25 MARCH 2006, Page 24

‘Anathema’ of Lib Dems

From Cllr Ron Forrest

Sir: Kenneth Clarke’s belief (‘We must turn to the Liberals’, 18 March) that the Tories should prepare for coalition with the Liberal Democrats will be anathema to councillors like myself who have to confront them daily. A coalition with New Labour, although very unlikely, would be rather less absurd and slightly more workable.

It is at local government level that the Liberal Democrats have shown themselves for what they are: profligate, inefficient and totally lacking in principle. When it comes to fighting elections they stoop to any trick that they think the law, if not common decency, will allow. Most of their policies, which often seem merely to reflect the wishes of the last person they have spoken to, vary from constituency to constituency.

What is certain about their policies is that they are fully signed-up Euro-federalists with a commitment to the European constitution and the euro. Perhaps this is what attracts Clarke to them?

Ron Forrest

Somerset County Council, Taunton