25 MARCH 1899, Page 2

In the House of Lords on Monday Lord Salisbury made

an interesting statement as to the position of Major Martyr, who commands a portion of the ill-starred expedition which Major Macdonald was to have led towards the Nile from Uganda to meet Lord Kitchener, but which, owing to the Sondanese mutiny, was unable to accomplish its object. Major Martyr started down the Nile last summer in order to join hands with the Sirdar. He seems, however, to have been unable to get beyond a place called Bedden owing to the Suold,—that is, the "Sargasso Sea," in the channel of the Nile. Possibly when the Nile is again high he will be able to get down. It is now low Nile. If he cannot get through he must return to Uganda. His attempt to find or make a navigable channel will be watched with great interest. 'and it is to be hoped, should Dervish conditions be favourable, that he may be able to get some help from an expedition working to meet him from Fashoda and the South.