Mexico, The, Hugh Thomas, 5 Mar 33(R) Conroy, Frank, Body and Soul, 22 Jan 30(R) Consequences of mass murder, The 5 Mar 10(A)


issues confronting the Government, 22 Jan 6(PC); how Labour might win over Fleet Street, 29 Jan 8(AV); a spinster of 85's support, 5 Feb 24(1); the standing and prospects of Michael Portillo and Stephen Dorton, 12 Feb 6(PC); suicide of a Conservative MP, 19 Feb 8(AV); who will be the next chairman of the party?, 12 Mar 6(PC); the immunity certifi- cates signed by ministers in the Matrix Churchill case, 2 Apr 20(A); the mavericks who call for John Major's resignation, 9 Apr 8(PC); no new leader can now save the party from over- whelming defeat, 9 Apr 22(AA); prospects for the Essex local elections, 16 Apr 6(PC); Thatcherism weakened faith in established institutions and had no creative vision of what should replace them, 16 Apr 9(A), 30 Apr 27(C); contnbuto- ry factors of the party's present unpopularity, 16 Apr 9(A); possible Cabinet changes, 23 Apr 6(PC); a competition to pick the Prime Minister and his cabinet as at 1 December, 23 Apr 6(PC); attacked from within the party, 7 May 6(PC); a Tory MEP's week and his standing in Europe, 7 May 12(A); the Chancellor of the Exchequer interviewed, 14 May 12(A); two fields neglected or ineffectively treated by the Government - employment and law and order, 28 May 8(AV); questions for Conservative candidates in the European elections, 4 Jun 5(LA); a strong case for not voting in the Euro-election, 4 Jun 6(PC); the party's prospects weak- ened by divided opinions over Europe, 4 Jun 9(A), 11 Jun 28, 18 Jun 27(L); what the Conservatives should do to secure re- election, 11 Jun 8(AV); the party does very badly in the elec- tions for the European Parliament, 18 Jun 6(PW), 8(PC), 10(AV); 'militant abstention' by fed-up Conservatives, 18 Jun 8(PC); see also MAJOR, JOHN Constructions of the Jew in English Literature and Society, Bryan Cheyette, 26 Feb 33(R) Consumer affairs: Esther Rantzen's That's Life to end, 18 Jun 20(A); TV programmes that make false accusations against individuals and firms, 18 Jun 20(A) Conway, Helen, Sir John Pritchard: His Life in Music, 8 Jan 28(R) COOICING Alaskan hotpot and Msti, 1 Jan 35(A); Lancashire hotpot and white chocolate creme anglaise, 29 Jan 56(A); poulet ',dar- nels, and iced tomato cream, 26 Feb 50(A); cutting expense on meals, 12 Mar 42(A); terrine of lemon sole, prawns and fresh herbs, 26 Mar 50(A); frozen chocolate pudding, 26 Mar 50(A); crown roast of lamb, boiled leg of mutton or lamb and caper sauce, 23 Apr 50(A), 21 May 26(L); barbecues, 7 May 42(A); chilled tomato soup with frozen extra virgin olive oil, 21 May 58(A); lemon syllabub with red fruits, 21 May 58(A); Egyptian cooking, 28 May 50(A); foreign food names, 4 Jun 16(A); summer cooking and barbecues, 11 Jun 31(A); cook- ing broad beans, 11 Jun 36(A); elderberry syrup, chicken, courgette and mushroom mixture, and prawn sauce, 18 Jun 50(A); see also FOOD Cool Runnings, (film), 19 Mar 45(AR) Coping with the Kims, 18 Jun 7(LA) Copyright: infringement of artists' copyright, 21 May 42(AR); the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, 21 May 42(AR) Corbin, Main, The Lure of the Sea, 11 Jun 42(R) Comford, F.M., Microcosmographica, 1 Jan 21(R) Corp, Edward, and Sibyl Crowe, Our Ablest Public Servant: Sir Eyre Crowe, 1864-1925, 2 Apr 40(R) Correcting our errors, 29 Jan 5(LA)

Cottesloe, Lord: 8 Jan 7(D),15 Jan 24(L) Counties, English: Surrey, 1 Jan 16(A); Staffordshire, 5 Feb 21(A); Northamptonshire, S Mar 22(A), 4 Jun 28(L); Cheshire overlooked, 26 Mar 25(L); Cambridgeshire, 2 Apr 24(A); Berkshire, its topography and character, 14 May 22(A); the North Riding of Yorkshire, 4 Jun 20(A); changing county and local boundaries, 25 Jun 24(CS)


access to moorland and mountains, 8 Jan 19, 22 Jan 22(1); environmental writings, 15 Jan 27(R); the Lake District, 15 Jan 29(R); quarrying, 5 Feb 6(D); much Forestry Commission woodland to be sold, 5 Mar 41(LL); Denys Watkins- Pitchford's writings about the countryside and its pursuits, 19 Mar 39(R); advantages and disadvantages of moving to the countryside, 2 Apr 7(D); the disappearance of the • English country house society, 16 Apr 8(AV); the arrival of spring, 30 Apr 7(D); a weekend cottage and its drawbacks, 11 Jun 21(A); the decline of 'Weekend Man', 25 Jun 20(A)

Cousin, 21 May 31(P)

Cousin Cynthia told me first, 30 Apr 11(A) Craduck, Sir Percy: criticises Britain's handling of negotiations with China over Hong Kong, 2 Apr 17(A); his Experiences in China, 16 Apr 32(R) Crafts: Steven Newell, glass artist, 21 May 45(AR) Creswell, Alexander: exhibition, 16 Apr 42(AR) Crichton, Michael, Disclosure, 22 Jan 25(R) Crick, Francis, The Astonishing Hypothesis, 28 May 34(R) CRICKET Harold Larwood at ninety, I Jan 39(S); Atherton leads the tour to the West Indies, 22 Jan 47(S); Graham Gooch's active winter, 19 Feb 47(S); the journal of the first English tour of the West Indies, 5 Mar 55(S); famous West Indians, 26 Mar 55(S); Illingworth and Fletcher compared as coaches, 16 Apr 55(S); a self-confessd non-cricketer, 23 Apr 7(D); a calypso, 14 May 52(C0); lmran Khan on ball-tampering, 21 May 63(S); Brian Lara's innings of 501, 11 Jun 63(S); a South African team to tour England, 18 Jun 23(A); a Yugoslav Test match player, 18 Jun 55(S) Crime: the Criminal Justice Bill, 8 Jan 5(LA), 16(A); recent crime novels, 15 Jan 31(R); recidivism in juvenile crime, 22 Jan 22(L); Ronald Briggs and the great train robbery, 22 Jan 28(R); how the FBI tackled the gangs, 29 Jan 48(R); serial killers, 12 Mar 20(M) Crocuses, 22 Jan 7(D) Cromwell, Oliver: his dismissal of the Long Parliament, 12 Mar 2I(AA) Crossword, 1 Jan 37, 8 Jan 37, 15 Jan 45, 22 Jan 45, 29 Jan 59, 5 Feb 45, 12 Feb 45, 19 Feb 45, 26 Feb 53, 5 Mar 53, 12 Mar 45, 19 Mar 53, 26 Mar 53, 2 Apr 53, 9 Apr 45, 16 Apr 53, 23 Apr 53, 30 Apr 53, 7 May 45, 14 May 53, 21 May 61, 28 May 53, 4 Jun 53, 11 Jun 61, 18 Jun 53, 25 Jun 45(X) Crowe, Admiral: 15 Jan 17(1); prospective US ambassador to Britain, 15 Jan 17(A) Crowe, Sibyl, and Edward Corp, Our Ablest Public Servant, Sir Eyre Crowe, 1864-1925, 2 Apr 40(R) Crowe, Sir Eyre: a biography, 2 Apr 40(R) Crucefix, Martyn, On Whistler Mountain, II Jun 45(R) Culture: there is no longer a common popular culture, 5 Feb 13(A) Currency: Michael Portillo rejects a single European currency. 7 May 6(PC) Currie, Edwina: a typical member of the present Parliament, 12 Mar 2l(AA) 'Cursed is he that removeth his neighbour's landmark', 25 Jun 24(CP) Curse of the Werewolf (Stratford East), 19 Feb 37(AR) Curtis, Tony: his autobiography, 5 Mar 32(R), 2 Apr 31(L) Curtis, Tony, and Barry Paris, Tony Curtis: The Autobiography, 5 Mar 32(R) Cut, The (Bush), 5 Feb 37(AR) Cut down in his prime nunistership, 2l May 19(A) Czech Republic, the: Prague, 8 Jan 21(R), 9 Apr 9(D)


D-Day: dispute over the celebration of its 50th anniversary, 23 Apr 7(D); how D-Day and the war are exploited by different governments, 30 Apr 15(A); the proposed British celebration, 30 Apr 15(A); other dates also worthy of celebration, 28 May 26(L); the Allies struck a year too late, 4 Jun 11(A), 11 Jun 27, 18 Jun 27(L); 4 Jun 25(AA); Germans not wanted in the D-Day celebrations, 4 Jun 45(A) Daddy's Girl, Janet Inglis, 26 Feb 37(R) Dahl, Roald: 19 Mar 31(1); a biography, 19 Mar 31(R), 26 Mar 25(L) Daily Mail, the: a correction, 4 Jun 19(X) Daisy Bates in the Desert, Julia Blackburn, 18 Jun 35(R) Dali, Salvador: his early years, 12 Mar 36(AR) Dam good thing, A, 26 Feb 5(LA) Damn You England, John Osborne, 23 Apr 39(R) DANCE AND BALLET Dance Bites (Royal Ballet's touring company), 26 Feb 41(AR); Irek Mukhamedov and Company, 26 Feb 41(AR); ballet and dance in the 1930s, 19 Mar 43(AR); Twyla Tharp, Ballet Cristina Hoyos and the Compania National de Danze, 26 Mar 40(AR); Birmingham Royal Ballet's triple bill, 9 Apr 36(AR); the Jones/Zane dance company, 30 Apr 43(AR); Highland Fling (Adventures in Motion Pictures), 21 May 51(AR); Rose English in Tantamount Esperance, 25 Jun 37(AR) Dancing: favoured by Queen Elizabeth 1, 8 Jan 17(AA); Highland dancing, 8 Jan 17(AA) Danielopoulos, Yiankos: a Black Sea Greek's story, 9 Apr 29(R) David Dimbleby gets it backwards, 5 Mar 20(A) Davidson, Keay, and George Smoot, Wrinkles in Time, I Jan 24 (R) Davies, Hunter, Hunting People: Thirty Years of hueryiews with the Famous, 23 Apr 33 (R) Davies, Russell, (ed.) The Kenneth Williams Letters, 25 Jun 32(R) Dead clever way to make money, A, 28 May 9(A) Dead Funny (Hampstead), 12 Feb 36(AR) Dead Lagoon, Michael Dibdin, 30 Apr 34(R) Dear Mary... , 1 Jan 39, 8 Jan 39, 15 Jan 47, 22 Jan 47, 29 Jan 63, 5 Feb 47, 26 Feb 55, 5 Mar 55, 12 Mar 47, 19 Mar 55 12 Mar 47, 19 Mar 55, 26 Mar 55, 2 Apr 55, 9 Apr 47, 16 Apr 55, 23 Apr 55, 30 Apr 55, 7 May 47, 14 May 55, 21 May 63, 28 May 55, 4 Jun 55, 11 Jun 63, 18 Jun 55,25 Jun 47(X) Death: the undertaker's work, 15 Jan 19(A); Nigel Nicolson's narrow escapes, 15 Jan 41(A); the death rate in Britain, 26 Feb 28(L); How We Die, 26 Feb 36(R); grand prix motor rac- ing deaths, 7 May 5(LA), 47(5) Death of Economics, The, Paul Ormerod, 26 Mar 33(R) Death penalty, the: reinstated in the US in 1976, 28 May 14(A); bungled executions, 28 May 14(A), 25 Jun 23(L) DEATHS Sir Matt Busby, 29 Jan 63(S); Lady St Just, 26 Feb 47(A); J.L Carr, 12 Mar 32(A); Andrew Fraser, 26 Mar 46(A); Simon Fraser, 2 Apr 26(AA); ; Jocelyn Hambro, 25 Jun 22(CS); Philip Headline, 21 May 32(R); Jackie Onassis, 28 May 48(A) Death to the Conservative Party - and long live Conservatism, 9 Apr 22(AA) Debatable Land, Candia McWilliam, 28 May 37(R) Decadence (film), 5 Feb 37(AR)

