25 NOVEMBER 1843, Page 20


Tuesday, Nov. 21.


Edmondson and Spence. Bradford, accountants-Panting and Holloway. Malmes. bury, brokers-Smith and Robins, Strand, printers-Richardson and to. Golden Square. attornies; as far as regards H. J. Jones-Cooke suit Co. Liverpool. wool. staplers-Hopkiu and Co. Burslem, earthenware manufacturers-T. W. and J. Horne, Bankside, coal.merchauts- Cuff and Strachan, Brightou, hotel.keepers -J., H., and R. Dalton. Luddesdown, Kent, farmers ; as far as regards 11. Dalton -Barns and Ryder, Broad Street, Bloomsbury, tobacco-manufacturers-S. F. and G. Burstall, Kingston- upon.Hull. merchants-J. and H. Stoneham, Bedhamptou, Hampshire, millers-Phil- lips and Darley. Walsall, coach builders-Taylor aud Co. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, brewers-Smith and Co. Norwich. cabinet-makers -Vink and Co. Wapping, sail. makers-Fleming and Luudy. Kingston- upon- Hull,joiners-Urquhart and Co. Widnes, Lancashire, oil-manufacturers-Eshelly and Co. ship-brokers, Liverpool -111•Clellan and Rayson. Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, milliaers-Alders and Porter, Great Tower Street, merchants-Orton and Arnold, Uttoxeter, cheesefactors ; as far as regards

J. Orion. DECLARATIONS CM INSOLVENCY UNDER THE NEW ACT. Armstrong, Liverpool. schoolmaster-Thomson, Liverpool, unman-Watkins, Judd Street, watchmaker- Brester, Little Carter Lane, furrier-Burton, George Street. Hack- ney. clerk-Fowler, /Unwell. Somersetshire, brewer-41arratt. Shipton-on-Cherwell, Ox&rdshire, butcher-I. and W. Kilvington. Norton Street. Portland Place, cabinet- makers-Uglow, Aldersgate Street, out of tininess- Bytheway. Dudley, shoemaker-- Darliug, Triangle, Hackney-Terrell, Clarence Street. Rotherhithe, shipwright- Slater, Hackney Road, traveller-Burnham, Olney. Buckinghamshire, druggist's- assistaut-Bowtell, Bridge Road. Lambeth, out of business-Selwyn, Flat, Gloucester- shire, cattle-dealer. BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED. DAVIES, J. and R., Chiswell Street, drapers.


BARE, JOHN WOOLLAND, Bristol, currier, to surrender Dec. 5, Jan. 2: solicitors, Clarke and Co. Lincoln's inn; Smith, Bristol; official assignee. Morgan. Bristol. BALL, Jona, Hyde Park Corner. tailor, Dec. 1, Jan. 9: solicitor, Mr. Haddan, Lime Street Square ; official assignee, Mr. Greeu. Aldermanbury. BEST, EDWARD PANNE, Crutchedfriars, wiue-merchant, Dec. 9. Jan. 12: solicitor. Mr. Peachey, Salisbury Square; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place. BLUNDEN, RICHARD, Alton. plumber, Dec. 1, Jan. 2: solicitors, Johnson and Co. Temple; Cole and Co. Basingstoke; official assignee. rurquand, Old Jewry Chambers, Cootaos. JUKES, and PHIPPS. HARRY. Clement's Lane, iroumongers, Dec. I, Jan. 10: solicitor, Adcock, Copthall Buildings; official assignee, Lackington, Coleman Street. Dewsorr, CHARLES FREDERICK. Birmingham, victualler, Dec. 1, Jan. 5: solicitor, Mr. Bartlett, Birmingham ; official assignee. Mr. Christie, Birmingham. DIAMOND, HUGH WELCH, Frith Street. surgeon, Dec. 1. Jan. 1 : solicitor, Mr. Prothe- roe, Furnivars Inn; official assignee. Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry Chambers. FISHER, HENRY HOLMES, Bury Street. St. James's, tailor. Dec. 1, Jan. 12: solicitors, Messrs. Cook and Sanders, New Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Alichurck Lane.

