25 MAY 1934, Page 6

The. decision of Vassar to allow its students to marry

and continue as students raises a good many interesting questions. The avowed reason is the number of secret marriages (and possibly of less regular unions) contracted as things are. The students, moreover, are apparently clamouring for marriage without the delay involved in . taking a degree. And where Vassar has led Smith and Wellesley and Brynmawr and the rest are said to be likely to follow. But not, I trust, Girton and Newnham, Somerville and Lady Margaret. If the unsettlement due to secret marriages is incompatible with systematic study so is the unsettlement—or rather the distraction—of orthodox marriage, particularly if, as at. Vassar, the women students are still to live in what are there called dormitories and here hostels. To defer marriage till the not inordinately advanced age of, say, twenty-two, is a hardship to no one, and young women who cannot recon- cile themselves to that are hardly likely to be the type to profit most by a degree course at a university,