Decay all around 1 see, and possilx5, CVO] change, 12 Mar 6(PC) Defence: the latest Defence White Paper, 7 May 14 (A); the new Chief of the Defence Staff, 7 May 18(A)

Defence of the realm PLC, The, 7 May 14(A) Dehaene, Jean-Luc: candidate for the EC presidency, 18 Jun 13(A) De Klerk has engineered a suicide leap into universal suffrage, 30 Apr 25(AA) Delors, Jacques: his linguistic racism, 14 May 26(AA); who will succeed him as President of the EC Commission?, 11 Jun 6(PC); possible successors as President of the EC Commission, 18 Jun 13(A) Democracy (Bush), 26 Mar 42(AR) Demolishing Babel, Michael Carson, 8 Jan 22(R) Denard, Bob: 'the last of the pirates', 19 Feb 26(R) Deng Xiaoping and the Making of Modern China, Richard Evans, 9 Apr 30(R) Den of Lions, Terry Anderson, 7 May 29(R) Derby Day: 21 May 54(A), 4 Jun 7(D) • Desk came up to meet me, The, 19 Mar I9(A) Desperadoes, Joseph O'Connor, 12 Mar 30(R) Dewey, Clive,Anglo-Indian Attitudes, 29 Jan 44(R) Diaries: a contemporary Mr Primer, 19 Feb 44(C0); extracts from the diaries of Alan Clark and Arnold Bennett, 9 Apr 9(D); Sir Nicholas Henderson's diaries, 21 May 29(R) Diary: 1 Jan 6, 8 Jan 7, 15 Jan 7, 22 Jan 7, 29 Jan 7, 5 Feb 6, 12 Feb 7, 19 Feb 7, 26 Feb 7, 5 Mar 7, 12 Mar 7, 19 Mar 7, 26 Mar 7, 2 Apr 7, 9 Apr 9, 16 Apr 7, 23 Apr 7, 30 Apr 7, 7 May 7, 14 May 6,21 May 7, 28 May 7, 4 Jun 7, 11 Jun 7 18 Jun 9, 25 Jun 7(D) Dibdin, Michael, Dead Lagoon, 30 Apr 34(R) Dickens: his early journalism, 12 mar 26(R) Dickens's Journalism: Volume 1, Sketches by Boz and Other Early Papers 1833-1839, (ed.) Michael Slater, 12 Mar 26(R) Dimbleby, Jonathan: his friendship with the Prince of Wales, 18 Junl 1(A); his coming film and biography of the Prince, 18 Jun 11(A) Diplomacy: a prospective US ambassador, 15 Jan 17(A); the mys- tique of ambassadorship. 30 Apr 29(CP); Ray Seitz retires as US ambassador, 30 Apr 29(CP); Henry Kissinger on diploma- cy, 30 Apr 31(R); Sir Nicholas Henderson's diaries, 21 May 29(R) Diplomacy, Henry Kissinger, 30 Apr 31(R) Disclosure, Michael Crichton, 22 Jan 25(R) Discreet return of the bourgeoisie, The, 1 Jan 7(A) Diski, Jenny, Monkey's Uncle, 19 Mar 35(R) Disraeli: his letters 1848-1857, 12 Mar 31(R) Distinction between a poker face and an entirely blank one, The, 19 Feb 6(PC) Dividends shouldn't be wasted on shareholders - buy Wimbledon tickets instead, 11 Jun 26(CS) Divorce: divorce court judges not rubber stamps, I Jan 19(L) Doctorow, Watenvorks, 28 May 33(R); Poets and Presidents: Selected Essays, 1977-1922, 28 May 33(R) Doctors: medical notes now less frank, 5 Feb 20(M); an illiterate patient, 26 Mar 12(M); two truculent patients, 7 May 16(M); an apprehensive patient, 25 Jun I6(M) Doctors, patients and other nuisances, 21 May 8(A) Dogs: John Osborne's dogs, 7 May 7(D); the Prince of Wales's lost terrier, 21 May 60(CO) Dolphins, Stephen Spender, 26 Feb 37(R) Donatello Sculptor, John Pope-I Iennesy, 5 Mar 37(R) Donnez-moi un break, 26 Mar 16(A) Don't vote in next week's European elections, 4 Jun 29(CP) Dorrell, Stephen: his standing and prospects in the Government.

12 Feb 6(PC); and the taxation of dividends, 11 Jun 26(CS) Douglas, Lord Alfred, 14 May 6(D) Dreaming of Tramps, 1 Jan 24(P) Dreiser, Theodore, Sister Carrie, 26 Mar 38(R) Drink: Hungarian beer, 15 Jan 24(L); Scott Fitzgerald an alco- holic, 4 Jun 37(R); a variety of vodkas compared, 11 Jun 34(A) Drinking Brandy on Whitstable Beach, 30 Apr 39(P) Drop of the soft stuff A, 29 Jan 36(A) Dr Orwell and Mr Blair, David Caute, 18 Jun 37(R) Drugs: the argument over possession and use of drugs, 26 Mar 8(CS); drug hallucinations, 2 Apr 13(M); young people who take overdoses, 9 Apr 20(M) Dry Ship to the Mountains, A, Daniel Farson, 19 Feb 31(R) Dublin: as seen by a visitor, 29 Jan 36(A) Dunstan, Bernard, The Paintings of Bernard Dunstan, 19 Mar 38(R) Duff Gordon, Lucie: a biography, 23 Apr 38(R) Dunkirk - Alamein - Bologna, Christopher Seton-Watson, 18 Jun 34(R) Dust of the World, The, Anthony Thwaite, 11 Jun 45(R)


Early, Late, 26 Feb 38(P) Earth is fine, The: The problem is the Greens, 12 Mar 9(A) Earth Made of Glass, The, Robert Edric, 26 Feb 34(R) ECONOMIC

the effects of inflation and deflation, 1 Jan 7(A); the rise and fall and revival of the rentier class, 1 Jan 7(A); an economist on economics, 26 Mar 33(R); a white paper on competitive- ness, 14 May 29(CS); think-tanks, 14 May 38(R); the econom- ic theory of reincarnation, 21 May 24(CS); capitalism a cre- ative activity, 28 May 25(AA)

Eddie Izzard (Albely), 12 Feb 36(AR) Edric, Robert, The Earth Made of Glass, 26 Feb 34(R)


a first day at school, 5 Feb 41(A); 'compulsary games' deplored, 19 Mar 7(D); Anthony Chevenix-Trench's beating of his pupils, 7 May 8(AV), 14 May 31(L); why a scholarship was turned down, 11 Jun 12(M); a bully's contrition, 18 Jun 48(A); GCSE candidates searched, 25 Jun 7(D); the riot of the fifth form at St Mary's Wantage, 25 Jun 21(AA) Eggs, 29 Jan 24(L) Egypt: Coptic Christians fear Islamic fundamentalism, 15 Jan 15(A) Eldest Son: Zhou Enlai and the Making of a Modern China, Han Suyin, 9 Apr 30(R) ELEcrioNs the parties' prospects in the Essex local elections, 16 Apr 6(PC); three conflicting opinions on how to vote in the European elections, 4 Jun 5(LA), 6(PC), 9(A), 29(CP); can- vassers find little interest in the elections for MEPs, 4 Jun 19(A); an MEP seat won by sharp practice, 18 Jun 6(PW), 8(PC); voters in Southern England will desert the Liberal Democrats, allowing Labour victories, 18 Jun 8(PC); see also EUROPEAN CommuNrry Electronics: analogue and digital methods of transmitting sound or information, 11 Jun 12(A), 18 Jun 27(L) Elegant hole in the ground in EC3, An, - throw your money here, 30 Apr 26(CS) Elegy to a tall Highlander with whom I walked the hills, An, 2 Apr 26(AA) Elgar's Rondo (Barbican Pit), 21 May 46(AR) Eliot: the first T.S Eliot poetry prize goes to Ciaran Carson, 12 Feb 32(R) Elisir d'Amore, L' (ETO, Sadler's Wells), 19 Mar 411AR) Elizabeth Bishop One An: The Selected Letters, (ed. and intro.) Robert Giroux, 7 May 26(R) Elliott, Nicholas, With My Little Eye, 5 Feb 27(R) Elton, Ben, 21 May 7(D) Emery, Fred, Watergate: The Corruption and Fall of Richard Nixon, 28 May 32(R) Employment: how head-hunters operate, 18 Jun 17(A) Encyclopaedia Britannic°, the: a selection from the 11th edition (ed. Alexander Coleman and Charles Simmons), 19 Mar 34(R) End of a folly good laugh, The, 25 Jun 20(A) End of the Terrace, The, 18 Jun 34(P) England: changing country and local boundaries, 25 Jun 24(CP); on St. George's Day three writers evoke the spirit of modern England, 23 Apr 13, 18, 20(A); see also BRITAIN ENGUSH LANGUAGE

the usage of 'only', 1 Jan 9(A); 'storm in a teapot', 1 Jan 19(L); 'ass', 'arse' and 'anus', 1 Jan 19(L); 'semantics', 8 Jan 11(A); foreign students learning English, 8 Jan 22(R); 'back to basics*, 15 Jan 15(A), 12 Mar 7(D); 'phoney', or 'phony'?, 22 Jan 13(A); `Bobbitt., 29 Jan 11(A); litotes and meiosis, 5 Feb 12(A); the difference in pronunciation by English and American speakers, 12 Feb 7(D); 'historiography', 12 Feb 14(A); origin of 'Cambridge', 19 Feb 11(A); 'lynch', 26 Feb 23(A), 26 Mar 25(L), 2 Apr I 1(A); 'triumphalism', 26 Feb 29(L). 12 Mar 14(A); 'the fact that', 5 Mar 12(A); examples of ppor English, 5 Mar 16(M); `toe-rag', 19 Mar 12, 9 Apr 15(A); the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannic°, 19 Mar 34(R); a common error, 26 Mar 10(A); 'twerp-, 2 Apr 31(41), 23 Apr 28(L); 'inmate', 16 Apr 15(A); the use, misuse and absence of the apostrophe, 16 Apr 25(A), 30 Apr 28(L); right and wrong percentages, 30 Apr 23(A); 'to skelp', 30 Apr 28(L); the derivation of 'black', 7 May 11(A); the common

confusion between LCM and HCF, 7 May 24(L); the intrica- cies of British titles and honorifics, 14 May 10(A); linguistic racism, 14 May 26(AA); cliches about John Smith's death, 21 May 22(A); a reviewer's English, 28 May 12(A); confusion between prefixes, 11 Jun 17(A); the derivation and meanings of 'pink', 25 Jun 18(A) Enigma by the Sea, An, Carlo Fruttero and Franco Lucentini (trans. Gregory Dowling), 7 May 27(R) ENVIRONMENT, THE an anthology of writing about the environment, 15 Jun 27(R); opposition to a projected wind farm in Yorkshire, 26 Feb 22(A); the Greens misguided belief in global warming, 12 Mar 9(A), 19 Mar 27(CS); CFCs and the atmosphere, 12 Mar 9(A), 9 Apr 23(L); the lEA discounts global warming, 19 Mar 27(CS), 26 Mar 24(L) Ericson, Kate and Mel Ziegler: exhibition, 19 Feb 36(AR) ERM, the; the British fiasco not followed by any resignations, 25 Jun 6(PC) Eros and Psyche, William Riviere, 5 Feb 29(R)