HARRIS, Hexer, Lanaravon, Monmouthshire, shoemaker, Dec. 7, Jan. 3 solicitor, Mr. Harris; official assignee, Mr. Acraman. Bristol. HINXMAN, JOHN DONNIOER, Harley Street, wine-merchant. Doc. I. Jau.12: so!icitor, Mr. Watts, Bedford Row ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place.

Jones, SAMUEL. Cheapside. jeweller, Dec. 5. Jan. 10: solicitor. Mr. Handel], Birchia Lane; official assignee. Mr. Lackington, Coleman Street Buildings. KIMBER, THOMAS, North Cerney, Gloucestershire, farmer, Dec. 6, Jan. : solicitors, Messrs. Sewell and Newmarch, Cirencester; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol. LEEDER, CuLLum Dane, Billingford, Norfolk, cattle-dealer, Dec. 9, Jan. 12: solici- tors, Meesrs. Clarke and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields; Mr. Bethall, Norwich; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.

MAY, JOHN. Corsham, Wiltshire. victualler. Dec. 6, Jan. 3: solicitors, Messrs. Gold- ney and Fellow es, Chippenham; official assignee. Mr. Miller. Bristol.

NEWMAN, ARTHUR ArseaLey, High Street. Whitechapel, saddler, Dec. 1, Jan. 9: solicitors. Weir and Smith. Cooper's Hall ; official assignee, Green, Aldermanbury. RAPHEAL, MOSES, and NATHAN, AARON. Kingston.upon.11ull, silversmiths, Dec. 2 and 21: solicitors, Messrs. Peacock and Wilkin, Bartholomew Close; Mr. Boud, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Hope, Leeds. SAARLAND, THOMAS SAMUEL, Frome, linendraper, Dec. 5, Jan. 2: solicitor, Mr. Miller, Frome ; official assignee, Mr. Aeraman, Bristol. WHITE, GEORGE ZACHARIAS, Southampton, builder, Dec. 1. Jan. 5: solicitors, Gem and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields; official assignee, Johnson, Basiughall Street.

Worms, Junta MARRrorr, Drury Lane, silversmith, Dec. 1, Jan. 2: solicitor, Mr. Archer, Harper Street, Red Lion -Square : official assignee. Graham. Colemau Street.


Dec. 14, Miller, St. Martin's Lane, wine-merchant- Dec. 13, Charlton, Regent Street, lace-dealer-Dec. 13, Gilligan, Ham, baker-Dec. 12, Dauncy, Uley. Glouces- tershire, woollen.manufacturer -Dec. 13, Aarons. St. James's Place, Aldgate. oil' merchant- Dec. 19, Potter, New Bond Street, haberdasher-Dec. 12, George, Upper Berkeley Street, bookseller-Dec. 13, Rowe. Leicester, draper-Dec. 18, Hedderley, Nottingham, druggist-Dec. 20, Blackburn. Yorkshire, woolstapler -Dec. 20, Smith, Sheffield, innkeeper-Dec. 20, Ridsdale, Leeds, stuff-merchant-Dec. 20, Sauderson, Leeds, oolleudraper-Dec. 15, Waite, Leeds, cloth manufacturer-Dec. 16, Walker and Gray, Leeds, woolstaplers-Dec. 14, Caltlicott, Newport. Monmouthshire, grocer -Dec. 13, Hodgson, Sunderland, tea-dealer-Dec. 14, Bullen, Liverpool, brewer- Dec. 13, Smith, Worcester, attorney.


To be granted. unless muse be shown to the contrary, on the day of mectieg.

