25 MARCH 1899, Page 21

The Church and its Accusers. By Joseph Hammond, LL.B. (Skeffington

and Sons.)—This volume contains six addresses, which have for their object to "-defend the Christian Church against the aspersions of the Nonconformists." Canon Hammond's tone is reasonable and moderate, though he is, we think, inclined to minimise the movement towards exclusion, which is, after all, the chief cause of Nonconformist bitternees. The rigour with widoh the maxim naZia Balsa eztta ezelesianz is applied as between the Church and Dissent has we greatly fear increased within the last thirty years. In face of this courtesy of manner does not go very far. What, too, has Canon Hammond to say to the claim that every doctrine and practice, not forbidden at the Reforma- tion, is permissible ? It is no good to tell an assailant that the Articles are anti-Roman, when he can retort that the Articles are treated with absolute contempt by a powerful and energetic section of the clergy.