25 MAY 1934, Page 42

This Company has issued a very satisfactory report covering the

operations for 1933, - The; profit from. the Fire account was particularly good, amounting tii£501,64`eoniAred with only .1281,000 in the preVious yearimhile from4heAccident account the profit was £107,000, against £34,030. Fire profits repre- ; :.(attatiala3.4 on page

Financial Notes

(Continued from page 838.) rented as muclf'as 9.06 per cent, of the premiums, against only ,.9 eer cent. in the previous year, while in the Accident branch they were 2.14 per cent., against less than 11 per cent. The Dividend is maintained at the rate of Os. 6d. per share. The figures of the Life Department were also good, the new business approaching £4,000;000 and the. Life Funds exceed £25,500,000, while the total Funds of the Company amount to £44,493,000, after provision for the final dividend for 1933, and all current liabilities, including Debenture Stock. The 10s. paid shares stand at about £8 5s., thus giving a yield of a little under 4 per cent.

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