Dec. 12,3. W. and R. Gray, Bishop's Waltham, corn.dealers-Dec. 12, Barker and Bean, Argyll Street, tailors-Dec. 15, Beck, Leadenhall Street, ship broker-Dec. 13. Woodruff, Great Misaenden, innkeeper-Dec. 12, Hodgson, Sunderland, tea-dealer- Dec. 22, Marsden, Brynmawr, Breconshire, liuendraper-Dec. 18, Cambridge, Chel- tenham, wine.merchant - Dec. 13, Parker and Co. Sheffield, bankers- Dec. 16, Graham and Streader, Oldham, contractors.

n be granted, sinku cause be shown to the contrary. on or befvre Dec. 12. woollams, St. Alban's, silk-throwster -Yeatman,Lechlade, Gloucestershire, chemist -.Wilkinson, Dudley, vice-maker-Foster, Hathern. Leicestershire. termer- Little. dyke. Brudenell Place, New Noith Road, linendraper-Stevens. Britwell Salome, Ozfordshire, ironfouuder-Whiteley, Liverpool, hatter-Parsons. Loug Sutton, Lincoln. shire, surgeon-Hitchcock, Alrewas. Staffordshire, worsted manufacturer-Herbert. Gloucester, timber.merchant-Lythgoe, Liverpool. cooper-Frost, Bristol, baker- 30000, Canterbury, victualler- Blanks, Southininster. Essex, grocer.


Reed, Sunderland, shipbuilder; first div. of 6s. (on new proofs.) on Nov. 25. or any stIeceeding Saturday; Mr. Baker, Newcastle.upon.Tyne-Laidmau, Penrith, banker"; first div. of 5s. 20. on Nov. 25, or any succeeding Saturday; Mr. Baker. Newcastle- upon.Tyne-Atkinson, Temple Sowerby. Westmoreland, banker ; second div. of 714. (u addition to 10s, previously declared.) on Nov. 25, or any succeeding Saturday ; Mr. Baker, Newcastle.upon -Tyne-Atkinson aud Laidman. Penrith, bankers ; second and final div. of Md. and 54-100ths of a farthing, (in addition to 6d. previously declared.) on Nov. 25, or any succeeding Saturday ; Mr. Baker, Newcastle.upon Tyne-Beer and Bastick, St. Thomas the Apostle. Deyoushire, coal-merchant ; first div. of 6s. 6d.; and on the separate estate of Beer 20s. any day after Dec. 1; Mr. Hernamau, Exeter-At- kinson, Temple Sowerby, banker ; second div. of 9*. (in addition to 5s 10d. previously declared,) on Nov. 25, or any succeeding Saturday; Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon Tyne.


Baru= aud BLACK, Brechin. manufacturers. Nov. 27, Dec. 16. Btarst, J. H., Dundee, banker, Nov. 29, Dec. 20. Forms:sr, J., Hyndford, Lanark, farmer. Nov. 29, Dec. 20. LAW. J., Kilmarnock, grain.mercliant, Nov. 27, Dec. 19. MILNE, J., Glasgow, painter, Nov. 24. Dee. 22.

Friday, Nov. 24.


Barnes and Collingbourne. Coventry, pawnbrokers-Dodd and Russell. Manchester. fustian-manfacturers-Cuuliffe and Co. Manchester, hide dealers-Martin and Co. Hungerford Wharf. cement.manufacturens-Rigg and Pratt, Rawdon, Yorkshire, cloth- manufacturers-Pilling and Henley. Sunderland, brewers-J. and H. Huish, Derby, atternies-Barker and Carter, Scargill, Yorkshire, slate merchants-Regent Mills Small-ware Company, Salford, Lancashire-Day and Co. Halsted, Essex, wine-mer- chants-Hughes and Firmin. Rotherhithe, coal-minchants-May and Lidderdale, Aldermanbury, lace warehousemen-Pace and Farnworth. Liverpool. shipwrights- II. and C. Gurney. Old Street Road, wine-merchauts-Neilson and Co. Manchester, calico printers-Webb and Morgan. Chelmsford-Glils and Denton, Otley, Yorkshire, worsted-spinners; as far as regards Denton-WDonald and Auld, Glasgow, commis- sion agents.


