25 MAY 1934, Page 6

It really looks as though -Covent Garden were more bent

on irritating than on gratifying the public. There must, I suppose, be some profound reason why the programme should never be announced for more than a week ahead, if that. The inevitable result, of course, is that everyone who wants to see a particular opera makes an immediate dash for the single performance advertised, since no one knows when the performances after that will be, and all moderate-priced tickets become immediately unobtainable. You can, it is true, book blind for one night the week after next and hope there may be something that night that interests you. But if,. having failed to get any reasonably-priced ticket for, say, Die .illeistersinger. next Monday you want to book for a later performance, it turns out that no one—even, appar-. ently, at Covent Garden itself—knows when, if ever, Die Meistersinger will come on again. They do things very differently from that in Berlin and Paris and Vienna.