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5 Feb 26(R) God in His mercy lend her grace, 5 Feb 7(AV)

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Great Hezza bandwagon gallops along with happy hints of hog

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24(L); a portrait of 'Guardian women', 5 Mar 24(AA), 19 Mar 28(L); an accusation against Jonathan Aitken, 21 May 23(AA); praised, 4 Jun 28, 11 Jun 28(L); a readership survey, 4 Jun 28(L)

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Guys, 15 Jan 26(R) Gypsies: threatened in the Criminal Justice Bill, 8 Jan 16(A); lit- tle respect for the law, 8 Jan 16(A), 22 Jan 22(1)


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Heritage: the National Heritage Memorial Fund praised, 29 Jan 7(0)

'Her visa was running our; 22 Jan 16(A)

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Home and Garden, 26 Mar 37(P)

Home and household: books for guest bedrooms, 22 Jan 7(D); the grim fate of the middle-class Englishwoman, 23 Apr 9(A); a 'Newish Man' about the house, 30 Apr 7(D); the servant problem, 11 Jun 5(LA); a weekend cottage and its drawbacks, 11 Jun 21(A)

Home at Grasmere, Penelope Hughes-Hallett, 15 Jan 29(R)

Homosexuals; 22 Jan 40(A); the powerful homosexual lobby, 12 Feb 21(AA); the debate on the age of homosexual consent, 5 Mar 7(D); Jack Hewit interviewed, 12 Mar 18(A); homosexu- als discriminated against, 21 May 12(A), 18 Jun 27(L) Hong Kong: Christopher Patten defends his attitude to China on the 1997 handover, 15 Jan 9(A); the impending handover to China, 19 Mar 11(A); Sir Percy Cradock criticises Britain's negotiations with China, 2 Apr 17(A) Honours: an MBE for a bus conductor, 29 Jan 24(L); the birth- day honours list, 18 Jun 30(CP)

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Peter Scudamore's autobiography, 12 Feb 30(R); Martin Pipe's training methods, 12 Feb 30(R), 2 Apr 31(1); Cheltenham week free from Budget trouble, 19 Mar 27(CS); last year's Grand National fiasco, 9 Apr 47(S); this year's Derby, 21 May 54(A); a declining interest in the Derby, 4 Jun 7(D); National Hunt racing now more popular than flat rac- ing, 4 Jun 55(S); Lloyd's losers at Royal Ascot, 18 Jun 9(D) Honorary degrees, 28 May 11(A) Hospitals: batterers and battered among the patients, 19 Feb 18(M); the benefits bestowed by a chronic or terminal illness, 16 Apr 23(A), 23 Apr 27, 30 Apr 27(L); see also MEDICAL and National Health Service Hostages: accounts of their imprisonment, 7 May 29(R) Hosts and hostesses, 28 May 49(A) Hotels: Butlin's Grand Hotel, 21 May 20(A)

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former council tenants forced back onto waiting list, 15 Jan 23(CS); the incentive to own one's house, 15 Jan 23(CS); a threatened housing official, 22 Jan 15(M); incompetent builders, 19 Feb 7(0); the many historical styles reviewed, 19 Mar 24(AA); Paul Johnson's ideal house, 11 Mar 24(AA); house prices in London still too high, 26 Mar 16(A)

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How much is that doggie in the window? £1.7 billion to you, squire,

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Hunt, David: 26 Feb 16(1); interviewed, 26 Feb 16(A); his pam- phlet Right Ahead, 9 Apr 8(PC)

Hunting: the West Hills Hunt (California), 26 Mar 14(A); pheas- ant-shooting in the US, 26 Mar 15(A); a history of Cheshire hunting, 7 May 32(R); the Prince of Wales defends fox-hunt- ing, 7 May 32(R)

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Darling of the Indian Civil Service, 29 Jan 44(R); a travel- ogue of South India, 19 Feb 3I(R)

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Meanwhile, there's a country out there just waiting to be governed 22 Jan 6(PC) Media aristocrat meets the real thing. Is it love?,18 Jun 11(A) MEDICAL infertile women treated with pituitary-derived drugs are liable to die of CID (Creutzfeld Jakob Disease), 19 Feb 9(A); Dalrymple's Disease, 19 Mar 18(M), 2 Apr 30(L); old people do not, and cannot, get all the treatment which might help them, 23 Apr 14(M); the benefit to the patient of a chronic or terminal illness, 16 Apr 23(A), 23 Apr 27, 30 Apr 27(L); Taki's shoulder operation, 16 Apr 47(A) Medicis, the: their patronage of the arts, 8 Jan 29(AR) Meetings: annual general meetings and annual reports, 29 Jan

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Monty 1944-1945, 28 May 40(R) Month in the Country, A (Albery) 9 Apr 35(AR) Mooney, Bel: 21 May 28(CP), 18 Jun 12(A) More Maeves than Queens o' the May, 4 Jun 35(LL) Morning After, The: Sex, Fear and Feminism, Kate Roiphe, 15 Jan 25(R) Mornings in the Dark, (ed.) David Parkinson, 22 Jan 31(R) Morrison, Toni: six of her novels reviewed briefly, 1 Jan 20(R), 8 Jan 19(L) Morrison, Toni, The Bluest Eye, 1 Jan 20(R) Morrison, Van, 8 Jan 27(R) Morton, Sir Alastair: 5 Mar 18(1); the head of Eurotunnel inter- viewed, 5 Mar 18(A) More in Egitto (Covent Garden), 28 May 43(AR) Most Dangerous Method, A, John Kerr, 19 Feb 33(R) Most favoured tyrants, 28 May 5(LA) Most undeserved reputation, A, 5 Mar 8(A) Mothers' Boys, Margaret Forster, 25 Jun 30(R) Mother of Oscar. The Life of Jane Francesca Wilde, Joy Melville, 11 Jun 46(R) Mothers and Other Lovers, Joanna Briscoe, 11 Jun 49(R) Motoring and motorcars: motoring fines, 1 Jan 19(L); a young car-thief, 15 Jan 18(M); car programmes on 'IV, 26 Mar 45(AR) Motor industry: a controlling interest in Rover sold to BMW, 5 Feb 5(LA), 23(CS) Motor racing: Murray Walker's commentaries, 23 Apr 55(5); two racing drivers killed, 7 May 5(LA), 47(S) Mountain of Immoderate Desire, The, Leslie Wilson, 21 May 30(R) Mountbatten, Lord: his part in publicising the royal family, 11 Jun 56(AR) Mr Heseltine prepares to show that honesty is the best policy, 26 Feb 6(PC) Mr Hurd discovers surprising similarities between Europe and a gen- tlemen's club, 19 Mar b(PC) Mr Hurd's short memory, 15 Jan 11(A) Mrs Doubtfire, (film), 29 Jan 52(AR) Mr Seitz has been sane beyond endurance, 30 Apr 39(CP) Mr Vertigo, Paul Auster, 9 Apr 28(R) Murder: a multiple murderer in Gloucester, 12 Mar 20(M); serial killers, 12 Mar 20(M); a report on US executions, especially that of Robert Alton Harris, 9 Apr 31(R); ghoulish public interest in Fred West and other mass murderers, 28 May 9(A) Murder most bang 9 Apr 14(A) Murray, Paul, A Fantastic Journey, 1 Jan 22(R) Murray, Venetia, Castle Howard: The Life and Tunes, 19 Mar 39(R) Museums: the 'Grand Louvre' in Paris, 2 Apr 41(AR) Music a musical biography of Sir John Pritchard, 8 Jan 28(R); the quatercentenaries of Palestrina and Lassus, 15 Jan 36(AR); a film of great conductors of the past at rehearsal, 22 Jan 34(AR); Janacek's love for Kamila Stosslova, 29 Jan 45(R); the Palestrina centenary, 12 Feb 36(AR); a critic-composer's crowded life, 19 Feb 38(AR); the concept of 'crossover', 12 Mar 34(AR); music and ballet in the 1930s, 19 Mar 43(AR); Britain leads the world in musical ensembles, 16 Apr 44(AR); the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra's 'new music policy', 7 May 37(AR); a biography of Peter Warlock, 21 May 32(R); a concert in the Sistine Chapel, 21 May 49(AR); music by Harrison Birtwistle, Judith Weir and Berio, 28 May 42(AR); the new Glyndebourne, 11 Jun 51(AR); the Musical Times and its history, 18 Jun 41(AR); Glenn Gould on film, 18 Jun 46(AR); a one-act opera by Roger Scruton, 25 Jun 36(AR); see also Opera Musical Times, the: its 150th anniversary, 18 Jun 41(AR) My Kenya Days, Wilfred Thesiger, 23 Apr 40(R) My Night With Reg (Royal Court Upstairs), 23 Apr 43(AR) My tax relief your break, his loophole - nothing incents like incen- tives, 15 Jan 23(CS) Myth of Male Power, The, Warren Farrell, 19 Mar 36(R)


Naipaul, V.S.,A Way in the World, 14 May 36(R) Naked Gun 33- The Final Insult (film), 21 May 49(AR) Names: leaving out women's christian names, 29 Jan 7(D); prime ministers' christian names, 18 Jun 28(L) Nash, Ogden: imitated, 12 Mar 44(CO)

National Health Service: medical auditors and other bureaucrats proliferate at the expense of good medicine and treatment of patients, 21 May 8(A), 4 Jun 28, 18 Jun 28(L); what is needed is amateur, not professional management, 21 May 9(A), 4 Jun



Opera Studio(Queen Elizabeth Hall), 28 May 43(AR) National smell of urine, 29 Jan 32(A) National Trust, 29 Jan 40(P) Nation still haunted by the spectre of the English country house, A 16 Apr 8(AV) NATO: summit meeting, 8 Jan 9(A); apprehension about President Clinton's visit, 8 June 9(A); 'Partnership for Peace' offered to Central European nations, 15 Jan 5(LA) Nauhaus, Gerd, (ed.) The Marriage Diaries of Robert and Clara Schumann (trans. Peter Ostwald), 9 Apr 27(R) Neil, Andrew: off to America, 14 May 6(D) Netherlands, the: the Netherlands Architecture Institute's archive building, 29 Jan 49(AR) Neuroscience: the mind-brain problem, 28 May 34(R)

Weyer do it again like that; 5 Mar 18(A) Never glad confident morning again, again, 7 May 6(PC)

Newell, Steven: glass artist, 21 May 45(AR)

New Gap, The, 14 May 39(P)

Newton, Sir Wilfrid: chairman of London Transport, 14 May 16(A); interviewed, 14 May 16(A)

New Year curse on John Major and all his mendacious administra-

tion, A, 1 Jan 18(AA)

New Year poems, 15 Jan 44(CO) New Zealand: the 1845-72 wars, 15 Jan 30(R)

Niamh Aged 16: A Portrait, 19 Feb 32(P)

Nicolson: Nigel Nicolson defends his parents against David Cannadine, 9 Apr 40(A); appears in a 5 minute TV pro- gramme, 25 Jun 40(A)

900 Oneonta (Lyric, Hammersmith), 16 Apr 43(AR) Nineteenth-Century Design From Pugin to Macintosh, Charlotte

Gere and Michael Whiteway, 15 Jan 32(R)

Ninh, Bao, The Sorrow of War, 19 Feb 30(R)

Nixon, Richard: the effect of the Watergate scandal on American sense of values, 30 Apr 11(A); Charles Glass on Nixon the

outsider, 30 Apr 14(A); the story of Watergate, 28 May 32(R) No babies, just mad cow disease, 19 Feb 9(A) No Big Deal (Orange Tree, Richmond), 21 May 46(AR) No Escape (film), 4 Jun 44(AR) No Man's Land George Monbiot, 25 Jun 27(R) No Night Is Too Long, Barbara Vine, 4 Jun 38(R)

