25 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 13


The King's farms— Sandringham perhaps more than Windsor—are taking on a new importance, due partly to the deep and sudden depression in the business of raising live stock, partly to certain accidents of the export trade. It happens at the moment that Sandringham possesses, and has bred some of the best Suffolk Red Polls ever ken, and this breed is one of the few in which the export trade is at all lively. The breed is popular in South Africa: and it has a quantity of good points. On most English farms perhaps a one purpose cow is desired. The dairy farm desires milk; and is therefore stocked with milk shorthorns (which have a peculiar popularity in the famous dairy district of Cheshire), with Friesians, with Ayrshires or with Channel Island cattle. The farm that feeds for beef wants a beef breed, Herefords, Aberdeen Angus, red Sussex or in rough places of the North the shaggy Highland stock.