Gray, Harborne, Staffordshire, victualler-Faucher, Cook's Grtind, Chelsea, dello- iug-master-Clark, Toxteth Park. Lancashire. parlor-Barker, Sheffield, silver-plater -Tytherleigh, Castle Street. Leicester Square, butcher-Shaw. Almondburv. York- shire, joiner-Hilton, Moore, Somersetsbire, clerk-Vaughan, Worcester, w Iiitesmith -Payne, Bath, dealer in tea-Phillips, Hope Street, Spitaltields, cabinet-maker-Far. rell. Manchester, fringe maunfacturer-Cockman. Taunton, out of busiuese-Jeacocke, Little Carter Lane, milliner - Crowther, Weston Street, Snow fields, losigiughouse. keeper-Selkirk. Spring Street. Bayswater, glass.cutter -Rawson. Manchester, clerk- Morley. Sussex Street, Bedford Square, collector-Ogden, Shouldham Street, coach- smith-Grosvenor, Tichborne Street. tobacconist-Saunders, Chatham. assistant in the Post-office there-Beards, Wolverbamptnn, victualler-Adcock, Southampton Street, Fitzroy Square, carpenter-Hodges. King's Head Row. Old Bromide% messenger- Bennett. Cutthorpe. Derbyshire. beer-house-keeper-Clay, Huddersfield, woollen cord manufacturer-Payne, Wapping Wall, mast-maker-Coates, Alpha Cottages, Kings. land, builder - Kerrisou, Hyde, provision-dealer - Bird. Tottenham Court Road,

upholsterer. BANKRUPTS.

Snows, Jona junior. Tydee, Monmouthshire, ironfounder, to surrender Dec. 8, Jan 4: solicitors. Mr. Hall, New Boswell Court ; and Messrs. Protheroe and Towgood, Newport, Monmouthshire ; official assignee. Mr. Hutton, Bristol.

BOTCHES, GEORGE, Holborn Hill, china-dealer, Dec. 1. Jan. 9: solicitors. Messrs. Weymouth and Green, Cateaton Street ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury. CHAPMAN, Coarru.nrs, Croydon. stationer, Dec. 5, Jan. 10: solicitors, Messrs. Elder- ton and Hoare. Lothbury; official assignee. Mr. Lackington, Coleman Street Buildiugs. DIOBY, Twines, Lower Clapton. corn-dealer, Dec. 12, Jan. 12: solicitors, Messrs. Sudlow and Co. Chancery Lane: official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry. Encase, hams ARCHIBALD, New Broad Street, merchant, Dec.5. Jan. 12: solicitors, Furrier and Wright, New Broad Street; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry. Lass, CHRISTOpHER, Wood Street. warehouseman, Dec. 5, Jan. 2: solicitor, Mr. Jones, Size Lane; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street Buildings. LOCKE. EDWARD, and MILLS, ALEXANDER Diczcsorr, Lawrence Pountney Hill, needle- manufacturers, Dec. 5, Jan. 5: solicitor, Mr. Fourdrinier, Lawrence l'ountney Hill ; official assignee, Mr. Graham. Coleman Street Buildings. Ileum, WILLIAM, Theifield, Hertfordshire, farmer, Dec. 1, Jan. 2; solicitors, Messrs. Brown and Co. Mincing Lane; official assignee. Mr. Turquaud, Old Jewry.

Sum, Joon, Old Kent Road, draper. Dec. 2, Jan. 12: solicitor, Mr. Jones, Sine Lane; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.


Dec. 19. Rooting and Jeffcoat, East Harding Street, booksellers-Dec. 19, Arm. strong. Blackheath, china-dealer-Dec 19, Walter, °audio, grocer -Dec. 19, Aelett, South Stoneham, Hampshire. grocer-Dec. 18, Sargent, Battle, woollendraper-Dec. 18, Binyon, Bell's Buildings, Salisbury Square, commission.agent -Dec. 15. Cotman, Norwich' draper-Dec. 15. Hopper. Moor Street, Soho, victualler-Dec. 19. Smith, Deptford Bridge, hatter-Dec. 15, Hobhouse and Co. Bath, bankers-Dec. 22, Jones, Tredegar. Monmouthshire, victualler-Dec. 20, Tregaskes, Bristol, victualler-Dec. 12, J. and W. Herring, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchants-Dec. 16, Pickslay, Shef- field, merchant-Dec. 22, Marsden. Northallertoo, mercer-Dec.22, Eastwood. Hud- dersfield woolslapler-Dec. 21, Squirer, Exeter, brush.maker -Dec. 28, Wood. Mau. chester, baker-Dec. 28, Lewis, Manchester, cotton-manufacturer-Dec. 20, Heap and Co. Padiltam, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-Dec. 20, Ryle, Manchester, banker-Dec.