Nonsense prose, a passage of, 5 Feb 44(CO)

No one hums the same tune, 5 Feb 13(A) No pontification in this realm of England, 29 Jan 9(A) No Retreat, John Bowen, 4 Jun 38(R) Normal disservice will be resumed as soon as possible, 21 May

6(PC) Normans, the (exhibition), 16 Apr 40(AR)

North, Richard, and Christopher Booker, The Mad Officials, 12

Feb 26(R) Northamptonshire: a chameleon county, 5 Mar 22(A); the village of Eydon, 4 Jun 28(L)

No sec, no drugs, just rock 'n' rol4 8 Jan 14(A) No sex on the Rock, 19 Feb 20(A) Not a foreigner in sight, 21 May 20(A) Nothing Personal, 12 May 27(P) Not lonesome on my ownsome, 29 Jan 18(A)

Novels: French prizewinning novels, 1 Jan 27(R)

Now, 25 Jun 30(P) Now That You're Back A.L.Kennedy, 12 Feb 25(R) Now di Figaro, Le (Glyndeboume), 18 Jun 44(AR)

Nuclear weapons: the alleged menace of 'red mercury', 16 Apr 12(A), 23 Apr 28(L); nuclear terrorism an effective weapon in preventing the use of nuclear weapons, 16 Apr 12(A); North Korea now capable of building nuclear bombs, 18 Jun 7(LA)

Nuland, Sherwin, B., How We Die, 26 Feb 36(R)

Nuneaton and its people described, 23 Oct 18(A)


Obituaries: the Times obituaries of 1993, 15 Jan 29(R) O'Brien, Edna, House of Splendid Isolation, 30 Apr 33(R), 50(A) O'Connor, Joseph, Desperadoes, 12 Mar 30(R)

O'Connor, Lisa: exhibition, 26 Feb 39(AR)

Odd Man Out, Andrew Taylor, 15 Jan 31(R) Odd Man Out, Ronald Biggs, 22 Jan 28(R)

O'Donoghue, Hughie: exhibition, 29 Jan 50(AR) OECD, the: its work, 12 Mar 23(CS)

Officialdom: more and more regulations, 12 Feb 26(R)

Oil: sanctions on Iraq very damaging, 19 Mar 15(A); Saudi Arabia's oil policy and production, 9 Apr 26(R), 16 Apr 26(CS) Olafsson, Olaf,Absohition, 14 May 38(R)

Old Ladies, The (Greenwich), 19 Mar 44(AR)

Old people: the bus-pass generation, 1 Jan 6(D); a sixth essential for a happy old age, 22 Jan 41(A); impossible to give them all the medication they may need, 23 Apr 14(M)

Oleander, Jacaranda, Penelope Lively, 28 May 34(R) Oliver's Travels, Alan Plater, 21 May 32(R) Olson, Stanley: a biography, 28 May 36(R) Omma (Young Vic), 19 Mar 44(AR)

Onassis, Jacqueline: 28 May 27(1); a chance meeting, 28 May 27(A)

One good reason to have the European elections, 4 Jun 6(PC) One hundred years ago, 1 Jan 12, 8 Jan 15, 15 Jan 20, 22 Jan 14, 29

Jan 20, 5 Feb 10, 12 Feb 11, 19 Feb 16, 5 Mar 23, 12 Mar 16,

26 Mar 27, 2 Apr 24, 9 Apr 16, 16 Apr 20, n Apr 10, 7 May

16, 14 May 23, 21 May 20, 4 Jun 24, 11 Jun 14, 18 Jun 21, 25 Jun 19(X)

One of the President's men, 15 Jan 17(A) On Secret Service East of Constantinople, Peter Hopkirk, 30 Apr


On the right track 29 Jan 35(A) On Whistler Mountain, Martyn Crucefix, 11 Jun 45(R)


Les Troyens and Gloriana, 1 Jan 29(AR); Der Rosen/cavalier, 12 Feb 35(AR); The Turn of the Screw, Turandot and Cherubin, 26 Feb 42(AR); Karya Kabanova, d'amore and Pelleas et Melisande, 19 Mar 41(AR); the high prices at Covent Garden, 2 Apr 30(L); La Rondine, 23 Apr 45(AR); Blond Eckben (Coliseum), 30 Apr 41(AR); the London Coliseum criticised (30 Apr 41) and defended, 7 May 24, 14 May 31(L); opera in Bucharest, 14 May 31(L); Wozzeck and Fedora, 14 May 44(AR); a National Opera Studio programme and Mose in Egitto, 28 May 43(AR); the new Glyndbourne opera house, 11 Jun 51(AR); Playing Away!, 'errata and Le Nozze di Figaro, 18 Jun 44(AR);Aida and The Rake's Progress, 25 Jun 34(AR); The Minister, 25 Jun 37(AR) Operating Instructions, Anne Lamott, 19 Feb 27(R) Oral majority, The, 21 May 5(LA) Ormerod, Paul, The Death of Economics, 26 Mar 33(11.) Orwell, George: a fictional characterisation, 18 Jun 37(R) Osborne, John: Damn You England 25 Apr 39(R), 7 May 7(D);

the reception of his latest book, 7 May 7(D): his detractors, 21 May 7(D), 11 Jun 28(L)

Other Lulus, Philip Hensher, 16 Apr 38(R)

Ottoway, Richard: a repudiation, 14 May 31(L)

Our Ablest Public Servant: Sir Eyre Crowe, 1864-1925, Sibyl Crowe and Edward Corp, 2 Apr 40(R)

Oursler, Tony: exhibition, 19 Feb 36(AR)

Oxford Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry, The, (ed.) Ian Hamilton, 12 Feb 24(R), 19 Feb 25(L) Oxford University: Balliol in the 1930s, 19 Feb 41(A), the Master of Balliol's handshaking, 19 Feb 41(A), 26 Mar 25, 23 Apr 28(L); fourth class honours, 9 Apr 23(L); gives President Clinton an honorary degree, 28 May 11(A), 11 Jun 27(L); a Rhodes Scholar's experience at Oxford, 4 Jun 16(A); Bill Clinton at Oxford, 4 Jun 16(A); Volume VIII of its history, 20th Century Oxford, 11 Jun 41(R); a defence of 'Greats', 25 Jun 23(L)

Ozone layer, the: 12 Mar 9(A), 9 Apr 23(L)


Paddy, 23 Apr 37(P) Paintings of Bernard Dunstan, The, Bernard Dunstan, 19 Mar


Palace Thief The, Ethan Canin, 26 Feb 35(R)

Palestinians: dissent among rival groups, 5 Mar 11(A)

Palliser, Charles, Betrayals, 19 Mar 37(R)

palma, Luis Gonzalez: exhibition, 5 Feb 35(AR) Paperbacks, recent: a selection, 19 Mar 37, 25 Jun 32(X)

Paradise, Abulrazak Gurnah, 5 Mar 39(R) Parents Terribles, Les (Lyttelton), 14 May 45(AR) Parini, Jay, John Steinbeck: A Biography, 7 May 28(R) Paris, Barry, and Tony Curtis, Tony Curtis: The Autobiography, 5

Mar 32(R)

Parker, John, Polanski, 21 May 35(R) Parkinson, David, (ed.) Mornings in the Dark 22 Jan 31(R)

Parliament: Cromwell's dismissal of the Long Parliament, 12 Mar 21(AA); its defiance of the will of the voters, 12 Mar 21(AA); MPs' allowances to pay for secretarial and research services, 2 Apr 28(CS); lobbying by pressure groups to secure legislation, 4 Jun 8(AV)

Passion (Plymouth),18lun45P(ARinch)er,

8 Jan 24(R)

Pastoral Symphony, Chapman

Paternal thoughts as another little book goes down the slipway, 23

Apr 25(AA) Patronage: the Medicis and the present-day 'Patrons of New Art', 8 Jan 29(AR) Patten, Christopher his attitude to China in the Hong Kong negotiations, 15 Jan 9(A) Patten, John, 2 Apr 7(13)

Paul Merton (London Palladium), 2 Apr 44(AR) Paulson, Ronald, Hogarth, Volume 111: An and Politics, 1750- 1764, 8 Jan 26(R)

Peerage, the: see Aristocrats

Peer Gynt (Barbican), 12 Mar 34(AR) Pelican Brief The(film), 19 Mar 45(AR) Pelleas et Mflisande (Welsh National Opera), 19 Mar 41(AR) Pencil Me Ire A Memoir of Stanley Olson, Phyllis Hatfield, 28 May


Penny, Nicholas, The Materials of Sculpture, 5 Mar 37(R)

Pensions: joining the bus-pass generation, 1 Jan 6(D); predatory insurance salesmen's high commission for selling personal pensions, 19 Mar 20(A), 2 Apr 30, 9 Apr 23(L); the inequity of final salary pension schemes, 2 Apr 30(L)

'People think I'm about to die; 26 Mar 18(A)

Pepper, Gordon: on the markets, 23 Apr 26(CS) Percentages and fractions, 30 Apr 23(A)

Pere Goriot (Orange Tree, Richmond), 19 Feb 37(AR) Perfect World, A (film), 1 Jan 31(AR)

Perhaps I should join the Mooneys on the field of cloth of denim,

21 May 28(CP) Peru: Mario Vargas Llosa, 25 Jun 30(R)

Peter Ustinov is not funny any more, 23 Apr 12(A) Peter Warlock The Life of Philip Heseltine, Barry Smith, 21 May 32(R) Phantom red terror, The, 16 Apr 12(A) Philadelphia (film), 5 Mar 45(AR)

Philosophy: idealism, 2 Apr 39(R); 16 Apr 52(CO); modern phi- losophy, 2 Aug 40(R)

Photography: the Halton Deutsch collection, 5 Feb 35(AR); Sebastiao Salgada's Workers, 5 Feb 35(AR); Luis Gonzalez Palma, 5 Feb 35(AR); Annie Leibovitz exhibition, 9 Apr 34(AR)

Physics: the Standard Model of the origin of the universe, 1 Jan 24(R) Pief (Piccadilly), 1 Jan 30(AR)

Picasso: exhibition at the Tate Gallery, 5 Mar 44(AR) Pictures at an Execution, Wendy Lesser, 9 Apr 31(R) Pincher, Chapman, Pastoral Symphony, 8 Jan 24(R) Pipes, Richard, Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime, 2 Apr 36(R) Piranesi as Architect and Designer, John Wilton-Ely, 5 Feb 34(R) Plane truth,14 May 5(IA) Plater, Alan, Oliver's Travels, 21 May 32(R) PlayingAway! (Grand, Leeds), 18 Jun 44(AR) Plisner, Fred, Gravity Is Getting Me Down, 19 Feb 29(R) PM is dead, long live the..., The, 11 Jun 29(CP) Poems on the Underground (ed.) Gerard Benson, Judith Cherniak and Cicely Herbert, 29 Jan 43(R)


the poet in society, 1 Jan 23(LL); imitations of Elizabethan and Jacobean blank verse, 1 Jan 36(C0); poems on the Underground, 29 Jan 43(R); following on from a line of Canning, 29 Jan 58(CO); national failings, 29 Jan 58(CO); Austin Clarke, 5 Feb 30(11.); The Oxford Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry, 12 Feb 24(R); Ciaran Carson wins the T.S.Eliot prize, 12 Feb 32(R); a poet's autograph sought for a questionable reason, 2 Apr 37(LL); C.H. Sisson and his poems, 23 Apr 41(R); depressing poems, 30 Apr 52(CO); Elizabeth Bishop, 7 May 26(R); some new generation poets, 28 May 36(R); reviews, 12 Feb 32, 19 Feb 28, 5 Max 36, 11 Jun 45(R) Poetry Review: New Generation Poets, (ed.) Peter Forbes, 28 May 36(R) Poets and Presidents: Selected Essays, 1977-1992, E.L.Doctorow, 28 May 33(R) Poet's shoes, A, 1 Jan 23(LL) Point of Noel Edmonds, The, 23 Apr 18(A)

