25 NOVEMBER 1843, Page 20



On the 6th November, at Aberdeen, the Lady of the Rev. Sir WILLIAM DUISBAH, of Darn. Bart, of a daughter.

On the 8th, at the Rectory House, Cheriton2Fitzpaine, the Lady of the Rev. W. H. ARITEDEL, of a SOU.

Os the 11th. at Heavitree, the Lady of Major SEMPLE, of a son. On the 14th. at Oughterard, county Galway, the Lady of Captain H. D. O'HALLoRAN, SiEty.ninth Regiment, of a daughter. On the 16th, at Pearl Hill, near Southampton, the Hon. Mrs. HARRIS. of a son. On the 18th, the Lady of E. A. HOLDER, Esq., of Aston Hall, Derbyshire, of a son. On the 19th. in Chesham Place, the Countess of ARUNDEL aud Sumter, of a daughter. On the 19th, at Glasgow. the Lady of the Rev. Lams PAGE Meacrza, of a daughter. On the 29th, at Bolton.le-Moor, the Lady of Lieutenant- Colouel MALET, Eighth (or Kiug's) Regiment, of a sou. On the 2Ist. at Stafford House, the Dutchess of SUTHERLAND, of a son. On the 21st, at Cranhill House. near Bath, the Wife of Suarez DIGHT, Esq., of a daughter.

At Norton Rectory, Suffolk, the Lady of' the Rev. Dr. DICKENS, of a son. MARRIAGES.

On the 10th August, at Neemuch, Captain W. H. IticEARDs, Deputy Judge Advocate. General, to CATHERINE GEoEorANA, eldest daughter of the late Rear-Admiral the Hon. FRANCIS FARRINGTON GARDNER.

On the 4th November, Lieutenant LIONEL MEAD PLACE, or her Majesty's ship Qaeeu, youngest son of the late Rev. John Conyers Place. of Maruhull, Dorset. to ANNIE, daughter of the late SAMUEL Wool:moose, Esq., of Nuley Hall, Cheshire.

Oo the 14th, GEORGE, fourth son of WILLIAM MITCHELL INNEs, Esq., of Parson's Green, near Edinburgh, to MARY LILLIAS, eldest daughter of the Rev. EDWIN SANDYS LUMSDAINE, of Lumsdaine, and Rector of Upper Hardres, Kent.

On the 15th, at Craigdarroch. Dumfriesshire, Jona GEosoE JARVIS. Esq., Captain Fifty-second Light Infantry, third sou of Colouel Jarvis. of Doddington Hall, Liucoln- shire, to PHILADELPHIA. youngest daughter of the late GEORGE H. JENKIN, Esq.

On the 15th, at Beath House, RODERICK MACKENZIE, of Flowerburn, to tisaairr, daughter of Colonel GROGAN, of Seafield, Howth. Ou the 16th, at Cheltenham, Harm ADOLPHUS SHUCHBURCHI, Esq., Captain of the Fortieth Regiment Bengal Native Infantry, youngest sou of the late Sir Stewkley Shackburgh, Bart., of Shuckburgh Park, Warwickshire, to Ssa.su Eusentra, daughter of the late WILLIAM DWARRIS, Esq., of Golden Grove. Jamaica.

On the 16th, at Brighton, the Rev. F. M. CUNNINGHAM, Curate of Lowestoft, son of the Rev. J. W: Cunningham, Vicar of Harrow, to Atace CRARLorre, eldest daughter of the late and sister of the present Sir EDWARD Pooair. Bart., of Cuffnalls, Hampshire. On the 21st, at St. George's. Hanover Square, Captain Court MACKENZIE. of the Madras Army, to Hum; CATHERINE. eldest daughter of Admiral Joan Emmons Ducrouss, of Charles Street, Berkeley Square. On the 22,1. Count GioLiocci, of Ferme, in the Roman States, to CLARA, fourth daughter of Mr. VINCE/Cr NOVELL°. of Craven Hill, Bayswater.

On the 22d, at West Ham, Essex, CRazu.sa Ness, Esq.. of the Grange. Hinitou, Cam- bridgeshire, E0 CATHERINE, daughter of the IMO ROBERT WAYLIN, ESQ., of Devizes, Wilts. At York, Thomas GARNEDr. Esq., of Bingley, to MARoARwr,daughter of the late Rey. JOHN OoLE, M.A., Rector of Hunsingore.


On the-19th June, at the residence of her father, Sir Robert Sale, Kowssolee, Ju Wife of Lieutenant James G. Holmes. Third Native Cavalry.

On the 6th August, at Senates. Colonel WREDENBALL Rosewr Poosow, commanding Forty.seveuth Regiment of Bengal Infantry, fourth son of the late Bedingaeld Pogsou, Esq., of Sutton. Surrey; in his 57th year.

On the 7th November, the Rev. JAMES PURCELL, Vicar of Worminghall, Burks; in his 49di year.

On the 131h, at Hammersmith. Lieutenant-Colonel WILLIAMS INGLEBY, late of the Fifty-third Regiment of Foot; in his 61st veer. On the 14th, by an accident, the Rev. "J. M. CRocserr, Incumbent of ratenffill, near Barton-on-Trent.

On the 17th. at Lodge Raad, Regent's Park, RICHARD CHAMBERS, Esq., of Cradley Hall, Herefordshire, a Magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant for Hereford and Worcester; In his 71st year.

OR the 17th, at Hampton, RICHARD BRIGHT, third SOD or Sir WILLIAM For.LETr, M.P., in his 3d year.

On the 18th. at Cheltenham, CuARLes BARTON. Esq.. Barrister at-Law, the author of many valuable works on Conveyancing; in his 75th year. On the 18th, at Brompton„ Middlesex, JOHN ALEXANDER, Esq.; in his 94th year.

On the 19th, at Berated Lodge, Boguor, the Countess of MAYO, one of the Ladies ha Waiting upon the Queen Dowager.

On the 19th, at the Rectory. High Hoyland, near Barnsley. Yorkshire. the Rev. SAMUEL FENNELL, DO., formerly Fellow and Tutor of Queen's College, Cambridge, and late Principal of the West Riding Proprietary School at Wakefield.

On the 19th. at Poo!e, Dorsetshire, T. JOHNSTONE AIME, M.D.. F.R.C.S.E, and M.R.C.P.L.• iu his 43,1 year. He was for many 3 ears connected with the School of Medicine in 'Edinburgh, and was a successful teacher of many branches of medical science. He published a work on Physiology in 1838, which. with his other qualifica-

tious, as a lecturer, secured for him a high rank in the profession. His loss as a Physician u ill be much felt in the neighbourhood. On the 201h, at Elvetham, GEORGE Amos, second son of the Hon. FEEDERICK and Lady CHARLarrE CALTHORPE; in his 17th year. On the 20th, at Red Lion Square, MARY, the Wife of SHARON TURNER, Esq., of Wiuchmore Hill ; in her 67th year. On the 20th, at Fitzwilliam Lodge, Booterstown, near Dublin. the Countess of Ros- common; in her 38th year. On the 21st. near Castlemacgarrett, by the accidental explosion of his gnu, the Hon HENRY BRONZE/I, youngest son of Lord ORANMORE. At Edinburgh, Colonel ALEXANDER CAMPBELL. formerly one of the Commissionets of Excise.