25 MARCH 1995, Page 13

Will of the week

Rt Hon. Edward John Stanley, 18th Earl of DERBY, MC, of Knowsley Hall, Prescot, Merseyside, the racehorse- owner and member of the Jockey Club, patron of the Derby Awards made annually to outstanding racing personal- ities by the Horserace Writers' Associa- tion, and a former President of the Rugby Football League and the Profes- sional Golfers Association, who died on Nov. 28th last, aged 76, left unsettled estate valued at £44,148,712 gross, £43,212,465 net. He left the bronze stat- ue by John Skeaping of the stallion Hyperion situated on the road from Newmarket to Snailwell, to the Jockey Club, and he further forgave them the balance of a loan made in 1994, and the remainder of his estate variously to rela- tives and other personal legatees.