Poland: fear of Russian expansionism, 15 Jan 11(A); post- Communist millionaires, 12 Mar 23(A)

Polanski, John Parker, 21 May 35(R)

Police: 'full-scale relocation' not sufficient to protect witnesses in criminal cases, 26 Mar 9(A); attitudes to young rowdies, 23 Apr 20(A) Polite Society, the, 22 Jan 7(D)

Political vultures gather for their D-Day feast on the dead, The, 4 Jun 25(AA) Politics, 8 Jan 6, 15 Jan 6, 22 Jan 6, 29 Jan 6, 12 Feb 6, 19 Feb 6, 26 Feb 6, 5 Mar 6, 12 Ivlar 6, 19 Mar 6, 26 Mar 6, 2 Apr 6, 9 Apr 8. 16 Apr 6, 23 Apr 6, 30 Apr 6, 7 May 6, 21 May 6, 28 May 6, 4 Jun 6, 11 Jun 6, 18 Jun 8, 25 Jun 6(PC) Politics and Politicians: politicians should be judged on their political achievements, not their sexual failings, 19 Feb 5(LA); political commentators' merits and demerits assessed by John Patten, 19 Mar 9(A), 2 Apr 7(D); the UK Independance Party, 16 Apr 30(L); the Fantasy League Politics game, 23 Apr 6(PC); political correctness, 28 May 7(D); terms banned by the Seattle Times, 28 May 7(D); on 'striking a balance', 18 Jun 10(AV); little influence exercised by journalists, 25 Jun 6(PC) Poll tax: a prime factor in Mrs Thatcher's defeat, 8 Jun 8(AV) Poi Pot of East Timor, The, 19 Feb 17(A) Panting, Clive, Churchill, 23 Apr 3I(R)

Poorer, a contemporary, 19 Feb 44(CO)

Pope-Hennessy, John, Donatello Sculptor, 5 Mar 37(R) Poe Music the comeback of Meatloaf, 8 Jan 32(AR); there is no longer a common popular culture, 5 Feb 13(A); revival of the Beatles and other early groups, 5 Feb 38(AR); rock stars' successes often unsatisfying, 5 Mar 45(AR); very bad vocals from Mariah Carey and W. Axl Rose, 9 Apr 37(AR); changes at Radio 1, 7 May 37(AR); Traffic's Far From Home, Yes's Talk and Pink Floyd's The Division Bell, 4 Jun 42(AR)

Portillo, Michael: possible successor to John Major, 22 Jan 20(A); on public expenditure, 22 Jan 21(CS); his standing and prospects in the Government, 12 Feb 6(PC); attacks British involvement in a single European currency, 7 May 6(PC)

Portrait of the Week, 1 Jan 4, 8 Jan 4, 15 Jan 4, 22 Jan 4, 29 Jan 4, 5 Feb 4, 12 Feb 4, 19 Feb 4, 26 Feb 4, 5 Mar 4, 12 Mar 4, 19 Mar 4, 26 Mar 4, 2 Apr 4(PW), 31(L), 9 Apr 6, 16 Apr 4, 23 Apr 4, 30 Apr 4, 7 May 4, 14 May 4, 21 May 4, 28 May 4, 4 Jun 4, 11 Jun 4, 18 Jun 6, 25 Jun 4(PW)

Poraharrs James Baldwin, 18 Jun 32, Balzac, 18 Jun 31 (photo), Tony Blair, 8 Jan 14, Virginia Bottomley, 7 May 1, Charlotte Brume, 2 Apr 32 (photo), Warren Christopher, 29 Jan 12, Kenneth Clarke, 14 May 12, Admiral Crowe, 15 Jan 17, Roald Dahl, 19 Mar 31, David Evans, 22 Jan 18, Sir Marcus

Fox, 11 Jun 20, Sir John Gielgud, 26 Mar 18, Thomas Hardy, 29 Jan 39, Jack Hewit, 12 Mar 18, David Hunt, 26 Feb 16, Kipling, 5 Feb 25 (photo), Harold Macmillan, 5 Feb 8, Sir Alastair Morton, 5 Mar 18, Jacqueline Onassis, 28 May 27; group portraits, 5 Mar 24(AA) Postcards, seaside, 7 May 34(AR) Post Office, the: its express delivery service, 14 May 29(CS); Royal Mail to be sold off, 4 Jun 35(LL)

Potter, Dennis: his terminal illness, 16 Apr 23(A), 23 Apr 27(L) Pouncey, Philip: connoisseur of Italian drawings, 5 Mar 42(AR) Pound of Flesh, A, Art Linson, 18 Jun 36(R)

Prague, 8 Jan 21(R), 9 Apr 9(D)

Premier Homnte, Le, Albert Camus, 14 May 40(R) Present Tense, 7 May 28(P)


an inquiry into press intrusions into privacy, 29 Jan 21(AA); Tony O'Reilly buys a share of the Independent, 12 Feb 22(CS); the hubris and arrogance of the press, which now regards itself as newsworthy, 26 Feb 9(A); unprovoked attacks by the 'tabloid SS' on the privacy of people high and low, 26 Feb 26(AA); the abundance of newspaper columnists, 9 Apr 9(D); financial 'nastier' (the City pages), 16 Apr 26(CS); the press seems to welcome the bombing of Gorazde, 23 Apr 29(CP); see also individual newspapers and magazines

Preston, Peter: an accusation against Jonathan Aitken, 21 May 23(AA), 28 May 28(L)

Prince Charier can learn a thing or two from the Wyf of Bath, 19 Mar 24(AA)

Prince Edward, 1 Jan 9(A)


launches a new architectural magazine, 26 Mar 24(AA); defends fox-hunting, 7 May 32(R); his lost terrier, 21 May 60(C0); his friendship with Jonathan Dimbleby, 18 Jun 11(A); the coming film and biography by Jonathan Dimbleby, 18 Jun 11(A); his own worst enemy on public platforms and in front of the camera, 25 Jun 18(A); an opportunity for him to back the Millennium project, 25 Jun 18(A) Prison: a young car-thief, 15 Jan 18(M); a drunkard and a bur- glar, 29 Jan 14(M); a prisoner left holding the baby, 26 Feb 22(M); the doctor's daily round of the maximum security wing, 14 May 20(M); a disgruntled prisoner, 28 May 14(M) Pritchard, Sir John: a musical biography, 8 Jan 28(R) Privacy: Professor Pinker to investigate press intrusions into pri- vacy, 29 Jan 21(AA); the tabloids' unprovoked attacks on the privacy of people high and low, 26 Feb 26(AA)

Private View, A, Anita Brookner, 18 Jun 33(R) Problems of those who have greatness thrust upon them, The, 12 Feb 6(PC) Profane Friendship, Harold Btodkey, 9 Apr 28(R) Profits from a masterpiece, 21 May 42(AR) Profits of war, The, 26 Feb 20(A) Promise that might turn Fleet Street's head A, 29 Jan 8(AV) Promising young man, but does he exist?, A, 19 Mar 8(AV)

Proms, the: their centenary season, 25 Jun 33(AR); the BBC's patronage, 25 Jun 33(AR), the policies and tastes of success- ful directors, 25 Jun 33(AR) Prostitution: male prostitution, 26 Mar 7(D) Psychiatry: the mind-brain problem, 28 May 34(R)

Psychoanalysis: Jung, Freud, and Sabina Spielrein, 19 Feb 33(R) Psycho-Cricket, 28 May 40(P) Psycho-political structure of patriarchy controls public attitudes to handedness, The, 23 Apr 8(AV)

Publishing: Paul Johnson's latest book and his earlier Suez book, 23 Apr 25(AA)

Puff of prejudice, 12 Feb 5(LA) Pugilist at Rest, The, Thom Jones, 26 Mar 36(R)

Pulse code modulation, II Jun 14(A)

Pundits are never satisfied 9 Apr 20(A)

Q Quarrying, 5 Feb 6(D)

Queenan, Joe, If You're Talking To Me Your Career Must Be In Trouble, 14 May 39(R) Queen and I, The (Royal Court), 25 Jun 36(AR)

Queen Elizabeth her visit to Anguilla, 12 Feb I8(A); the Channel Tunnel opening, 30 Apr 5(LA); the 1969 royal fami- ly documentary film, 25 Jun 7(D)

Question of numbers, A, 12 Feb 12(A) Quinn, Tom, (ed. and intro.) 'BB': A Celebration, 19 Mar 39(R)



anti-white larceny and murder, 1 Jan 10(A); Churchill's oppo- sition to immigration from the New Commonwealth, 9 Apr 10(A); South Africa 18 years ago and today, 9 Apr 14(A); Churchill's alleged racism, 16 Apr 7(D), 23 Apr 27, 30 April 28(L); how English-speaking South Africans contemplate the prospect of black rule, 23 Apr 11(A); Who are the racists now?, 21 May 10(A); Western pundits who lecture the rest of the world on their racialist tendencies, 21 May 10(A); see also Sourti AFRICA Radio: Gardeners' Question Time, 15 Jan 39(A); changes at Radio 1, 7 May 37(AR) Ragged Lion, The, Allan Massie, 25 Jun 28(R) Railway Empire, The, Anthony Burton, 21 May 36(R)


rail staff's repetitive parrot phrases, 15 Jan 7(D); British Rail, 22 Jan 7(D); Kent's railways and motorways, 29 Jan 23(CS); Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian railway, 29 Jan 34(A); travel by train in Spain, 29 Jan 35(A); poems in the London Underground, 29 Jan 43(R); ructions on the Orient Express, 2 Apr 8(AV); no franchises so far for the railways, 2 Apr 28(CS); the Waterloo and City line taken over by London Underground, 2 Apr 28(CS); the official opening of the Channel Tunnel, 30 Apr 5(LA); the Settle to Carlisle line, 7 May 40(A); a history of railway construction, 21 May 36(R) Rambler's Association, the: access to woodland and mountains, 8 Jan 19, 22 Jan 22(L) Rape: verbal rape, 29 Jan 54(A)

Rationalist, The, Warwick Collins, 29 Jan 40(R) Rake's Progress, The (Glyndebourne), 25 Jun 34(AR) Reality Bites (film), 18 Jun 46(AR) Reality is breaking in all over and it comes as a terrible shock, 19 Mar 27(CS) Reconstructed Corpse, A, Simon Brett, 15 Jan 31(R) Redgrave, Michael: his hearing aid, 12 Mar 7(D), 2 Apr 31(L) Red Shoes, The (New York), 15 Jan 38(AR)

Religion: centuries-old Ukrainian icons, 19 Mar 40(AR) Remembering the past, 12 Mar 41(A) Rentier class, the: the rise, fall and rise again of the rentier class, 1 Jan 7(A) Reports, inquiries, etc: the Scott inquiry, 22 Jan 5(LA), 26 Feb 6(PC), 2 Apr 20(A); the World Bank's report on Africa, 26 Mar 21(CS); a White Paper on competitiveness, 14 May 29(CS); two Rowntree reports on incomes, 11 Jun 8(AV)


Restaurants assessed: Les Saveurs, 8 Jan 35, The Beetle and Wedge, 22 Jan 42, Le Suquet, 5 Feb 42, Mulligans, 19 Feb 42, Browns (Oxford), 5 Mar 50, Fausto's (Ayr), 19 Mar 50, The Brackenbury, 2 Apr 50, Simpson's-in-the-Strand (breakfast), 16 Apr 50, Orsino, 30 Apr 50, Fulham Road, 14 May 50(A), 4 June 7(D); Valley of the Kings, 28 May 50, The Savoy Grill, 25 Jun 42(A); the restaurants in Yucatan, 4 Jun 50(A) Return of the hayseed, The, 4 Jun 16(A) Reverse charge at BT, 21 May 16(A)

