25 NOVEMBER 1843, Page 2

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Tin stay of the Duke of Nemours at Windsor, so far as what appears in public, has been principally distinguished by his assiduity in field sports. On Saturday, Prince Albert and the Duke went to Datchett Common to hunt with the harriers : two hares were found, and killed near Horton. The Queen and the Dutchess of Nemours, accompanied by a numerous train of visiters and attendants, drove to the common in a pony-phaeton, and witnessed part of the sport. On Monday, the Duke and Prince.Albert went shooting in the preserves. On Tuesday, they hunted with the buck-hounds ; throwing off at Hillingdon, and running nearly to Harrow and back.

On Sunday, the Duke and Dutchess attended divine service in the Clewer Catholic chapeL The Duke of Nemours left the Castle, attended by Captain de Reille, on Wednesday, to visit the Earl of Wilton, at Melton Mowbray, "for the purpose of enjoying a real Leicestershire fox-hunt." He returned yesterday. The Queen has taken frequent walks and rides with the Dutchess her guest.

Among the visiters at the Castle have been, the Earl of Devon, the Duke of Buccleuch, the Duke of Richmond and Lady Caroline Lennox, Sir Henry Wheatley, the Marquis of Exeter, the Earl of Liverpool, the Earl of Jersey, the Earl of Ripon the Count de Bohan Chabot, Sir Robert Peel, Admiral Casey, the Earl of Aberdeen, Mr. Henry Lytton Bu/wer, Lord Portman, and the Earl of Lincoln ; several of whom have taken their departure.

The Earl of Jersey had an audience of the Queen on Thursday ; Sir Robert Peel had an audience yesterday. Tuesday was the birthday of the Princess Royal, announced by the usual sounds of public rejoicing. A military band played a serenade under her window in the morning ; and in the latter part of the day the Queen gave a banquet and evening-party.

The Dutchess of Gloucester has continued unwell all the week, but is now going on favourably. The Royal Family have sent to make daily inquiries and the Duke of Cambridge visited the Dutchess on Saturday and Wednesday.

The Duke of Cambridge left town on Wednesday, to visit Mr. Sloane Stanley, at his seat, Paulton's, in Hampshire.

The Standard gives a corrected report as to the visits which the Queen intends to pay in Staffordshire and Derbyshire- " We believe that it is her Majesty's intention to honour Sir Robert Peel with a visit at his residence at Drayton Manor, on Tuesday the 28th instant. Her Majesty will proceed from Windsor Castle to Watford, and thence by rail- way to Drayton Manor; to remain till Friday the 1st December ; when her Majesty will go on visit to his Grace the Duke of Devonshire. On Monday the 4th December, the Queen will honour the Duke of Rutland with a visit at Belvoir Castle, and return to Windsor Castle on the 7th. Her Majesty will be accompanied by his Royal Highness Prince Albert; and we learn that her Majesty the Queen Dowager has signified to Sir Robert Peel her intention to join the Royal party at Drayton Manor on the 29th instant: an that the rk ..n lee will have the distinguished honour of receiving in his house at the same time his Sovereign and her illustrious Consort, and her Majesty the Queen Dowager, with their respective suites and attendants."