21, Bradbury, Stockport, draper-Dec. 20, Caswell, Birmingham, glass-dealer-Dee. 22, Hughes, Birmingham, factor-Dec. 20, Duncan. Derby, engineer.


TO be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. Dec. 13, Vincent, Edmonton, schoolmaster-Dec. 21, 'Reynolds, Merton. silk printer -Dec. 15, Threadgold. Finsbury Circus, builder-Dec. 18. L. and W. Fenner, Fen- church Street, merchants-Dec. 19, Armstrong, Blackheath, china-dealer-Dec. 15, Gould, Liverpool. merchant-Dec. 16. E. T. and J. Hall. Leeds, flax spinners-Dee- 20. Simpson, Spalding, hatter-Dec. 20, Dorrall, Madeley, Shropshire, mercer-Dec. 26. Gordon and Co. Manchester, machine-makers.

Tube granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Dec. 15.

Sarin. Berners Street, artificial flower.mauufacturer-Jeans. Poole, postmaster- Rand G. Thorneycroft -Davis, Bath, architect-Rutter, Stockton•upon-Tees, grocer -Clarke and Mitchell, Leicester, bankers.


Chapman, Aylesbury, grocer; first div. of 3s. 5d. any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street-Thome, Warwick Square, printer; third div. of 31d. any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street.-Sharratt, Walsall, saddlers' ironmonger ; first div. of It. 10d. any Thursday ; Mr. Valpy, Birmingham-Brown and Powell, Stubbins.within- Tottington, calico-printers ; div. of 2s. Old. on Dec. 5 or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Fraser, Manchester-Ecroyd, Liverpool, tea-dealer; first and second diva. °tbs. 6d. and Is. 9d. Nov. 30 or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Cazeuove, Liverpool-Cock- burn, New Broad Street, merchant ; third div. ot Is. Nov. 29 and two following Wed- nesdays ; Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry-Mason, Calver, Derbyshire, cottonapinuer • div. or 41.9d. Dec. 5 or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Fraser, Manchester-Wright, Leeds, grocer ; first and thud div of 74d. Nov. 28 or any subsequent Tuesday; Mr. Fearne, Leeds-Musgrove, Leeds. dyer ; first and final div. of 58. Nov. 28 or any subsequent Tuesday : Mr. Fearne, Leeds.-Pattisou, Bridlington Quay, Yorkshire. saddler ; firer and final thy. of ls. 6d. Nov. 28 or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Feartie, Leeds- Heald, Ovenden, Yorkshire, cotton.spinner ; second and final div. of 51d. November 28 Or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Fearne. Leeds-Allison, Darlington. scrivener; first div of 6s. 8d. Dec. 2, or any succeeding Saturday; Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne --Sotheru, S. Helen's, Lancashire, shipbuilder ; first div. of Is. 6d. Nov. 29 or any sub- Sequeut Wednesday ; Mr. Follett. Liverpool -J. and W. Campion, Whitby., ship- beddets ; second div. of 2s. 6d. Nov. 28, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Faeroe. Leeds-R. and J. Campion, Whitby. bankers ; second div. of 2s. 6d. Nov. 28 or any i_ubsequent Tuesday ; ?dr. !came, Leeds-Christelow, York. woollendraper ; first and nnal die. of 6s. 3d, Nov. 21 or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Pearce, Leeds.


_M.QUATER, D. Crown Point, Glasgow. bricklayer, Nov, 30, Dec. 20. LIMEY, J. Edinburgh, perfumer, Nov. 30, Dec. 21. YOUNG, W. Glasgow, smith, Nov. 30, Dec. 21.