Rhodes Scholars at Oxford, 4 Jun 16(A)

Rhodora Letters, The, Rosemary Seys, 8 Jan 25(R) Richard Hughes, Richard Perceval Graves, 28 May 31(R) Richardson, Joanna, Baudela ire, 26 Mar 3I(R)

Richmond, the second Duke of the lives of four of his daughters, 23 Apr 33(R)

Rich should never forget how much they are hated, The, 14 May


Ricks, Christopher, Beckett's Dying Words, 8 Jan 23(R) Ridiculous, febrile, lurid, ludicrous, 26 Feb 18(A) Right on the Money, Emma Lathen, 15 Jan 31(R) Ripellino, Angelo Maria, Magic Prague, 8 Jan 21(R) Rise, Corruption and Coming Fall of the House of Saud, The, Said

KAburish, 9 Apr 26(R)

Riviere, William, Eros and Psyche, 5 Feb 29(R)

Roads: Bel Mooney's protest against a bypass road, 21 May 28(CP); Nimby protests against British road-planning, 21 May 28(CP)

Roald Dahl, Jeremy Treglown, 19 Mar 31(R) Robb, Graham, Balzac, 18 Jun 31(R) Roberts, Joe, Three Quarters of a Footprint, 19 Feb 31(R) Roiphe, Katie, The Morning After: Sec, Fear and Feminism, 15 Jan


Rolling a log, 7 May 33(LL)

Roman Catholicism: Monsignor Gilbey, 1 Jan 25(R); relations with the Church of England now much less friendly, 29 Jan 9, 10(A), 26 Feb 18(A); the Duchess of Kent becomes a Roman Catholic, 29 Jan 10(A); anti-Catholic bigotry in Britain, 5 Feb 22(AA), 12 Feb 23, 26 Feb 28(L); Paul Johnson's defence of Catholicism, 5 Feb 22(AA), 19 Feb 24, 26 Feb 28, 5 Mar 27(L); a crisis among the Roman Catholic priesthood, 12 Feb 16(A) Romania; the national library destroyed, 26 Feb 12(A) Romans k clef: 5 Feb 7(AV), 5 Mar 28(L) Rome: liberation by the Allies in 1944, 4 Jun 48(A)

Rondine, La (Grand Theatre, Leeds), 23 Apr 45(AR) Rope (Wyndham's), 23 Apr 43(AR) Rosenkavalier, Der (London Coliseum), 12 Feb 35(AR) Roth, Henry, Mercy of a Rude Stream: Volume I, A Star Shines Over Mt Monis Park, 26 Feb 38(R) Rowan, Alistair, and Christine Casey, The Buildings of frelanth North Leinster, 23 Apr 37(R)

Rowse, A.L: his milieu, 16 Apr 8(AV) Royal Acadamy summer exhibition, 18 Jun 40(AR) Royal Family, the: meeting royalty, 29 Jan 55(A); writing royal biographies, 14 Mar 49(A); their promotion on television, 11 Jun 56(AR); the Duchess of York offended, 11 Jun 7(D); Taki on the Duke and Duchess of York, 18 Jun 48(A); the 1969 royal family documentary film, 25 Jun 7(D)

Rubbing shoulders with the Queen, 5 Feb 16(A)

Rugby football: the Five Nations tournament, 15 Jan 47(S); this season's Welsh revival, 26 Feb 55(S); two Welsh wizards rem- inisce, 28 May 55(S) Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky successful in parliamentary elections, 15 Jan 5(LA); a new Russian expansionism?, 15 Jan 11(A), 25 Jun 5(LA); regarded by the West with a mix of sentimentality, naivety and fear, 15 Jan 11(A); Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his liberal Democrats, 22 Jan 8(AV); a Clinton-Yeltsin summit, 22 Jan 9(A); Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian rail- way, 29 Jan 34(A); Kiev 1800-1917, 29 Jan 42(R); the old Soviet apparatus is still in power everywhere, 19 Mar 28(L); how it reasserts Russian control in former Soviet republics, 26 Mar 11(A); hopes of rapid change disappointed, 9 Apr 16(A); the brash new society which has replaced the Soviet order, 9 Apr 16(A); Yeltsin a lonely and disappointed figure, 9 Apr 18(A); Boris Yeltsin's autobiography, 21 May 31(R); the return of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 11 Jun 11(A); aggressive- ness against Abkhazia infringes the CFE treaty, 25 Jun 5(LA)

Russian problem, The: The Russians, 9 Apr 16(A) Russian roulette, 15 Jan 5, 25 Jun 5(LA) Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime, Richard Pipes, 2 Apr 36(R) Rutherford and Son (Cottesloe), 11 Jun 52(AR)


Sabatini, Rafael, The Fortunes of Casanova and Other Stories, 22

Jan 27(R)

Sad, 14 May 33(P) St Aubyn, Edward, Some Hope, 25 Jun 31(R)

St George's Day: the spirit of England today as seen by three writers, 23 Apr 13, 18, 20(A) Salgada, Sebastiao: exhibition, 5 Feb 35(AR)

Salving consciences in Hampstead 5 Feb 11(A)

Saudi Arabia: the Saudi regime's internal and external policies, 9 Apr 26(R) Saxe, Adrian: his clay art, 16 Apr 33(R)

Say goodbye to the overflowing bath, 28 May 21(A) Schindler's Ark, Thomas Keneally, 12 Feb 31(R) Schindler's List (film), 12 Feb 9(A),19 Feb 37(AR) Schippel the Plumber (Greenwich), 5 Feb 37(AR)

Schumann, Robert and Clara: their marriage diaries, 9 Apr 27(R) Science: 'red mercury' and the manufacture of nuclear weapons, 16 Apr 12(A), 23 Apr 28(L); Rupert Sheldrake's theory of `morphic resonance', 16 Apr 33(R); science and religion, 21 May 26(L); the discovery by Crick and Watson of what genes exactly are, 11 Jun 12(A); analogue and digital systems explained, 11 Jun 12(A), 18 Jun 27(L) Scotland: Highland dancing, 8 Jan 17(AA); the union with England, 8 Jan 28(R); the cultural rivalry between Edinburgh and Glasgow, 15 Jan 35(AR); a TV programme that teaches Gaelic, 23 Apr 22(A); Scottish place-names, 23 Apr 22(A) Scott, Sir Walter, 25 Jun 28(R)

Scott Fitzgerald Jeffrey Meyers, 4 Jun 37(R)

Scott inquiry, the: 22 Jan 5(LA)• ministers who have appeared at the inquiry, 26 Feb 6 (PC); Michael Heseltine due to appear, 26 Feb 6(PC); the immunity certificates signed by ministers in the 'arms for Iraq' case, 2 Apr 20(A)

Scruton, Roger, Modern Philosophy, 2 Apr 40(R) SCU: The Autobiography of a Champion, Peter Scudamore, 12

Feb 30(R)

Scudamore, Peter, SCU: The Autobiography of a Champion, 12

Feb 30(R) Sculpture: Donatello's sculpture, 5 Mar 37(R); the materials of sculpture, 5 Mar 37(R); six Spanish sculptors, 19 Mar 43(AR); a 'much cherished' bust, 26 Mar 7(D) Sea, the: the lure of the sea, 11 Jun 42(R); the growth of seaside resorts, 11 Jun 42(R)

Sea Fever, Ann aeeves, 15 Jan 31(R)

Seals: killed by Chinese penis-hunters, 12 Mar 8(AV), 26 Mar 24(L)

Sean O'Faolain, Maurice Harmon, 21 May 34(R)

Searching for the Michelangelas and the Beethoven of the capitalist

system, 28 May 25(AA)

Seaside postcards, 7 May 34(AR)

Seasons in Hell: Understanding Bosnia's War, Ed Vulliamy, 12

Mar 31(R)

Secret garden of the Crown, The, 2 Apr 20(A) Secret Rapture, The (film), 11 Jun 53(AR) Seduced in a trice, 29 Jan 27(A) Seeing the future in black and white, 15 Jan 8(AV)

Seitz, Raymond: a professional diplomat, 30 Apr 29(CP); why he

gave his last interview to the Kennel Gazette, 28 May 7(D)

Sellers, Peter: a biography, 30 Apr 36(R)

Selling of Mary Davies, The, and Other Writings, Simon Jenkins, 8

Jan 26(R)

Send him back to Los Angeles, 29 Jan 12(A) September Tide (Comedy), 29 Jan 52(AR)

Serial killers, 28 May 9(A)

Serial Mom (film), 11 Jun 53(AR) Servant problem, The, 11 Jun 5(IA) Seton-Watson, Christopher, Dunkirk - Alamein - Bologna, 18

Jun 34(R) Seven Experiments That Could Change the World, Rupert Sheldnake, 16 Apr 33(R) Sewell, Brian: his career as art critic, 21 May 39(AR), 4 Jun 28, 11 Jun 28, 18 Jun 28(L) Sex `rape crisis' feminism attacked, 15 Jan 25(R); the Bobbitt penis case and courtroom television, 22 Jan 16(A); an out-of- court settlement by Michael Jackson of sexual abuse charge, 29 Jan 16(A); the powerful homosexual lobby at work, 12 Feb 21(AA); more squeamish about sexual peccadilloes than the Victorians, 19 Feb 5(LA); no sex for service men ashore in Gibraltar, 19 Feb 20(A); a sex-obsessed novel, 19 Mar 34(R); men as the disposable sex, 19 Mar 36(R); buggery, 16 Apr 30(L); saucy postcards, 7 May 34(AR); President Clinton accused of sexual harassment, 21 May 5(LA); Taki on randi- ness, 11 Jun 56(A); a transvestite's memoirs, 18 Jun 36(R) Seymour-Smith, Martin, Hardy, 29 Jan 39(R) Seys, Rosemary, The Rhodora Letters, 8 Jan 25(R) Shadbolt, Maurice, The House of Strife, 15 Jan 30(R) Shadowlands (film), 5 Mar 45(AR) Shakespeare: bored producers meddle with the plays, 19 Mar 7(D) Shameful and insecure existence, A, 23 Apr 9(A) Shamir, Yitzhak, Summing Up: An Autobiography, 30 Apr 35(R), 18 Jun 25(L) Sharp edge of diplomacy, The, 22 Jan 11(A) Sheldnake, Rupert, Seven Experiments That Could Change the World, 16 Apr 33(R) Shipping: the wartime Arctic convoys, 26 Mar 32(R) Shops: many city centres and open spaces turned into shopping malls, 12 Mar 7(D); House of Fraser shops (except Harrods) sold, 26 Mar 21(CS); differences between the groups of supermarkets, 11 Jun 38(A) Shopping (film), 25 Jun 35(AR) Short Cute (film), 12 Mar 37(AR) Short stories: 12 Feb 25, 26 Feb 30(R); a very short story, 2 Apr 52(CO) Show trial by television, 18 Jun 20 (A) Silence in cows, 8 Jan 5(LA) Simmons, Charles, and Alexander Coleman, (ed.) selections from the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannic, 19 Mar 34(R) Simpson, Mark, Male Impersonators, 18 Jun 36(R) Simpson, 0.J.: accused of murder, 25 Jun 38(A) Sinclair, Andrew, In Love and Anger A View of the Sixties, 4 Jun 36(R) Sinnott, Kevin: exhibition, 2 Apr 43 (AR) Sire, H.J.A., The Knights of Malta, 7 May 21(AA) • Sir John Pritchard: His Life in Music, Helen Conway, 8 Jan 28(R) Sisman, Adam, Al?. Taylor A Biography, 22 Jan 23(R) Sisson, C.H., What and Who, 23 Apr 41(R) Sister Act 2 (film), 26 Mar 45 (AR) Sister Carrie, Theodore Dreiser, 26 Mar 38(R) Sixties, the, 4 Jun 36(R) Size isn't everything, 2 Apr 5(A) Sked, Alan: his UK Independence Party, 16 Apr 30(L) Skidelsky, Robert, Interests and Obsessions, 8 Jan 24(R) Skriker, The (Royal Court), 12 Feb 36(AR) Sky's the limit, old boy' 'The, 18 Jun 17(A) Slater, Michael, (ed.) Dickens's Journalism: Volume I, Sketches by Boz and Other Early Papers 1833.1839, 12 Mar 26(R) Small Town in Africa, A, Daisy Waugh, 30 Apr 32(R) Smiley, David, Irregular Regular, 12 Feb 28(R) Smiley, Jane, Sam Blind, 30 Apr 39(R) Smith, Barry, Peter Warlock: The Life of Philip Heseltine, 21 May 32(R) Smith, John: handicapped by the democratic character of shadow cabinet elections, 19 Feb 6(PC); dies from a heart attack, 21 May 4(PW), 21 May 19(A); cliches in tributes to him, 21 May 22(A); criticised by Lord Tebbit and the Conservatives' Campaign Guide, 21 May 6(PC); he was right about public spending, 21 May 24(CS) Smith, Sydney: an error corrected, 25 Jun 23(L) Smoking: a private members' Bill to ban all tobacco advertise- ments, 12 Jan 5(LA); 22 Jan 27(R); no smoking in the White House, 28 May 7(D) Smoot, George, and Keay Davidson, Wrinkles in Time, 1 Jan 24()

