25 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 13

It may be logically argued that it is pointless to

seek beef and milk from the same animal. Nevertheless on many English farms and many more foreign farms the dual purpose cow is the best. Some are wanted for beef, Sonic for milk ; and the stamina, the long life, the quick maturity, and the milk giving capacity of the Red Polls, not to mention the value of hornlessness and the colour and form, begin to give this breed a singularly wide, indeed a world-wide popularity. Russia is one of the countries that has taken its stock imports direct from the Royal farms ; and there is no doubt that their present excellence is as good an advertisement as could be desired for the superiority of English-bred stock, whether horses, cattle, sheep or pigs. The Smithfield Show (held from December 5th to 10th) will be famous in the records for the display of King's cattle from the tittle wide-horned Highlands to the hornless reds. No other exhibitor will rival the King. His farms will make the show conspicuously good in a year of the deepest depression known.