SnobbisRhness and elitism, 12 Feb 40(A)

Snow-boarding, 15 Jan 40(A) Social security and welfare: `community care' promises big sav- ings, 7 May 10(A); a family with £200 a week in state benefits, 11 Jun 8(AV)

Social unrest, back to basics and a touch of the Gay Cordons, 8 Jan

17(AA) SOCIETY LIFE Christmas in Gstaad, 1 Jan 32(A); Lady St Just, 26 Feb 47(A); Taki in Gstaad, 12 Mar 40(A); Lady Sienvenida' Duke, 19 Mar 48(A); death of Andrew Fraser, 26 Mar 46(A); Pamela Harriman, 7 May 38(A); Taki's dinners with presi4 dents, 14 May 47(A); Taki on Jackie Onassis, 28 May 48(A) Solokov, Alexei: exhibition, 22 Jan 35(AR) Solzhenitsyn, Alexander: returns to Russia, 11 Jun 11(A) Some Hope, Edward St Aubyn, 25 Jun 31(R) Something nasty in the tea-leaves, 8 Jan 16(A) Sorrow of War, The, Bao Ninh, 19 Feb 30(R) SOUTH AFRICA the all-race election is likely to lead to civil war, 15 Jan 8(AV); the rural Afrikaner and his leaders, 22 Jan 13(A), 5 Feb 24(L); the British defeat at Isandlwana, 29 Jan 25(L); the waning influence of Chief Buthelezi of KwaZulu, 19 Feb 14(A); a travel book, 19 Feb 31(R); has President de Klerk given too much away?, 26 Feb 8(AV); Mr Mandela wants a one-party state, 26 Feb 8(AV); General Vlljoen and his sup- porters, 26 Feb 8(AV); the violent build-up to the general election, 2 Apr 14(A); both sides want a liberal democracy and a modem consumerist society, 2 Apr 14(A); John Simpson on Johannesburg 18 years ago and now, 9 Apr 14(A); an encounter with a mob of Zulus, 16 Apr 11(A); how English-speaking South Africans are facing up to the prospect of black rule, 23 Apr 11(A); a general election with both blacks and whites voting without disturbances, 30 Apr 9(A), 7 May 25(CP); Buthelezi's party joins in the election, 30 Apr 10(A); one of the most divided societies on earth now intro- duces universal suffrage, 30 Apr 25(AA); its immense natural wealth, 30 Apr 25(AA); apartheid will now become the Great Excuse for every shortcoming, 7 May 25(CP); an all-encom- passing conspiracy to forget the past, 14 May 11(A); Nelson Mandela and his prison warder friend, 14 May 11(A); a South African cricket team to tour England, 18 Jun 23(A) South Bank Centre, the: could become London's central arts quarter, 18 Jun 39(AR) So very Surrey, 1 Jan 16(A) Soviet Russia: Stalin's mass murders and concentration camps, 12 Feb 9(A); a Russian double agent who worked with MI6 and the CIA, 5 Mar 15(A); Russia under the Bolsheviks, 2 Apr 36(R); a Soviet spymaster's memoirs, 14 May 33(R) Spain: travel by train, 29 Jan 35(A); Spanish artists exhibit in London, 19 Mar 43(AR); a literary companion, 2 Apr 34(R); a Spanish journey, 2 Apr 34(R); a portrait of King Juan Carlos, 14 May 35(R) Spain: A Literary Companion, Jimmy Burns, 2 Apr 34(R) Spark, Muriel, The Collected Stories, 26 Feb 30(R) Spear, Ruskin: exhibition, 16 Apr 42(AR) Spectator, The: a correction, 1 Jan 19(L); Giles Auty praised, 29 Jan 24(L); Conrad Black locked out of a Spectator board meeting, 19 Feb 7(D); three conflicting opinions about how to vote in the European elections, 4 Jun 5(LA), 6(PC), 9(A), 29(CP); Simon Heifer succeeded by Brian Johnson as politi- cal commentator, 25 Jun 6(PC) Spectator sport 1 Jan 39, 8 Jan 39,15 Jan 47, 22 Jan 47, 29 Jan 63, , 5 Feb 47, 12 Feb 47, 19 Feb 47, 26 Feb 55, 5 Mar 55, 12 Mar 47, 19 Mar 55, 26 Mar 55, 2 Apr 55, 9 Apr 47, 16 Apr 55, 23 Apr 55, 30 Apr 55, 7 May 47, 14 May 55, 21 May 63, 28 May 55, 4 Jun 55,11 Jun 63, 18 Jun 55, 25 Jun 47(S) Spectator wine club offers: 29 Jan 57, 26 Feb 49(A), 26 Mar 25(L), 49(A), 23 Apr 49, 21 May 57, 18 Jun 49(A) Spender, Stephen, Dolphins, 26 Feb 37(R) Spiders, 23 Apr 37(R) Spielrein, Sabrina, 19 Feb 33(R) Sport: compulsory games at school, 19 Mar 7(D); Murray Walker's motor racing commentaries, 23 Apr 55(5); two motor racing drivers killed, 7 May 5(LA); the courting of dan- ger justified, 7 May 5(IA); see also individual sports SPYING AND INTELLIGENCE Chapman Pincher's spy-watching, 8 Jan 24(R); Philby and Commander Crabb, 5 Feb 27(R); David Smiley in Albania, 12 Feb 28(R); a bogus Russian conspiracy, 26 Feb 13(A); a Soviet double agent who worked for MI6, 5 Mar 15(A); state- sponsored industrial espionage, 9 Apr 18(A); Wilhelm It's `plot to bring down the British Empire', 30 Apr 38(R); a Soviet spy-master's memoirs, 14 May 33(R); Stella Rimington's Richard Dimbleby lecture, 18 Jun 46(AR) Squashed strawberry leaves and the coward skulking in No. 10, 26 Feb 26(AA) Staffordshire: its character and diversity, 5 Feb 21(A) Stalin: why his crimes have received less publicity than even the Holocaust, 12 Feb 9(A) Stalingrad (film): Taki's 'best war film ever', 4 Jun 45(A) Stanford, Peter, Lord Longford. A Life, 14 May 7 (AV), 4 Jun 33(R) Stendhal, Jonathan Keates, 25 Jun 25(R) Stichomythian poem, a, 11 Jun 60(CO) STOCK EXCHANGE AND THE CITY, THE market conditions favour the rentier, 1 Jan 7(A); non-execu- tive directors, 22 Jan 21(CS); emerging markets, 22 Jan 21(CS); annual general meetings and reports, 29 Jan 7(D); gilt-edged stock, 29 Jan 23(CS); the Lord Mayor's cat, 29 Jan 23(CS); the Fayeds' House of Fraser stores to be floated, 5 Feb 16(A); the demolition of City churches, 5 Feb 23(CS); the role of non-executive directors, 12 Feb 22(CS); a history of the City of London, 12 Feb 30 (R); happy position of British company chairmen working in the US, 19 Feb 23(CS); retroactive fraud, 19 Feb 23(CS); George Soros's misfortunes in the markets, 5 Mar 26(L); Britain's invisible exports, 26 Mar 21(CS); `financial pasties' (City pages), 16 Apr 26(CS); • financial advisers, 16 Apr 26(CS); a financial bookmaker, 16 Apr 26(CS); Lloyd's Names suing agents, 30 Apr 26(CS); the Cadbury code of corporate governance, 21 May 24, 18 Jun 26, 25 Jun 22(CS); the Treasury building, 21 May 24(CS); Henry Grunfeld still goes to his office at 90, 4 Jun 26(CS); a week of City dinners, 11 Jun 26(CS); costing HSBC meetings, 11 Jun 26(CS); how head-hunters operate, 18 Jun 17(A); compliance and non-compliance with the Cadbury code, 18 Jun 21, 25 Jun 22(CS); a belated knighthood for the Lord Mayor, 18 Jun 26(CS); Enterprise Oil bids for Lasmo, 25 Jun 22 (CS) Stoye, John, Marsigli's Europe, 1680-1730, 9 Apr 32(R) Strange death of Liberal Democrat England, The, 18 Jun 8(PC) Strikes: a strike at the BBC over performance-related pay, 4 Jun 23(A) Striking Distance (film), 23 Apr 44(AR) Strong and secret character, A, 14 May 22(A) Strong stench of putrefaction from a curried Parliament, A, 12 Mar 21(AA) Stupid or evil?, 9 Apr 7(1A) Subverting Scotland's Past, Colin Kidd, 8 Jan 28(R) Sudoplatov, Pavel, The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness: A Soviet Spyrnaster (foreward by Robert Conquest), 14 May 33(R) Suez: the Suez lie, 19 Mar 49(A) Suicide: Stephen Milligan, MP., 19 Feb 8(AV); the motivation of young people, 9 Apr 20(M); suicides by friends of President Mitterrand, 16 Apr 18(A) Summer wine and food articles, 11 Jun 31-39(A) Summing Up: An Autobiography, Yitzhak Shamir, 30 Apr 35(R) Summits: a Clinton-Yeltsin summit, 22 Jan 9(A); nine nations missing from the Group of Fifteen meeting, 2 Apr 28(CS); a summit meeting in Corfu, 25 Jun 9(A) Sunset Boulevard (Adelphi), 30 Apr 42(AR) Supermarkets, 11 Jun 38(A) Surrey: its people and its characteristics, 1 Jan 16(A) Suyin, Han, Eldest Son: Zhou Enlai and the Making of Modern China, 9 Apr 30(R) Swearing allegiance to Widow Twanky, 14 May 18(A) Swear words, 2 Apr 45(AR) Sweet Bird of Youth (National), 25 Jun 37 (AR) Sweet Charity (Battersea Arts Centre), 5 Mar 43(AR)


Tabula Rasa, 4 Jun 34(P) Tag that enables me to differentiate myself from the lumpen English mass, The, 9 Apr 24(CP) Take your seats on the White Cliffs for the coming Continental earthquake, 26 Mar 20(AA) Taki: offers a bottle of retsina, 19 Mar 49(A), 2 Apr 30(L); 14 May 31(L) Tlpies, Anton; exhibition, 23 Apr 42(AR) Tasmania: homosexuality still illegal, 21 May I2(A), 18 Jun 27(L) TAXATION those brown Inland Revenue envelopes, 8 Jan 18(CS); Tax Freedom Day, 8 Jan 18(CS); how the tax income is spent, 8 Jan 18(CS); total tax revenue for the year is £241 billion, 8 Jan 18(CS); the attitudes of Labour and Conservatives to the rate of income tax, 29 Jan 8(AV); 5 Feb 24(L); paying gas bills in advance to avoid fuel tax, 26 Mar 21 (CS); house own- ership and funded pensions under review, 11 Jun 26(CS) Taxing interlude for the man who would be king A, 29 Jan 6(PC) Taxis: a ride to Hungerford at the BBC's expense, 16 Apr 7(D) Taxpayer writes, A; Dear Inland Revenue, why don't you spend it on me?, 8 Jan 18(CS) Taxpaying peasants revolt, The - let that be a warning to Treasury ministers, 22 Jan 21(CS) Taylor, A.J.P.: two biographies, 22 Jan 23(R) Taylor, Andrew, Odd Man Out, 15 Jan 31(R) Tebbit, Lord: an apology, 28 May 6(PC) Telephone exchange of life, The, 11 Jun 12(A) Telephones: portable telephones, 19 Feb 23(CS); analogue and digital transmission of sound, 11 Jun I2(A), 18 Jun 27(L) TELEVISION

Camp Christmas and Chef?, 1 Jan 32(AR); Middlemarch, 15 Jan 40, 19 Feb 39(AR), 26 Feb 48(A); great composers of the past filmed at rehearsal, 22 Jan 34(AR); Question Time with David Dimbleby, 22 Jan 40(AR); The Day Today on news pre- sentation, 29 Jan 54(AR); the Squeegies, 5 Feb 39(AR); two tired series, Love Hurts and Minder, 12 Feb 38(AR); Without Walls, 26 Feb 46(AR); Andrew, Weston-Webb in Forty Minutes, 5 Mar 47(AR); Sister Wendy's grand tour of gal- leries, 12 Mar 39(AR); Toys for the Boys, 12 Mar 39(AR); the reporting of murder cases, 19 Mar 47 (AR); Video Nation, 19 Mar 48(AR); car programmes, 26 Mar 45 (AR); Auberon Waugh on swear words, 2 Apr 45 (AR); Outside Edge (sit- com), 2 Apr 46(AR); a film biography of Kris Kristofferson, 9 Apr 38(AR); TV reviewers attacked, 16 Apr 46(AR); the effect of video violence on children, 16 Apr 46(AR); The Knock, 23 Apr 46(AR); Dawn French on The South Bank Show, 23 Apr 46(AR); The hunt for Michael Jackson, 30 Apr 46(AR); True Brits (the FCO), 30 Apr 46(AR); Battle of the Bikes and Dusty Springfield 7 May 38(AR); Cable News Network (CNN), the first global TV news network, 14 May 8(A); Roddy Doyle's Family; 14 May 46(AR); The Late Show criticised, 14 May 42(AR), 21 May 26(L); cable television, 21

Harris, Martyn, 1 Jan 32, 22 Jan 40 , 29 Jan 54, 5 Feb 39, 12 Feb 38, 19 Feb 39, 26 Feb 46, 5 Mar 47, 12 Mar 38, 19 Mar 47, 26 Mar 45, 2 Apr 45, 9 Apr 38, 16 Apr 46, 23 Apr 46(AR), 30 Apr 18(A), 7 May 38, 14 May 46, 21 May 52, 28 May 47, 4 Jun 45, 11 Jun 56(AR), 25 Jun 14(A), 38(AR) Harris, Robert, 2 Apr 7, 9 Apr 9, 16 Apr 9, 23 Apr 7(D) Harrod, Tanya, 5 Feb 35(AR), 16 Apr 33(R), 21 May 45(AR) Hartnett, David, 26 Mar 38(P) Harvey, Francis, 14 May 39(P) Harvey, Matt, 7 May 28(P) Hefter, Simon, 1 Jan 21(R), 8 Jan 6(PC), 15 Jan 6, 22 Jan 6, 29 Jan 6(PC), 5 Feb 8(A), 12 Feb 6(PC), 19 Feb 6, 26 Feb 6, 5 Mar 6, 12 Mar 6, 19 Mar 6. 26 Mar 6, 2 Apr 6, 9 Apr 8, 16 Apr 6, 23 Apr 6, 7 May 6(PC), 14 May 12(A), 34(R), 21 May 6, 28 May 6, 4 Jun 6, 11 Jun 6, 18 Jun 8, 25 Jun 6(PC), 33(AR) Henderson, Sir Nicholas, 30 Apr 31(R) Hendry, Diana, 30 Apr 39(P) Henshall, John, 9 Apr 34(AR) Hillier, Bevis, 4 Jun 33(R) Hinny, Tom, 26 Feb 34, 5 Mar 39, 14 May 38(R) Hislop, Ian, 15 Jan 40(AR) Hodgkinson, Liz, 16 Apr 23,18 Jun 20(A) Holland, Jack, 26 Feb 20(A) Holloway, Geoffrey, 26 Feb 38(P) Holloway, Robin, 22 Jan 34, 19 Feb 38, 19 Mar 43, 7 May 37, 28 May 42, 25 Jun 36(AR) Hopkins, Tim, 18 Jun 38(P) Howard, Anthony, 29 Jan 48, 28 May 32(R) Howse, Christopher, 29 Jan 32(A) Hudson, Christopher, 29 Jan 43, 19 Mar 34(R) Hughes-Onslow, James, 23 Apr 20(A) Hulse, Michael, 11 Jun 45(R) Infante, G. Cabrera, 22 Jan 31(R) Jacobs, Eric, 19 Feb 29, 2 Apr 33(R) laspistos, 1 Jan 36, 8 Jan 36, 15 Jan 44, 22 Jan 44, 29 Jan 58, 5 Feb 44, 12 Feb 44, 19 Feb 44, 26 Feb 52, 5 Mar 52, 12 Mar 44, 19 Mar 52 26 Mar 52, 2 Apr 52, 9 Apr 44, 16 Apr 52, 23 Apr 52, 30 Apr 52, 7 May 44, 14 May 52, 21 May 60, 28 May 52, 4 Jun 52, 11 Jun 60, 18 Jun 52, 25 Jun 44(CO) Jenkins, Simon, 1 Jan 13(A), 9 Apr 24(CP), 16 Apr 31, 23 Apr 29, 30 Apr 29, 7 May 25, 14 May 32, 21 May 28, 28 May 29, 4 Jun 29, 11 Jun 29, 18 Jun 30, 25 Jun 24(CP) Jennings, Elizabeth, 19 Feb 32(P) Johns, Richard, 9 Apr 26(R) Johnson, Boris, 8 Jan 9, 26 Mar 16, 9 Apr 12, 18 Jun 13(A) Johnson, Paul, 1 Jan 18, 8 Jan 17, 15 Jan 22, 22 Jan 20, 29 Jan 21, 5 Feb 22, 12 Feb 21, 19 Feb 22, 26 Feb 26(AA), 35(R), 5 Mar 24(AA), 12 Mar 21, 19 Mar 24, 26 Mar 20, 2 Apr 26, 9 Apr 22, 23 Apr 25, 30 Apr 25, 7 May 21,14 May 26, 21 May 23, 28 May 25, 4 Jun 25,11 Jun 24,18 Jun 25, 25 Jun 21(AA) Joll, Evelyn, 19 Mar 38(R) JoLliffe, John, 15 Jan 29, 19 Mar 39(R) Judd, Alan, 19 Mar 19(A) Kavanagh, PJ., 1 Jan 23, 5 Feb 30, 5 Mar 41, 2 Apr 37, 7 May 33, 4 Jun 35(LL) Keane, Fergal, 22 Jan 13,19 Feb 14(A) Keates, Jonathan, 18 Jun 31(R) Keating, Frank, 1 Jan 39, 8 Jan 39, 15 Jan 47, 22 Jan 47, 29 Jan 63, 5 Feb 47, 12 Feb 47, 19 Feb 47, 26 Feb 55(S), 5 Mar 40(R), 12 Mar 47(5), 19 Mar 55, 26 Mar 55, 2 Apr 55, 9 Apr 47, 16 Apr 55, 23 Apr 55, 30 Apr 55, 7 May 47, 14 May 55, 21 May 63, 28 May 55, 4 Jun 55,18 Jun 55, 25 Jun 47(S) Keene, Raymond, I Jan 36, 8 Jan 36, 15 Jan 44, 22 Jan 44, 29 Jan 58, 5 Feb 44, 12 Feb 44, 19 Feb 44, 26 Feb 52, 5 Mar 52, 12 Mar 44, 19 Mar 52, 26 Mar 52, 2 Apr 52, 9 Apr 44, 16 Apr 52, 23 Apr 52, 30 Apr 52, 7 May 44, 14 May 52, 21 May 60, 28 May 52, 4 Jun 52, 11 Jun 60, 18 Jun 52, 25 Jun 44(A) Kelly, Michael, 12 Feb 26(P) Kenny, Andrew, 12 Mar 9, 2 Apr 14(A) Killen, Mary, 1 Jan 39, 8 Jan 39, 15 Jan 47, 22 Jan 47, 29 Jan 63, 5 Feb 47, 12 Feb 47, 19 Feb 47, 26 Feb 55, 5 Mar 55, 12 Mar 47, 19 Mar 55, 26 Mar 55, 2 Apr 55, 9 Apr 47, 16 Apr 55, 23 Apr 55, 30 Apr 55, 7 May 47, 14 May 55, 21 May 63, 28 May 55, 4 Jun 55, 11 Jun 63, 18 Jun 55, 25 Jun 47(A) King, Francis, 1 Jan 22, 8 Jan 22, 26 Feb 38, 5 Mar 34, 21 May 34, 18 Jun 32(R) Kington, Miles, 28 May 20(A) Koenig, Rhoda, 26 Mar 38(R) Lamb, Christina, 12 Feb 18(A) Lamb, Richard 28 May 40(R) Laughland, John, 16 Apr 18(A) Lawson, Dominic, 19 Feb 7, 28 May 7(D) Lawson, Nigella, 16 Apr 50, 30 Apr 50, 14 May 50, 28 May 50, 11 Jun 31,25 Jun 42(A) Lawson-Tancred, Hugh, 1 Jan 34(R) Lee, Rebecca, 19 Mar 11(A) Leith, William, 15 Jan 25(R) Levi, Peter, 12 Mar 28, 26 Mar 34(R) Linklater, Andro, 5 Mar 38,19 Mar 36, 30 Apr 33, 28 May 37(R) Links, J.G., 29 Jan 45(R) Lively, Penelope, 23 Apr 38(R) Loyd, John, 11 Jun 11(A) Logan, Stephen, 8 Jan 23(R) Lucas, Edward, 26 Feb 13(A) Lyeen Green, Candida, 14 May 22(A) Lydiate, Henry, 21 May 42(AR) McAlpine, Alistair (Lord McAlpine), 22 Jan 36, 19 Feb 39, 19 Mar 46, 23 Apr 45, 21 May 50,18 Jun 43(AR) McElvoy, Anne, 22 Jan 9, 9 Apr 16(A) McEwen, John, 12 Feb 33,19 Mar 39(R) Macintyre, Angus, 8 Jan 24(R) Maclean, Charles, 12 Feb 27(R) McMahon, Kit, 19 Feb 30(R) Maddicott, J.R., 12 Feb 32(P) Maddocks, Fiona, 8 Jan 28, 9 Apr 27, 21 May 32(R) Malcolm, Noel, 5 Mar 8,11 Jun 9(A) Mappin, Sir Charles, 23 Apr 23, 30 Apr 22, 7 May 19, 14 May

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